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    I'm just a random guy who loves music really
  1. Prøver er ikke noe særlig, du får prøve ditt beste i hvertfall Pokker heller, har jo prøver denne uka å
  2. AndyNoMore

    The Happy Thread!! part 2

    I helped people:)
  3. Nei denna dagen gikk fort
  4. AndyNoMore

    Year picture

    haha lot's of great ideas, thanks guys
  5. AndyNoMore

    The Confession Thread Part 7

    I confess I have work to do
  6. AndyNoMore

    The Wish Thread - Part 2

    I wish this day was slower
  7. AndyNoMore

    Year picture

    yeah I know, that's why I can insure that someone else doesn't do the same. I can dress up as anything I guess btw I like the clown idea, but please keep the ideas flowing
  8. AndyNoMore

    Year picture

    So my class is taking the year picture on Thursday and as a theme we all have to dress up, like a carnival. Any suggestions for who I could be? My current idea is santa clause, haha Any suggestions would be very appreciated:wink: PS. I know I haven't been much active here, but I'll try to be more active
  9. AndyNoMore

    Favourite Fruit??

    atm Bananas
  10. AndyNoMore

    Will You Download The Leak?

    No I won't, that's a promise
  11. AndyNoMore

    5 Things About You

    - I love life - I hate life - My foot is in pain after playing soccer - I like green - I'm listening to All Time Low
  12. AndyNoMore

    The Confession Thread Part 7

    I confess I haven't been here in a while