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The Covers Thread

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SixT-4    0



Rough guitar cover of Misery Business (but not yet finished... done up until the solo section). It's done using the real bass, drum and vocal tracks from Guitar Hero, with me adding the guitar.


Probably not going to finish it for a while and I just wanted anybody's opinion on it. Sorry for it only being half done, but if I'm not finishing it for ages, I'd have to wait ages for comments, and I'm impatient ;).

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Rachley    26,748

^ thank you! (:


nice cover! you've got a good voice :)


Considering Paramore posted a acoustic cover of Looking Up, I decided to cover it, most was learnt by ear.



(There are a few mess-ups)

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777    24,063

You're actually good Erin you have no worries.


You're good at guitar too Rachley.






thats me and the song modern age from the strokes.



since my youtube got screwed somehow. I reposted on somethign else. same cover but theres one part where i get it waaaay wrong but who cares. had phat fun.




"I feel so different now, we trained at ava" fail.

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