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  1. nursahsar.tumblr.com and changed my twitter name; http://twitter.com/nursahsar
  2. Galateia.

    The Book Thread: What are you reading?

    Sisters of the Moon : Witchling (Yasmine Galenorn)
  3. Galateia.

    Galateia's Graphics

    3 new sigs
  4. Galateia.

    Merve's Graphics

    i missed your avas hun ! i saved some , really awesome. and gonna use one
  5. Galateia.

    "You Ain't Woman Enough" studio version

    sounds good ,i love it !
  6. Galateia.

    Galateia's Graphics

    Thanks Anni , i found it on tumblr and thanks girlz, glad to like them and it's okay
  7. Galateia.

    Galateia's Graphics

    Thanks hun , suree use plz
  8. Galateia.

    Galateia's Graphics

    Melis ; New Avas !
  9. Galateia.


    i dont like her make-up esp. lipstick .. but she looked amazing in the clothes she wore they deserved and won !
  10. Galateia.

    Unseen Pictures Thread - Part 2

    spiderman nail awesome
  11. Galateia.

    hey, Ä°'m burak, from turkey

    welcome here!im NurÅŸah nd im turkish,too
  12. Galateia.

    Galateia's Graphics

    thanks! happy to hear that ! and u can (lateee ) new avas / sigs
  13. Galateia.

    Galateia's Graphics

    np , glad u like them hunni !
  14. Galateia.

    Galateia's Graphics

    2 sigs for franny hope u like them but if u want , i'll change sth