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Okay, some of this is kind of obscure but I ask that you give it a chance. P: This is basically my ability to ramble on about music I like... and anyone else's ability to care.


[ Miz - http://myspace.com/mizrockjapan ]

I'll start off with someone who really deserves your attention... the best Japanese rocker I know of, Miz. She's absolutely amazing. :hyper: If you want to rock out, I suggest "Bittersweet." If you'd rather here what may be the catchiest bubblegum pop anthem of all time, check out "In The Sky." Both are great and deserve your attention. ^^


[ I Am Ghost - http://myspace.com/iamghost ]

A lot of you have probably heard of I Am Ghost. They're signed to Epitaph and they're on the 2007 Warped Tour, so they're not exactly obsure. P: Oh well. Still love 'em, anyway. My personal favorite is "Our Friend Lazarus Sleeps" (which is on the Warped 2007 compilation), but "The Dark Carnival of the Immaculate" is quite nice, too. =D


[ Malice Mizer - http://www.myspace.com/malicemizerfanmadepage ]

These guys are pretty much an acquired taste. People like to think of them at sort of the Evanescence of Japan. P: I'd say go for it, you might like them. My personal favorite is "Illuminati."


That's it for now... Will add more later.

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U like a lot of Japanese stuff, u ever listen to Dir En Grey? I love them, just got into them after seeing Family Values Tour.

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