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  1. ItsOnlyLife


    yay!! Glad to have you aboard, roommie. And yeah if it's going to save us a hundred bucks or two than we should just go with a 4th person. As I'm going to need that money to buy a plane ticket to Miami. THanks for all the tips, Dustin. A lot of stuff that I hadn't considered. I'm so excited to get this experience and with a band that I love. AHH I just can't wait.
  2. ItsOnlyLife


    ^exactly. I'm hoping I can get a job that way I can pay it all off by the time February roles around. So, do you want to be roommates? I'm thinking I'm going to go for at least 3 people that way it'll be a bit cheaper. I looked at how the 4 beds are set up and I think it'll be too crowded so the most I'm willing to room with are probably 3.
  3. ItsOnlyLife


    Let me know ASAP if you decide to go. I'll be 23 by the time the cruise happens Also, Sandra if you decide and you still need a roommate let me know It's so crazy how many people are going to be flying in from all over the world to be on that ship. LOL
  4. ItsOnlyLife


    I'm going! I've decided that I can't miss this and since I wasn't able to get Breaking Bad finale screening tickets today, at least I saved myself $45 that can go to this trip. I still need to find 1 or 2 roommates. Anyone in need for one?
  5. ItsOnlyLife


    ^ahh such a bummer! school ruins everything doesnt it? Luckily im finishing this semester so i should be good.
  6. ItsOnlyLife


    Yeah I hear a lot of warnings about having 4 people to a room but if it can save me money Ill do it. Lol Depending on how much i can save up for this I may just go with just one other roommate. I just need it to be september already so the website can be up and i can figure it all out. I HAVE to go.
  7. ItsOnlyLife


    I hear that the more people are assigned to a room the cheaper the cost is. Im looking for at least three other roommates that way my cost will go down and that money can go toward my flight there. Although they just relaxed the age policy so my sis might be able to go. Not sure if she will be able to afford it though.i just have to see how those payment plans are. I really need to go to this. I wonder what other bands will be going
  8. ItsOnlyLife


    ^I'm going to start saving up for this. I'll be flying in from California so ugh the round trip ticket from california to miami is going to cost me just as much as the cruise itself. But totally worth it. I cannot miss this. It just sounds so fun. Granted I've never been on a ship before so not sure how i'll do with sea sickness but I will do it for Paramore. If you still need a roommate, I'd be happy to be yours. As none of my friends love paramore enough to travel all that way for this.
  9. ItsOnlyLife

    A Rocket to the Moon

    Their new album "Wild & Free" is out now and it's amazing! Order it here smarturl.it/wildandfree
  10. ItsOnlyLife

    Anyone have a copy of the FBR15 stream?

    ^it so would be Don't forget that two of their songs are going to be featured on the FBR15 booklet and dvd http://fueledbyramen.com/streetteam/ad.php?u=151105&b=1849
  11. ItsOnlyLife

    Fueled By Ramen 15th Anniversary

    Preorder your FBR15 anniversary booklet today! http://fueledbyramen.com/streetteam/ad.php?u=151105&b=1851
  12. ItsOnlyLife

    Hayley Shaved Her Head

    I'm always gone when she goes on the PFC chat. LOL It looks good. Although I wasn't really expecting her to shave it.
  13. I'd love to participate
  14. Just heard the whole song and its freaking amazing!