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  1. kasiek

    'Paramore': April 9th

    #1 in UK, Ireland & Australia!
  2. kasiek

    Hi all :)

    hi there's a rumour floating about UK Fall Tour, keep an eye on p.net & their facebook
  3. they'd be fools if they won't choose ain't it fun imo
  4. kasiek

    'Paramore': April 9th

    i like both b-sides but i understand why they aren't on the album, they just don't really fit
  5. kasiek

    The Confession Thread - Pt. 12

    YES, june 5th please second time seeing them and i'm still suuupeeerr excited
  6. AIN'T IT FUN! Without a doubt
  7. kasiek

    'Paramore': April 9th

    good review, i'd add part II to the highlights tho
  8. kasiek


    i didn't like the new stuff tbh
  9. kasiek

    'Paramore': April 9th

    i get what you say too, but i'm not a very patient person, i don't feel too guilty for listening. i don't feel like i ruined the excitement for myself because i was and still am excited about it it's amazing that everyone seems to love this album (but no one is talking about that, only stupid arguments ugh), i hope it will be huge, they deserve it and like kayla said, new favourite album, i was waiting for them to write an album like this, totally worth the wait i hope what i typed makes any sense lol
  10. kasiek


    are they even recording new stuff? they just disappeared
  11. kasiek

    'Paramore': April 9th

    that's because FBR don't give a crap about european fans, once again...
  12. kasiek

    'Paramore': April 9th

  13. kasiek


    i'll probably end up watching anyway, but no tony & sid is a bummer oh well at least effy & cook will be there i don't give a shit about emily & naomi
  14. kasiek

    Blunt Magazine

    Scanned by OMGhayley MORE
  15. kasiek

    'Paramore': April 9th

    it's so close and yet so far away, omg i can't wait any longer