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1. Watch your language. You know what's too much when it comes to profanity (try to remember we have a younger audience).


2. No Paramore bashing. Don't come to a place full of fans and bash a band everyone has respect for and likes, you're going to get banned automatically.


3. We won't tolerate offensive posts. Any discussion of their personal matters will, in general, be removed (if it feels like you shouldn't post it, you probably shouldn't). If something offensive is posted, mods and admins will remove it. If you post it again, you'll be banned.


4. Don't post copyrighted material. Pictures you took yourself, live videos and recordings you made - those are fine and the band has been great to date about allowing those to be posted. If it's someone else's copyrighted photo or video, make sure you have their permission before posting it. When in doubt, contact an admin or mod with any questions.


5. DoNt TyPe LyKe ThIs PlEaSe.


6. This is an English forum.


7. Try to stay on topic and not spam. We realize it's hard to stay on the subject completely, and that's ok, you should know where the boundaries are on this one. This is a forum, not a chat room. The only exception to this rule is the "Randomness" thread in Off Topic.


8. Don't double post.


9. If you don't follow the rules, Staff CAN edit your post without your authorization.


10. If you constantly break the rules you will receive a warning message, after that expect a ban.

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Hahaha indeed Franzi, yet again a spammer is posting in the rules thread :rotfl:

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The spam is irritating, but that picture is pretty amusing. Sorry, but it had to be said..

Kind of have to agree with this when I think of previous spammers posting adult film pictures which were even harder than this. Nevertheless, it grinds my gears pretty much.

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I see 3 different spammers so far this morning.

Pretty arrogant to spam in the rules thread haha :D

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