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    First Impressions - brand new eyes

    when i first heard it, i thought it was really good, but it had to grow on me. then when i bought the cd yesterday and listened to it by myself with it blaring and the lyrics in my hands(like how a you should listen to a album for the first time), and i'm totally blown away by it. i love it. the only thing i'm a little disappointed in is that i wish there was a song with piano as the main instrument. i was kinda hoping Misguided Ghosts was like that, but it wasn't. otherwise, an amazing album. worth the wait.
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    sooooooooo sad!! :[ RIP
  3. st.brittney

    What is your current mood? Part 2

    hungryyy sleepyyyy
  4. st.brittney

    Post *your* pictures - Part 7

    whoooooa hahaha thanks everyone :]
  5. st.brittney

    Post *your* pictures - Part 7

    who, me? uhhh thank you! hehe
  6. st.brittney

    I Hope

    i hope i don't fall asleep anytime soon i hope paramore doesn't sell out until i get some money
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    Post *your* pictures - Part 7

  8. st.brittney

    What did you last watch?

    george lopez
  9. st.brittney

    Last movie or DVD you watched

    pineapple express
  10. st.brittney

    Favorite Paramore Song? (#2)

    right now its definitely ignorance<3
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    What song is stuck in your head? part 2

    same here lol
  12. st.brittney

    What did you last watch?

    george lopez
  13. st.brittney

    Last Thing You Drank - Part 2

    root beer
  14. st.brittney

    Panic At The Disco

  15. st.brittney

    An Angel Ascends to Heaven. R.I.P. Serah

    i am SOO sorry for your loss, i can't even imagine. RIP :[
  16. st.brittney

    What grinds your gears?

    -when people leave my door open -when people use the word "gay" to mean stupid/dumb/etc. -when people say "you don't even know!", "you don't even understand", "you don't even realize". *twitch*
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    Brand New Eyes: Hayley explains cover!

    wow, i LOVE that. <3
  18. haha i swear today i was wonderin when they'd release the album title. soooo excited!