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  1. RT @paramore: the community we all create together thru music should be completely devoid of fear. our hearts go out to Ariana Grande & cr…

  2. Scott!

    The Confession Thread - Pt. 12

    I confess I haven't been here for years.
  3. RT @xryanrussellx: If I ever join a band I hope it's half as cool as the one on this flyer http://t.co/Xi4jP51dtO

  4. RT @Pharrell: Can't believe Happy is #1 on @billboard. I am very clear this accomplishment is because of ALL of you. 🙠http://t.co/mq0riu7v…

  5. “@SciencePorn: Optical illusion: This floor is completely flat. http://t.co/Oyrl9UczRp†😱

  6. My favorite @paramore song changes frequently, but usually happens to be off of Riot! every time. #noragrets #suchmiserybusiness #verywhoa

  7. Whenever I go to Chili's I always end up getting full from their chips and salsa ðŸ˜

  8. Just started playing #TheLastOfUs. ðŸ˜ðŸ˜ª

  9. RT @WowSuchDoge: Wow RT from lordeGood day to be doge Very fame

  10. Scott!

    Last thing you purchased

    Jack In The Box
  11. RT @iamfoxes: Its too late. I had to punch myself in the face. it was the only way out