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new lj 11/02

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GRAAAMMMYS and the long flight back.

whatttt uppp???


we just had a lot of fun. thank you guys for rooting for us! who would have thought, when we were up in Jersey putting RIOT! together, that we would go to the Grammy's a year later?! for the record, all those times we said "win or lose - we're just excited to be here", we meant it. and even though we aren't taking home an actual Grammy... we. were. there! so thank you guys because if it hadn't been for the past few years of hard work and your support then we wouldn't have experienced something like that, especially this early on in our band's life.


so now it's time to head back to the UK! back to TEE SHIRTS AND JEANS! YEAHHH! (and shoes i don't mind walking in so much) haha. i'm excited for another long flight, going to do my best to be on voice rest - but you all know how that usually goes. apparently, we are going to get off the plane and go straight to soundcheck. this might or might not be a disaster. regardless, i'm just excited to be going back to an environment that i know a lot better. sweaty shows, ear piercing loudness... those types of things. we live a charmed life. hmmm, charmed, does anyone watch that show in here?


i gotta get going, still haven't packed and we're leaving soon. man, i'm so excited to finish off the tour. see you guys out there! love ya'll.





ps. i can't believe i got to see aretha franklin sing, in person. i've listened to her since i was a baby. she sounded so incredible singing gospel.

you see, they're still happy, so we all should be too...

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woo!! yay they're back in the UK, all ready for me seeing them tomorrow :hyper:


and they're still winners to me anyways. being nominated was still amazing

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I'm so stoked for them. They had a great time, and there's no way in hell being nominated for a Grammy can be seen as a bad thing to anyone; winning it would have been a lovely bonus, but no one can complain.


...Well, people still are complaining, evidently, but there's nothing they can do about it.

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