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  1. Doomguy13

    Brand New Eyes tour

    Does anyone have video of "Decode" from near the rail? I want to see when I had to get pulled out of the pit because I was passing out.
  2. Doomguy13

    BNE Preorders/Deluxe Box Set

    Oh yeah! I think my friend might have misread her slip. XD
  3. Doomguy13

    BNE Preorders/Deluxe Box Set

    I got #3,452. My friend got 17 something thousand and was so jealous of me. XD
  4. Doomguy13

    Brand New Eyes tour

    The Chicago show was pure amazing. I pushed myself up to the rail and it was just AMAZING. But it sucked because I didn't realize there was a coat check until I was already in the pit, so I had to wear my hoodie, and that became a problem when everyone was smashed up against each other because I then got heat exhaustion. I puked, almost passed out right there on the rail, and I had to get pulled out, but right during their encore, so I didn't really miss anything. But still... BEST CONCERT EVER!
  5. Doomguy13

    Your best/worst albums of 2008

    I would have to say the best album of 2008 is "Seeing Sounds" by N.E.R.D. A close second is "The Slip" by Nine Inch Nails.
  6. Doomguy13

    What are you listening to? - Part 9

    White America by Eminem
  7. Doomguy13

    The Parahouse

    Okay... I'm up... I am going into the recording studio part of the house... be right back.
  8. Doomguy13

    The Parahouse

    You know what? *takes wine bottle* I'll just bring this and myself to the basement and sleep on the couch there... I am bringing the wine so the kids don't accidentally sleep... drink. Yeah.... sleep-drink. So... good night!
  9. Doomguy13

    Linkin Park

    SAME HERE! I thought I was the only one!
  10. Doomguy13

    What are you listening to? - Part 9

    Once again... Dumb It Down by Lupe Fiasco. Sorry for really liking that song!
  11. Doomguy13

    The Parahouse

    Sleep... maybe hang out a bit... then head out. I mean... I could drink all the liquor if you want so the kids can't get to it.
  12. Doomguy13

    The Parahouse

    I need a place to crash for tonight... is here okay?
  13. Doomguy13

    Compare your rep thread - Part 2

    1745... WOOOOOOOOOO!
  14. Doomguy13

    The Highlight of Your Day Thread!

    The day sucked until about an hour ago... when I found out my favorite rapper has a bundle for one of his albums that includes 3 different version of it and the vinyl version he autographs. I love having enough money to get cool things.
  15. Doomguy13

    What are you listening to? - Part 9

    House of Wolves by My Chemical Romance