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  1. Chelsea Faye

    Hayley's Cosmetic Line

    What the heck? Animal testing is awful. I still might get this stuff though - and another thing that turns me away from MAC is the prices, so it's not entirely a hard decision for me to make. I usually only buy makeup when I feel like splurging. By the time I want get around to purchasing her line, they probably won't be available anymore.
  2. Chelsea Faye

    Last Thing You Drank - Part 2

    Tim Horton's steeped tea.
  3. Chelsea Faye

    What Are You Listening To? - Part 13

    She's Calling Out - The Living End
  4. Chelsea Faye

    Paramore Fan Club & Ticketing News

    I wasn't really ever a very active member of the PFC, but I did renew it once or twice on the chance of possibly winning a M&G or EE, but that didn't happen. And now the chance will be even more slim. Oh well, I guess saving $30.00 a year is a plus from the club breaking from Artist Arena.
  5. Chelsea Faye

    Who have you seen live?

    Some of you guys have impressive gig lists. I have seen quite a few myself but I don't have the patience to write it all out
  6. Chelsea Faye

    Demi Lovato

    I think 'Demi' is her best record. I think she has found her sound. ...and she makes me wish I could sing.
  7. I really can't decide between "Fast in My Car", "Grow Up" or "Anklebiters!"
  8. Chelsea Faye

    Christina Perri

    I kept hearing Jar of Hearts on the radio and couldn't get it out of my head, so eventually one thing led to another and I bought it on iTunes. Really enjoy the song, although I'm not sure if I will get into her as much as I have other artists.
  9. Chelsea Faye

    Your Favourite Paramore Album

    All We Know is Falling. Damn damn damn, words cannot express how much I love that record. Unfortunately for myself, I didn't get to any of the gigs they did in the 2005/2006 years.
  10. Chelsea Faye

    New EP Due This Summer

    I wouldn't mind an EP, it just gives me something else to add to my CD pile!
  11. Chelsea Faye

    Hayley's New Tattoo

    The cross tattoo looks like it would have been painful as eff to get. *Cringe*
  12. Chelsea Faye

    What Was Your First Paramore Merch Item?

    My first ever Paramore t-shirt was the one with triangles on it (forget what it was officially called): http://cn1.kaboodle.com/hi/img/2/0/0/67/f/AAAAAtxDFGYAAAAAAGf5zQ.jpg?v=1188102815000 It was my favourite at the time until I got paint on it, I then got the yellow and pink hoodie which eventually grew too small for me, so both are gone
  13. Favourite airport waiting around passtime? Your favourite movie theatre snack? First album you've ever bought? First ever gig? Favourite novel series? Tea or Coffee? White or Milk Chocolate? These things are hard to come up questions for
  14. Chelsea Faye

    Your Paramore Collection

    All We Know is Falling CD Riot! CD Brand New Eyes CD I did have the deluxe Final Riot! CD/DVD, but I sold it because I didn't need the extra features and am planning on getting the standard edition. (E-slap me if you must) Paramore shirt, but I got paint on it so it's just a bed shirt now. Yellow hoodie. PFC membership. I'd LOVE to get the vinyls!
  15. Chelsea Faye

    Summer Tic EP

    I knew I should have bought the Summer Tic EP back in the day. Boo.