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Specifically for the... Audio/Video Forum.


1. This section is for Paramore´s Audio and Video. That means video, audio, music codes, tabs, etc.


2. To request something make a thread in the "request Forum"


3. Use the search option to find stuff you're looking for.


4. Before posting any request please search in our MEDIA PAGE first


5. DO NOT post leaked videos or songs. We do not support the leaking of material before the band wants it released and we will delete all links or posts that contain leaked material. If you're in doubt as to whether something you have has been officially released yet or not, ask a mod or an admin before you post.


6. Due to the high volume of threads regarding youtube videos and cover videos we have created sticky threads for each of these topics, if you want to share a youtube video or cover please post it in the right thread instead of making a new thread.


****Not following these rules could lead to temporary forum bans*****



Basic Forum Rules



1. Watch your language. You know what's too much when it comes to profanity (try to remember we have a younger audience).


2. No Paramore bashing. Don't come to a place full of fans and bash a band everyone has respect for and likes, you're going to get banned automatically.


3. We won't tolerate offensive posts. If something offensive is posted, mods and admins will remove it. If you post it again, you'll be banned.


4. DoNt TyPe LyKe ThIs PlEaSe.


5. This is an English forum.


6. Try to stay on topic and not spam. This is a forum, not a chat room. The only exception to this rule is the "Randomness" thread in Off Topic.


7. Dont double post.

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