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    We're just trying to find some color in this black and white
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    Hey guys. My names Chelsea. I'm Italian and Scottish. Love music. =D
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  1. Chelsea

    Happy Birthday Rachel!

    Happy Birthday! Hope it's a good one!
  2. Chelsea

    Top 10 Favourite Bands/Artists

    1. Sum 41 Not too sure how the rest are ranked but next would be: Silverstein Bring Me The Horizon Blink 182 Paramore (of course!) A Day To Remember The Maine Taking Back Sunday The Latency Green Day
  3. Chelsea

    Sum 41

    I'm a huge fan of these guys, could even say I'm their #1 fan, haha! I love this band so much, can't even describe it. I just love everything about them and not to mention they're from where I am from! Seen them at Warped tour and recently got my Chuck album signed. As someone stated above, you NEED to pick up their new album, Screaming Bloody Murder. I think it's their best work. It's heavy but yet somewhat melodic. Fans of Chuck will be sure to love it!
  4. Chelsea

    Is it on your ipod/mp3?

    No. Used to be though, I think. Screaming Bloody Murder - Sum 41?
  5. Chelsea

    The A-Z of Name Part 3

  6. Chelsea

    Band Alphabet Part 3

  7. Chelsea

    Your Favourite Paramore Album

    This is really tough. I don't know if I could choose between Riot and All We Know Is Falling. I wanna say Riot because it was the album/era that got me into Paramore but then looking at the tracklisting of AWKIF, majority of those are some of my favourite Paramore songs.
  8. How about: - Favourite Tour Memory - One thing you can't live without on tour (I know this is sort of a generic question, just would fit in with the other questions) - If you had to trade places with anyone else in Paramore for a day, who would it be and why - What was your first concert? - Describe Paramore in 1 word I'll think of some more later.
  9. I would never have the guts to enter this but I look forward to help picking the winner!
  10. Chelsea

    WARPED TOUR 2011!

    I'll be at the show on July 15th in Mississauga! Really wasn't going to get my hopes up when I read something online from a reliable source that Paramore were gonna be on the tour. That night it was announced that they indeed were, but I wasn't going to get excited because I didn't think they were gonna come around to where I live. They haven't been to Canada for a few years now. So stoked that I get to see them and especially at Warped tour! They really saved the lineup for me because I was 100% set on going (Was only gonna go for ADTR before Paramore got announced) Anyway, ordered my presale tickets when they were on sale the next day. Bring on the summer!!
  11. Chelsea

    Hello (again!)

    Hey all you PF members! Dunno if you all remember me or not but I haven't been around here for about a year or so. Quite some time. Just wanted to say hello! I hope to be posting here as often I was before. Hope everyones been good 'round here. <3
  12. Now,in Japan, there are more than 1000 people who the dead and missing person. It is very scary. From:ã‚Šã•ã“(Japan) http://bit.ly/f59sOc

    is your country ok?


    In Japan


  14. Chelsea

    Hello (again!)

    Thanks everyone.