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    well I love listening to music
    I'm attempting to learn guitar (at the moment it's failing badly!)
    I've also recently gotten into video editing. Might post a few things up if they're Paramoe related which of course some will be:)
    err.. I'm not sure what else. just the normal stuff I guess
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    Paramore of course! You Me At Six, Flyleaf, Kids In Glass Houses, 30 Seconds To Mars, VersaEmerge, The Blackout, Enter Shikari, All Time Low, Fall Out Boy, the list continuees...:)

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  1. This is absolutely heartbreaking to watch https://t.co/UsgLzDnJmI

  2. Gimme Gimme Gimme is such an underrated sitcom. 90s ridiculousness at it's best.

  3. @Caitlin_Grimley For real though, if you only blocked the hashtag that’s probs why cause it’ll only recognise it wh… https://t.co/wJ0HozlLXf

  4. @mollymckayx I’ve a two min video of you in garage dancing to kelly clarkson let’s no play this game

  5. RT @paramofe: "be present, enjoy music... and let's just fuckin dance" love u @yelyahwilliams https://t.co/SqxNzqCVxW

  6. My dissertation wasn't a heap of shite after all

  7. Degree classifications coming back by the end of this week has got me refreshing my email inbox every 20 mins, pls… https://t.co/J4pNDIkQbL

  8. @ohhayitsemma Ah I thought it might be, the book was similar! Defo need to give it a watch though

  9. RT @levvis: hahahahahahahhahahahA https://t.co/RYjn8MaKon

  10. And so the pains of living at home again begin. 20 mins ago my brother literally watched me put burgers in the oven… https://t.co/bNexpm1alT

  11. Find me one person who gives a flying fuck about Britain’s Got Talent anymore I dare you

  12. Chvrches new album is a topper

  13. RT @andrewgvnn: You haven't known shame til you've dropped a munchie box on a main road and still ate it in full view of the traffic. http:…

  14. boat mooring has led to me watching Rosie and Jim on YouTube at quarter to 12 at night. I'm having a genuine quarte… https://t.co/UBXkwMkxWi

  15. Chasing my pre drink with a berocca, think I’ve miby got the fear?