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  1. This is absolutely heartbreaking to watch https://t.co/UsgLzDnJmI

  2. Gimme Gimme Gimme is such an underrated sitcom. 90s ridiculousness at it's best.

  3. @Caitlin_Grimley For real though, if you only blocked the hashtag that’s probs why cause it’ll only recognise it wh… https://t.co/wJ0HozlLXf

  4. @mollymckayx I’ve a two min video of you in garage dancing to kelly clarkson let’s no play this game

  5. RT @paramofe: "be present, enjoy music... and let's just fuckin dance" love u @yelyahwilliams https://t.co/SqxNzqCVxW

  6. My dissertation wasn't a heap of shite after all

  7. Degree classifications coming back by the end of this week has got me refreshing my email inbox every 20 mins, pls… https://t.co/J4pNDIkQbL

  8. @ohhayitsemma Ah I thought it might be, the book was similar! Defo need to give it a watch though

  9. RT @levvis: hahahahahahahhahahahA https://t.co/RYjn8MaKon

  10. And so the pains of living at home again begin. 20 mins ago my brother literally watched me put burgers in the oven… https://t.co/bNexpm1alT

  11. Find me one person who gives a flying fuck about Britain’s Got Talent anymore I dare you

  12. Chvrches new album is a topper

  13. RT @andrewgvnn: You haven't known shame til you've dropped a munchie box on a main road and still ate it in full view of the traffic. http:…

  14. boat mooring has led to me watching Rosie and Jim on YouTube at quarter to 12 at night. I'm having a genuine quarte… https://t.co/UBXkwMkxWi

  15. Chasing my pre drink with a berocca, think I’ve miby got the fear?

  16. RT @Philip_Ellis: I love twitter dot com https://t.co/gfpk0ecCy1

  17. Didn't think that Belter tune could get any worse but it just has https://t.co/dGveuAXLFB

  18. Even when it’s a royal one, wedding services are still hella boring. Get on with it mate.

  19. Three episodes into new 13 Reasons Why and it’s so clear they’ve just made this to capitalise on the hype cause abs… https://t.co/UzACUHn8G4

  20. @mollymckayx https://t.co/oUFpZxXxAU

  21. RT @RachTeaBiscuits: A don’t see how Jamie Oliver’s opinion has any relevance when this is what he’s chose tae call his wains https://t.co/…

  22. Love you Nic but have a day off, you’re not taking our Two for Tuesdays. https://t.co/WjlT1Izd9D

  23. @CameronMcK1995 Back on Friday night

  24. Really not feeling this 9 hour bank holiday weekend shift

  25. Not every day your pals play King Tut’s. 14th July, get your tickets bought: https://t.co/Kjf5X3rjM4 https://t.co/LG6uiU5vUT