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  2. x-Decode

    New Zealand Show Annouced?

    woww gald im not the only one on here who went to the chch show! its amazing you got so far to the frount cause where i was it was so amazingly tightly packed. everyones feet were going on everyone elses and getting wacked in the head by everyone else haha there was even this guy behind me who was trying to get the the front telling the girl with him his teqinique for getting past people. he was all like ' ok go in side first cause then you have less mass to get past people' or something weird like that. (he did not get thourough though ) and i got in to the arena quite early too. glad you had an awesome time
  3. x-Decode

    New Zealand Show Annouced?

    haha ok review.. um i got there at about 6:15 and was awaited to the longest line i have ever seen waited for a while and then they let us in and started checking us for guns and stuff like that (like anyone would want to shoot paramore...) stood in the moshpit for ages until the supporting act, jury and the saints came on. they played about four songs, very badly. during one of them i think hayley came on wearing some sort of mask and took over the drumming. i couldnt see anything then because i got stuck behind this really large, tall lady and about 3 of her large, tall friends. thankfully they left soon after. jury and the saints finished and the waiting began again. there were lots of people fainting in front of us and people were going in and out of the mosh dragging them out the door by the stage. it was so hot in there i seriously thought that the people around me had just been swimming. (and this was before paramore came on!). then finnally paramore came on. hayley was wearing an 'i love new zealand' t shirt and i couldnt really tell if her hair was blond or orange cause of the lights (but i looked at some videos and im pretty shure its orange). they played an amazing set. people were singing SO loudly, even to songs that havnt been released, i couldnt even hear a word she sung of where the lines overlap cause it was so loud. they talked about joshs engagement. the whole band seemed quite surprised that new zealand knew who they were. hayley started going into this speech about howthey were havent come to christchrch in the past. when her ear monitor came out (i think thats what it was) and she was like 'oh, you know what? i dont even care' and threw it on the ground. some maintenence guy obviously did care and ran onstage and put it back on her. and ZAC TALKED!! wowowwwwww. he basicly said “out of all the places we’ve been in the world, New Zealand is my favourite.” and hayley was like 'WOW did you just see that? zac just talked to you guys,'. it was an awesome night and i was very surpried because i could see jeremy, hayley and justin mostly the whole show. unfortunalely i didnt meet any of them, but my friend works at the hotel they stayed at and got to show them to thier room i had to so some pretty intense thinking to remember this. SETLIST Ignorance CrushCrushCrush That’s What You Get Looking Up Careful Let The Flames Begin Never Let This Go The Only Exception Pressure For A Pessimist, I’m Pretty Optimistic Where The Lines Overlap Decode ENCORES; Misery Business Brick By Boring Brick ive never writen a review before, so hopefully that was good enough
  4. x-Decode

    New Zealand Show Annouced?

    the show was absolutley amazing! i could see the whole band really well and they played a really great set. the only downside was no josh
  5. x-Decode

    New Zealand Show Annouced?

    3 days to go! im so excited
  6. x-Decode

    What did you last watch?

    a bike racing thing :/
  7. x-Decode

    Paramore: Grace

    look good...
  8. x-Decode

    Next UK single!!!

    bad idead imo
  9. x-Decode

    Is it on your ipod/mp3?

    no fell in love with a girl - the white stripes
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