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    I'm a gurl duh i love music and Paramore<3
  1. LookingUp


    OMFG i'm seeing them in march<3
  2. LookingUp


    Happy Birthday hottie:P <33
  3. LookingUp

    MEN Arena - 16/12/2009

    I elbowed one in the face, i didn't mean to though:P
  4. LookingUp

    What Are You Listening To? - Part 12

    Show Me The Skyline - Clocks & Calendars
  5. LookingUp

    Hayley's new tweet about NME...

    Umm what did nme say?
  6. LookingUp

    MEN Arena - 16/12/2009

    I was in 3rd row:hyper: I liked all the acts but i couldn't really have fun in the first 2, because i had 5 really annoying girls behind me, So annoying
  7. LookingUp

    MEN Arena - 16/12/2009

    the pic i got<3
  8. LookingUp

    MEN Arena - 16/12/2009

    You Me At Six were epic When paramore was on i didn't get to see Josh at all though:( but i got a amazing pic of Taylor<3
  9. LookingUp

    MEN Arena - 16/12/2009

    LOL i got hit on the head with a blown up condom in the queue:P
  10. LookingUp

    MEN Arena - 16/12/2009

    That was so amazing best night my life♥ I got like 5 pics mostly of Hayley, Max from You me At six and Taylor from Paramore both Waved at me♥
  11. LookingUp

    MEN Arena - 16/12/2009

    I'm getting over excited:hyper: I keep talking a 1000 words a minutes and everyone keeps looking at me like wtf haha.
  12. LookingUp

    MEN Arena - 16/12/2009

    I'm going with my sister<3 i'm gonna be wearing a Tee that says I (big red heart here)Paramore and some black jeans so if ya see me say hi:P
  13. LookingUp

    All Time Low

    I really want to see them live, but i can't on to see them in jan because i'm not 14 yet FML
  14. LookingUp

    Your Current Obsession Part 2

    Joe McElderry,Forever The Sickest Kids and 30 Seconds To Mars<3
  15. LookingUp

    The Person Above You Game - Part 8

    Has got 714 posts