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  1. kecmie

    Esra's Graphics

    Hi there all, 10 years later I'm just back here, wow. Just want to let you know, when I was 16 and making stuffs in Photoshop for this topic; now I'm a 26 years old Visual Communication Designer lol. How many of us are still here and want some sig and avatars of Paramore? xo
  2. kecmie

    Esra's Graphics

    Hey there! I miss here and I want to show you guys my facebook graphic page. Paramore ones are on the way!!!!! if you can like it I'd very happy and maybe one of paramore members can see my works here is the link; https://www.facebook.com/goksuesra and if you want I can make your own photo too I'm waiting for your messages!
  3. kecmie

    Esra's Graphics

    Wow been year and I've just saw your comments. Thank you guys I'm glad you like them. Hahah don't be jealous! Thank you so much <3 I like to finish my watercolor works right away so I never stop over and one piece takes about 3-4 hours :') WOW! I'd love if they can see my works! I have a twitter account (@goksues) but it's private. Can we use @goksues and also my tumblr account on the tweet? 'Cause I uploaded them to there. Here's the links: click / click / click / click
  4. kecmie

    Esra's Graphics

    Hello guys, I haven't been here and I'm back with my watercolor works! Hope you like them. If anyone wants to use them, I can change them into signatures or avas. And the newest one (unfinished) They are on my graphic blog. If you have a tumblr go check them out! <3
  5. kecmie

    Demet's Graphics.

    Oh my gosh, 4th is so pretty! Love it. Do you have a large size of it for wallpaper?
  6. kecmie


    But I want more updates like Hayley
  7. kecmie

    Taylor's Hair

    I noticed it, too I think that it looks pretty cute.
  8. kecmie

    Anni's Graphics

    Did you delete your photobucket account? I couldn't see your stuffs.
  9. kecmie

    Joan's Graphics

    Colors are amazing, Joan
  10. kecmie


    Guys, I just have my animation programs and I can make some animations that you want me to make Just send me the link and the times that you want. I'll post them ASAP
  11. kecmie

    Forbidden's graphics :)

    The first Lady Gaga sig is really good, love it.
  12. kecmie

    Betty's graphics.

    SECOND ONE! I saved it and love so much, they are lovely Betty
  13. kecmie

    Hayley Shaved Her Head

    Every single hair thing suits Hayley too much! At least I really like her hair stylies.
  14. kecmie

    Franzi's Graphics

    They look so cute, baby. Saved some.
  15. kecmie

    Alternative Press Photoshoot

    One word; amazing.