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Goosebump moments in music?

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Swept Away-Flyleaf

It's at the very end. When the play what you'd hear in a music box then it starts cutting out...go ahead, call me crazy. But I find it very disturbing.


There are a few songs out there with music box sounds in them and they all creep me out.  :shifty:

Goosebumps of another kind indeed.

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Brand New - Jesus Christ: Jus the whole atmosphere of the song, from the hushed lyrics to the haunting guitar. And the ending is very chilling


American Football - Honestly?: Great song, the outro gives me chills. Makes me reminisce about my childhood.


Jimmy Eat World - Hear You Me: The intro gets me everytime.


Tame Impala - Eventually: Amazing band and album (Currents). The way the song transitions from synth to synth is crazy, and when Kevin reaches the hook I get teleported to another world

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^ very nice call with brand new


i'm gonna be somewhat predictable here but some more recent songs that need mentioning from me:


vapor by 5 seconds of summer (i literally can't wait to scream along to this chorus and probably cry tbh bring on july)

gasoline by halsey 

colors (stripped) by halsey

is there somewhere by halsey (the whole song is amazing but the build up like two minutes in? hell yes)

alibis by marianas trench (this one's not recent but very Me so i'm mentioning it)

work in progress by the dangerous summer (also not recent but holy shit what an album war paint was)

secret love song by little mix (uh? why can't i sing like this? why are they so underrated? so many questions) 

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