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  1. BloodStainedSin

    7 to 1 Part 2

  2. BloodStainedSin

    A-Z of Countries Part 2

    Zimbarbway <-- Can't spell it lol
  3. BloodStainedSin

    What is your favourite song by...

    The Comedown Escape the fatee?
  4. BloodStainedSin

    I hate to admit it, but...

    I hate to admitt it but im really fatt... lol x
  5. BloodStainedSin

    You say a lyric from the song your listening to.

    wen my heart breaks no it don't break even
  6. BloodStainedSin

    X and O

    XOX???? Lol x
  7. BloodStainedSin

    Ping Pong Part 3

  8. BloodStainedSin

    I hate to admit it, but...

    I hate to admit it but I dumped my boyfriend today and he got really upset
  9. BloodStainedSin

    Paramore Video Elimination Game

    Pressure 15 Emergency 21 All We Know 16 Misery Business 17 Hallelujah 18 crushcrushcrush 20 That's What You Get 20
  10. BloodStainedSin

    Interview The Person Below You

    I'm Gonna break up wid my boyfriend Whats your fave song at the momentt?
  11. BloodStainedSin

    Kiss or Diss Part 3

    Woteva's in between Kiss and Diss
  12. BloodStainedSin

    Make a wish, have it corrupted.

    I wish that my boyfriend dosen't like me so he won't be upset wen i break up with him tommorw
  13. BloodStainedSin

    To Be Famous...

    Mickey Mouse!!
  14. BloodStainedSin

    Do You Like...? Part 4

    Yeaah There well cuteeee!! DYL Scary Kid Scaring Kid?