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    i listen to music a lot and i enjoy tennis. Junior in High Scool
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  1. whatsername104


    January 22 in the UK. NEXT WEEK. I love this show, and am looking forward to the new season/cast. on the e4 website, there are 3 clips from Episode 1, and starting Thursday (jan 15) at 11 am, until the day of the premier, they are going to be posting part 1 of the first episode.
  2. whatsername104


    you can try ordering it off the US Amazon.com, and shipping it to the UK; idk if it will work, but a while ago I was looking for Skins on DVD and had to go through the UK store and they would've shipped it here. the only problem you may run into by doing it this way though is DVD region codes.
  3. whatsername104

    What are you listening to? - Part 9

    Hallelujah//Jeff Buckley
  4. whatsername104

    What are you listening to? - Part 9

    4th Dimensional Transition//MGMT
  5. whatsername104

    LOOK! She screams remedy

    This is a really good band. I need to buy the EP still, but I frequent the myspace a bit to take a listen. Everyone should listen to this band.
  6. whatsername104

    What are you listening to? - Part 9

    Better Company//The Graduate
  7. whatsername104

    What are you listening to? - Part 9

  8. whatsername104

    What are you listening to? - Part 9

    Love Song for a Schuba's bartender//Margot and the Nuclear So & So's
  9. whatsername104

    Footy Thread

    FC BARCA! I like valencia as well. (yea, i'm a tad late to this thread, seeing as I haven't visited the site in a pretty long time =/) as for EPL, I follow Liverpool a bit, and Arsenal, but I'm not really a huge fan.
  10. whatsername104

    What are you listening to? - Part 9

    Rescued//Jack's Mannequin
  11. whatsername104


  12. whatsername104

    Vans Warped Tour 2008!

    presale is still going on!
  13. whatsername104

    All Time Low

    who headlined? ATL and TRS are switching every night, and i want to figure out who's headlining here; i think ATL is because they're doing an acoustic thing somewhere before, but i could be wrong
  14. whatsername104

    Vans Warped Tour 2008!

    presale through me please?! haha =]
  15. whatsername104

    Vans Warped Tour 2008!

    Is anyone planning on going? these are the dates 6/20 Pomona, CA 6/21 San Francisco, CA 6/22 Ventura, CA 6/25 Phoenix, AZ 6/26 Las Cruces, NM 6/28 Salt Lake City, UT 6/29 Denver, CO 7/1 St. Louis, MO 7/2 Kansas City, KS 7/3 Dallas, TX 7/5 San Antonio, TX 7/6 Houston, TX 7/9 Atlanta, GA 7/10 Orlando, FL 7/11 Tampa, FL 7/12 Miami, FL 7/13 Jacksonville, FL 7/14 Charlotte, NC 7/15 Virginia Beach, VA 7/16 Washington DC 7/17 Cleveland, OH 7/18 Detroit, MI 7/19 Toronto, ON 7/20 Montreal, QC 7/23 Boston, MA 7/24 Buffalo, NY 7/25 Camden, NJ 7/26 Uniondale, NY 7/27 Scranton, PA 7/28 Englishtown, NJ 7/29 Pittsburgh, PA 7/30 Cincinnati, OH 7/31 Indianapolis, IN 8/1 Milwaukee, WI 8/2 Chicago, IL 8/3 Minneapolis, MN 8/5 Saskatoon, SK 8/6 Calgary, AB 8/8 Boise, ID 8/9 Seattle, WA 8/10 Portland, OR 8/13 Fresno, CA 8/14 San Diego, CA 8/15 San Francisco, CA 8/16 Sacramento, CA 8/17 Los Angeles, CA the bands and the dates they are playing are at http://www.warpedtour.com and if anyone is interested in presale, it starts March 14th (friday) at 10 AM Local time by clicking this link: http://www.musictoday.com/redirect/bounce.asp?cid=29471 this is the only way to get discount tickets, and extra goodies (if you want) such as the Limited edition shirt and CD compilation, and a discounted subscription to AP Magazine, with a "Cut-the-line" pass which lets you be first in line for signings at the AP tent at the tour.