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    I love apatow films and early noughties shows lyk daria and popular
  1. *Majent Story*

    Paramore @ King's Hall BELFAST/June 2010!

    Sucks I wont be able to go. Another time... right... Hope everyone has fun though.
  2. *Majent Story*

    What is your current mood? Part 2

  3. *Majent Story*


    Yea I see what u mean. Lyrics are v important
  4. *Majent Story*


    Aww thanks. You really know your stuff. I will listen and learn for sure. How long have you been writing for??
  5. *Majent Story*

    What is your current mood? Part 2

    A bit annoyed
  6. *Majent Story*

    Post a random event about your day - thread

    Drank a ribena... for the first time in a while
  7. *Majent Story*

    Hayley- Bad romance!!

    ^^ LOL
  8. *Majent Story*


    OMG a glee tour... u guys are so lucky in america... Do u think they might come to the UK coz if they do I am there!
  9. *Majent Story*

    Post a random event about your day - thread

    I choked on chlorine today... damn swimming pools
  10. *Majent Story*

    Hayley- Bad romance!!

    I love this... Hayley just gets better and better! Never heard her with such a soulful voice... different for her but good. Such talent. Gaga doing ignorance would be a sight to see!
  11. *Majent Story*

    Scott Pilgrim vs. The World

    Hey just seen the trailer for Scott Pilgrim vs The World.... Looks so funny! I cannot wait to see this! I love comic book films... and Michael Cera...amazing... Heres the link http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FHzYj1Vhbjs&feature=player_embedded What do u think??
  12. *Majent Story*


    So true. Im way to scared to venture onto this site after what i heard lol. Kinda cool though.