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  1. (para)galadh

    No Doubt Summer Tour

    I think I will do the same thing - don't really care which seat will buy, just to have the opportunity to meet them... God, please, gimme enough time to buy fcb membership before announcing this promotion... Damn, now when I know that it's not over, that i still have a great chance... No, I will never give up, there is nothin I can't do for them! And yes, please keep us with news. : )
  2. (para)galadh

    No Doubt Summer Tour

    ... : ) YEAAAAHH! I will ask member of my family living in US to send the money for pfc membership tommorow! ^^ Probably, it will be on time.
  3. (para)galadh

    No Doubt Summer Tour

    No, u didn't understand. : ) Yes, I guess that tickets will sold out like with speed of thunder. My question is: How the hell they can start selling m&g tickets, if right now still nobody is sure about the fact, that m&g will happen. So? ^^ I'm not givin up, still goin to join fan-club, even if it will be later next week...
  4. (para)galadh

    No Doubt Summer Tour

    Thanks for reply. : ) But i doubt, that i will send the money for fc membership in time. ; / it's impossible. Daamn, but i can't believe that they will sell m&g at monday, yesterday Hayley responded someone on lj, that they r doin their best to make somethin special for community members, but still dunno. Maybe it won't be too late, if i will sign up a few days after monday?
  5. (para)galadh

    No Doubt Summer Tour

    Indeed. And that's how it goes... Promised myself after final riot! last year - "yeahh, i will do everythin to meet and hug them" [cause i failed then], and yesterday I read about tour dates... well, only oppurtunity i have is 26/27 june, so i can do that, but damn, wanted m&g ticks that much... ; / I though that they will give more time to presale after announcing... no way that i will buy fc membership before 2nd march. someone knows, how it is? when they start presale, it will be with possible m&g or they will add later? cause it's strange, that few days left and they r not sure, huh... and if, it will be sold out first day? haha, i don't even know if that could be for all venues. Excuse that much questions, but try to understand me. : ) I'm from Poland, have to fly especially for them through ocean, don't even know much about it... gettin frustrad with it.
  6. (para)galadh

    Greetings :P

    Hi, My real name is Casper [woho!], i'm from Poland actually [country in EU next to Germany xD], but i live also in... NYC when i have summer-school breaks [don't ask xD, got this opportunity because of family]. http://www.myspace.com/kira_in_rain - somethin much, if someone wish to add, go on. Nice to be here ^^