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  1. sabzz

    Writing The Future

    even this plane was hard for me. gah. but BEST SHOW EVARRRRR.
  2. sabzz

    Writing The Future

    See ya'll tomorrow in HOLLYWOOD - gettin' on a planeeeee tomorrow.
  3. sabzz

    Intro and Rules

    20! that is awesome!! if you go to work at 11, get up an hour earlier than usual and start working out in the morning. you will really get pumped for the day. If you don't want to work out, go to sleep in your workout clothes and put your shoes right next to your bed. pre plan your weekly meals. I literally have a microwave lunch/dinner by lean cuisine or weight watchers and that's it. it's small in portion and i can count the points. Try cutting out some bread and pasta or swap to whole whear or veggie pasta. just have everything in smaller portions. you'll see a bigger change when you eat well AND work out at the same time. you can always find 10 mins a day to get something in!!
  4. sabzz

    Healthy Snack Recommendations?

    Pita chips and hummus? I love skinny cow chocolate with caramel candy bars...or dream clusters. very low in calories. cucumber with lemon watermelon make a smoothie/green juice
  5. sabzz

    Intro and Rules

    Hey Senoritas and ritos! I've been overweight fo'eva...but the past year been down 57lbs and then back up another 20...now I'm back down 8 of the 20 I gained- losing weight and keeping it off is NO task. But when I do it, I am proud and it shows. My #1 tip. Be consistent. If it's with working out or with your eating...be consistent. Right now I'm following weight watchers and it's eating while logging points of foods you eat and when you are out of points; that's that for the day. Plus, I do cardio work outs at least 3 times a week. Good luck to all here, we can get healthy together!
  6. sabzz

    North America Tour 2015

    this was one helluva hard ticket to get! but mama has 2 to LOS ANGELES! love a good weekend getaway for my favorite band.
  7. sabzz

    This Week In Paramore History

    you are one heck of a Paramore wiz.
  8. sabzz

    Good Morning America

    dustin; reserving judgement with paramore is your best bet cause we DON'T JUDGE THEM...EVERRRR! lmfaoooo your gut is probably right and right now they would be silly to play any other song other than Still In To You. they don't need to play GMA to impress me, that's for sure. i'm more like a squeely little girl over it cause my favorite band for the past 3240523045 years is gonna be on the big ass GMA. that's hardcore for them and they've worked hard to get where they are. look at it that way than looking at it all cray cray and business-y like. and WHY would ANYONE play a less popular track from their album? that just doesn't make sense lol. appeal to the masses, baby! if they play an added bonus song, i would hope they rock the hell out for all the world to see! just sayin'!
  9. sabzz


  10. sabzz

    Special Announcement

    don't be a debbie downer, dustinnnnnnnnn.
  11. oh hey hello hi there. anyone here going to the pomona show? **hi chriss i wub u. **hi dustin
  12. sabzz

    Paramore in Pomona

    anyone going to the show?
  13. I SUCK. chriss, heads up me on projects please? i love u.