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  1. Its kinda funny but the first time i discovered paramore was in 2006 on the sims 2...yeah i know ..well anyways they have pressure on the sims 2 but the whole game is in sim language..so i heard pressure but i couldent understand the words but i liked the rhythm to it and it was stuck in my head. Like two days after that i was watching tv and one of the little ringtone commercials came on and pressure was one of the ringtones you could buy ..after that i downloaded some of their music and been listening ever since =)
  2. aLLwEkNoIsRioT!

    Most Popular Brand New Eyes Song

    haha those are my favirote too exactly in that order lol..but if i had to choose 1 then playing god
  3. aLLwEkNoIsRioT!

    First Impressions - brand new eyes

    i was really gunna try and hold off until the 29th but i will be listening to the full CD when i get home from school =(..last night i listened to WTLO and All I Wanted and thats all it took for my will power to break..."all i wanted" is probally the song that truley shows you how hayleys voice has improved and grown and it just makes you feel so warm inside..
  4. aLLwEkNoIsRioT!

    Anyone know anything about a new CD?

    guys stop fighting and lets get bak to the original topic...i dont kno much about the new record from them just that its gunna feature a new taste from the band sorta like how panic at the disco did with thier 2nd album, and the cd is called Everything Recovered.
  5. aLLwEkNoIsRioT!

    Rate The Sig Above Thread #4

    um i do have a signature
  6. aLLwEkNoIsRioT!

    Taylor's Hair

    me 2 his hair is waaaayy to long..but i like his head banging with long hair its awesome :hyper:
  7. aLLwEkNoIsRioT!

    Rate The Sig Above Thread #4

  8. aLLwEkNoIsRioT!

    The Official "Hayley's Hair" Thread

    i like-=)
  9. aLLwEkNoIsRioT!

    Rate The Sig Above Thread #4

  10. aLLwEkNoIsRioT!

    What Are You Listening To? Part 8

  11. aLLwEkNoIsRioT!

    Paramore opening for No Doubt?

    if this is true then i cannot wait to go to thier concert . THIS WILL B THE BEST paramore + no doubt = the best concert of 09
  12. aLLwEkNoIsRioT!

    Rant Thread IV

  13. aLLwEkNoIsRioT!


    i mean there will never be another paramore but in means of success i think they are following the same path as in music, style and so on
  14. aLLwEkNoIsRioT!

    One thing about yourself

    i am eating hot fries =)
  15. aLLwEkNoIsRioT!


    the next paramore.