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    Paramore headlining the 2010 Honda Civic Tour

    Hey, it's been a while since i logged in, so I don't know who posted already, butttt. Anybody going to the Anaheim date? Haha, I've gone to the last date of the tour for the HCT the past two years. (FOB, PATD)
  2. forcedintoyou

    Andy's Graphics

    Thanks guys! I'm trying to do a Paramore graphics update soon. School is killing me though. D:
  3. forcedintoyou

    Andy's Graphics

    Hi, I decided to get some guts and post my graphics here some hayley blends and avatars i'll post some of the boys stuff soon I'll take request too.
  4. Ooh! I really want to enter! I'll start on my entry today.
  5. forcedintoyou

    Becca's Graphics

    I'm using one of your incredible sig and avatar! ;D
  6. forcedintoyou

    Mural Battle

    So back to me? I'll try to finish it this weekend.
  7. forcedintoyou

    Unseen Pictures Thread - Part 2

    Franny. It's from the MuchMusic chat...I think. I don't know where a video for it is though.
  8. forcedintoyou

    Avatars, Graphics, Blends, Photos Requests - Part 3

    Catie is http://i34.tinypic.com/t9tjq8.jpg that okay?
  9. forcedintoyou

    Avatars, Graphics, Blends, Photos Requests - Part 3

    Give me an exact size and I'd be happy to do this, well at least one of them.
  10. forcedintoyou

    Guro's Graphics

    I'm gonna use the second one, if that's okay with you. (; I'm in loveee with it!
  11. forcedintoyou

    Büşra's Graphics

    Wow! Those are sooo good! I really like for the text. (; You should make more!
  12. forcedintoyou

    Esra's Graphics

    Awh! Taylor<3 Dude, it might look a bit strange, but your sig is awesome! Amazing blend!
  13. forcedintoyou

    Andy's Graphics

    Thanks Guro!
  14. forcedintoyou

    Andy's Graphics

    Patrick, yeah! Sure, go ahead. (: Thanks, btw! Hahah, thanks Angie! Awh, thanks Franny. Alright. (:
  15. forcedintoyou

    Andy's Graphics

    Thanks Angie! It's been a while so it's nice to hear I still can do this. Another (better) update. Tegan&Sara
  16. forcedintoyou

    Andy's Graphics

    Because I'm in dire need of an update. Here are a couple of Paramore icons:
  17. forcedintoyou

    Mural Battle

    Awh. Okay then. We understand. Next person?
  18. forcedintoyou

    What Are You Listening To? - Part 12

  19. forcedintoyou

    Simplest Game Ever Part 3

    ^ ? 8697
  20. forcedintoyou

    Özlem's Graphics

    SWEET! I might use an ava in the near future. The sigs are awesome!
  21. forcedintoyou

    Esra's Graphics

    I loooove how your sig looks!
  22. forcedintoyou

    Franzi's Graphics

    Awhhh. Those avatars are so cute. Damn, your signature style is the frame texture. xD you do an amazing job with it. Saved a couple! <3
  23. forcedintoyou

    Faith's Graphics

    Ah! I love the Paramore and Josh wallpaper. I suck at wallpapers so I need some tips from you! xD saved the "We're just getting started" one
  24. forcedintoyou

    Guro's Graphics

    Oohh. I really like them More like love actually. I find them creative. Can't wait for more! Saved a Hayhay sig.
  25. forcedintoyou

    Marjanne's Graphics

    I really like that wallpaper. The textures/brushes are raddd! It's very cute. Nice job! (: