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  1. Burnchen

    Your Paramore Collection

    all i can call mine is: - riot cd - riot mvi edition - all we know cd - brand new eyes deluxe box - two poster - twilight soundtrack - final riot cd / dvd - live in the uk cd and that's it.
  2. Burnchen

    Taylor and Hayley get some piercings

    the both look pretty. <3 i've already seen hayley, 'cause she posted a picture on twitter. didn't know that hayley took her septum out o_O
  3. I love the old paramore.
  4. Burnchen

    What Are You Listening To? - Part 10

    We Got The Noise - Donots
  5. Burnchen

    What did you last watch?

  6. Burnchen

    MTV Unplugged

    Dies anybody know, if they will also air it in germany? I wanna see it...
  7. Burnchen

    UK 'Brand New Eyes' Tour??

    I hope that they will come to Germany and I hope that they won't cancell (is this right?) it again. I wanna see them so bad.
  8. Burnchen

    Joan's Graphics

    Love that one. Could tell me, where you found the original?
  9. ^agree. it's her "thing", not ours. as long as she's happy, everything's fine, i guess
  10. Burnchen

    Franzi's Graphics

    Awesome, Franny. Saved some of the avas. =)
  11. Burnchen

    Post Your Desktop..

    this is my desktop at school:
  12. Burnchen

    how's the weather where you live, part 2

    It's windy but the sun is shining.
  13. Burnchen

    What Are You Listening To? - Part 10

    Pokerface - OneFineDay feat. PinBoys