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    "Bad Romance" By SPiTFiRE

    Hey guys I really love paramore! they are my favorite band. There is a band called "SPiTFiRE" that sounds very similar to the band, and they just released a cover for Lady Gaga's "Bad Romance" its a real hit here in Israel! check them out!!! free download @ their Bandcamp: http://spitfire.bandcamp.com
  2. schniz

    New EP hear 3 songs inside

    Bugera 333XL when you got a JCM800 on the back?!?!?!?!?! woot
  3. What up My name is Gal Schlezinger and I'm the guitar player of the Israeli band SPiTFiRE o7. We've just released a new EP - our debut EP. ITS IN HEBREW, do not worry. but its cool. it sounds very american. We're one of the biggest teen bands here in Israel, and many consider us as the Israeli Paramore. some links to listen: http://spitfire.bandcamp.com http://myspace.com/SFo7 http://facebook.com/spitfiremusic http://www.spitfire.co.il - for lyrics. its in hebrew. but you can "LIKE" it on facebook haha I hope you'll enjoy. if you want to contact us, send me an email! galstar@spitfire.co.il rock on and don't forget adding me on Facebook! Gal Schlezinger SPiTFiRE o7