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  1. laaast minute if they made a paramore biopic, what actors would you want to play you? if all of this ended tomorrow, how would you want people to remember you? what's your favorite accent? (an impression is necessary)
  2. myheartis_yours

    Brand New Eyes tour

    I'm kind of late on the canada discussion but YES they need more canadian dates. I'm pretty sure I read that they're doing a US tour in the summer so I imagine they'll have multiple dates up north. luckily I can make it to the toronto date next week and if I talk to the band I'll be like "don't you love this country? you should come visit more often, do some sightseeing, play some shows..." I mean BNE debuted at #3 this week so they're pretty popular here.
  3. myheartis_yours


    okay guys. only one canadian date on the tour October 15 Toronto, ONT Kool Haus. who's going? I'll probably go cause my friend moved there and we'll go together but it's a thursday which means I'll have to skip some school. not sure how that's going work out.
  4. myheartis_yours

    ParamoreFans.com Interview!

    I LOVE interviews like this. it's one of the only times you can ask silly questions, go on tangents and have fun. you actually asked a handful of 'serious' questions. anyway, no complaints from me. thank you so much for doing this and thanks for asking my magic question
  5. myheartis_yours


    ooo lala. fancy shmancy. the site confuses me but I made an account anyway. at livejournal hayley responded to someone asking if they were playing any canadian dates and she said like one or two. toronto & montreal perhaps?
  6. myheartis_yours

    Fullsize Paramore Pictures - Part 3

    here you go click!
  7. myheartis_yours


    uhh okay since I can't think of anything paramore related to say ... anyone go to warped this summer? specifically montreal cause the rain was CRAZY
  8. myheartis_yours

    Happy Birthday Ashh

    happy bday! hope it's a good one
  9. aw yeah! I'll email some questions tonight! that's good that it's a video interview and not just audio.. maybe you won't have to do a transcript like usual
  10. myheartis_yours

    anyone know where i can find this?

    hey! I'm not sure if you're still looking for it but you can download it at the media section ...HERE! under video & random
  11. myheartis_yours


    aawww yeah, it's hard to dance around when people beside you don't care about the band playing. but it was totally worth the travel, right?
  12. myheartis_yours

    anyone know where i can find this?

    it was called "warped tour inside and out" and this is the only video of it I can find. I'm pretty sure she said the rock shoe thing at the beginning but this is just the last bit. All the other videos have been taken down cause of copyright issues. sorry!
  13. myheartis_yours


    yep I can relate. I'm not in montreal for tomorrow's show cause of a physics exam. I'd rather go out for their headliner anyway ... trying to look on the bright side
  14. myheartis_yours

    Fullsize Paramore Pictures - Part 3

  15. myheartis_yours

    Fullsize Paramore Pictures - Part 3