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my band- 50 years apart

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Well I have a band that just starting up .. 

Working on our first song but I'll share some of my lyrics and if I come up with anything since this is really my project 

Also I'm working on a side project duet with a friend of mine

I'll post links to our pages soon 

Thanks for the look ! 

Plus any pointers would be appreciated 

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Looking forward to hearing/seeing anything you post here. :D

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Alright. I am currently working on a duet with a friend. I am working on refining the lyrics. 

This song has no title, but I'll post the lyrics and maybe y'all can help me pick one..

Verse 1:
This is the ultimate test at the wrong Time
hey never said it was gonna be like this
Their textbook lies and hollywood dreams
Never prepared me for what life had in mind
I'm walking with these blistered feet
Worn out by the curves thrown at me
It feel like I'm lost
But all I wanna do is save you
Pre chorus:
Ignorance isn't bliss
You just can't see the pain coming
Look out now the pain is coming
I can't move fast enough
It's like I've got a huge weight upon me
I'll be there when you fall
You maybe deaf right now
To the words that I say
But when the time comes
I'll be there when you fall
Verse 2:
Why am I doing this
You're not worth my time
Though talking to you is pure bliss
These scars are beginning to cry
I should turn my cheek 
But my heart(mind) is screaming otherwise
Why must I do this to myself 
Pre chorus
This vicious circle keeps spinning a million times around
But when you fall this time I hope you can learn
This time when I walk away
I hope things will finally change 
I hope we can both see the light
We both deserve a fair chance 
This is no good bye
This is healing time 

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