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    Hey guys i LOOOOOVE YMAS they r awesome but i do (unfortuanately ) think that hey all look reely gay and they wear reely low v necks but i loove their music
  2. Fayefayebee

    Laura Marling

    Laura marling is awesome and i love her voice and her guitar playing and her hair and her name
  3. Fayefayebee

    All Time Low

    I love all time low but i think that the lead singer looks gay but i still think that they r reely good and cooool
  4. Fayefayebee

    Taylor question!!

    Hey do u guys no if taylors girlfriend (gabriella) is pregnant?!? i no i sound like a stalker but i just wanna no so pleeeeze let me no wat u herd! tks fayefayebee xxx hugs and kisses!
  5. Fayefayebee

    New Member Icebreaker

    hey just registered and im syked at being on here:) hope yall like mii! *.* Username:Fayefayebee First name:Faye Gender:female Country: Ireland!! How did you come across this amazing fansite that is paramorefans.com? Was looking for a free site where i could share my love of paramore with people like you and luckily found this place! How did you come across the amazing band that is Paramore/ how long have you been a fan? Heard them on tv and hated them, then listened to them again a while later and loved them ! Favorite Paramore song? Turn it off Favorite lyric? *Turn it off* I scraped my knees while I was praying And found a demon in my safest haven Seems like it's getting harder to believe in anything Than just to get lost in all my selfish thoughts I wanna know what it'd be like To find perfection in my pride To see nothing in the light I'll turn it off, in all my spite In all my spite, I'll turn it off And the worst part is Before it gets any better We're headed for a cliff And in the free fall I will realize I'm better off When I hit the bottom Any live show experiences you'd like to share? Goin to see the gang in the o2 dublin in november woooooohooooooo! =) Interests: Paramore, more paramore, more more paramore, taylor york Other Music: Avenged sevenfold, my chemical romance, you me at six, all time low and many many more! and anything else you'd like to share with us... I LOVE TAYLOR YORK!!