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  1. keiraBEE

    Hayley's Keyboard

  2. keiraBEE

    Hayley's Keyboard

    Hey, I was just wondering if anyone knows what kind of keyboard Hayley uses. If you could tell me, that'd be great.
  3. keiraBEE

    Hayley's Shoe Size

    You're that person who made those shoes? They're awesome!
  4. keiraBEE

    Anyone know anything about a new CD?

    Sweet! I'm excited for that one!
  5. keiraBEE

    Anyone know anything about a new CD?

    "But now we've got some really, really mellow songs that you'd never expect to hear out of our band, and then we've got even heavier songs than we've ever had. It's gonna be a little different." -Josh Here's the reference: http://angryape.com/news/2008/08/11/paramore-have-7-10-songs-written-for-third-album
  6. keiraBEE

    Last Thing You Ate - Part 2

  7. keiraBEE

    Have You Ever Thread #3

    nope! have you ever dropped your popcorn while you were at the movies?
  8. keiraBEE

    What did you write on your hand today?

    I have "barracuda" written on my hand in green marker.
  9. keiraBEE

    Caption The Avatar

    Hayley: You have a big boogie hanging out of your nose. It's so huge, I can see it from up here on stage!
  10. keiraBEE

    The A-Z of Name Part 3

  11. keiraBEE

    One thing about yourself

    I ride horses.
  12. keiraBEE

    1 to 7 Part 2

  13. keiraBEE

    Would You Rather....Thread #2

    cold hot dogs. would you rather drink a gallon of ketchup or mustard?