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  1. I'd go if it was in London or something ahah, nottingham is kinda ughh to get to.
  2. Jessnesss

    The Official Post Your Gear Thread

    ah i need to take a recent photo of my kit set up sooon
  3. Jessnesss

    Unreleased songs

    Temporary is my favourite one andd This Circle if you wanna count that as one.
  4. Jessnesss

    Unseen Pictures Thread

    It was Conditions last night on the tour so towards the end of the set taylor came and played guitar for them, then chad from nfg came on with a table and paramore just like.. sat and ate in the middle of their set ahaha.
  5. Jessnesss

    Hayley's new piercing?

    When you get it done they normally put a clear retainer in it to heal then push it up (so it goes up the nose instead of hanging down) ~ so i guess she pulled it down or something? or maybe whoever did it didnt push it up idk. Since sidekick cameras arent the best in the world im guessing thats the reason some arent noticing it.
  6. Jessnesss


    You have to have a photo pass, they stand like between the stage and the barrier.
  7. Jessnesss

    Hayley's new piercing?

    People have different likes and dislikes when it comes to piercings and tattoos.
  8. Jessnesss

    Unseen Pictures Thread

  9. Jessnesss

    Random Hayley Questions Thread

    All the band are pretty short.
  10. Jessnesss

    Favorite Zac Pictures

    Ive not seen one from right behind him, but there was one like behind him to the side, its a pretty old one though... so i have no idea where it is now.
  11. Jessnesss


    Ok it was posted in the LJ, you really need to start crediting people for stuff you post. I think i pmed you about it earlier on, ive obviously been ignored.
  12. Jessnesss

    The Kerrang May 2007 article

    Yeah it was such a shame too, like when it came out they were playing a small show in London on that day. And we all waited in line so early then we went to the nearest store to buy the mag coz everyone was excited it was their first full band cover and stuff. Then we all just sat there reading it like :S wtf ahaha Then when we were talking about it after the show they were all pretty pissed about it.
  13. Jessnesss

    The Kerrang May 2007 article

    http://paramorefans.com/photos/thumbnails.php?album=396 the scans of it are there if you wanna check it out.
  14. Jessnesss

    hey did anyone go 2....

    I was there, Paramores day line up was alot better than the other day. I left half way through the second day ahaha. To me paramore were better in 06 than they were this year.