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  1. I think Daydreaming has the most single potential. It's catchy and would probably do the best with the general public.
  2. AlexxGlamour

    'Paramore': April 9th

    It's been SO long since I've been on these boards... Anyway... does anyone know how to get the b-sides legally in the US? I've been listening to them repeatedly on Rdio but I'd love to just have them on my phone without having to go online. Are they on the CD itself? I have a physical copy and a digital copy, but I haven't opened the CD and I don't want to unless it actually contains the bonus tracks. The digital copy doesn't have them
  3. is having an OK day and bought a coke zero at the gas station. Raise the roof.

  4. She spreads her love, she burns me up. I can't let go, I can't get out.

  5. OBAMA has WTF moments? OMFG Palin STFU.

  6. Blast from the past...

  7. Got into SUNY Cortland! 3 for 3.

  8. This is how late school should start everyday. I like this.

  9. Why must i get sick during midterms ? =P

  10. Staples are no longer my friend.Ow.

  11. Note to self: don't let Wes update my status...

  12. Making arts for Break the Silence Day.