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In my opinion the chat is well pretty much self explanatory buuttttt theres always people that need some explanation to do some stuff.

so thats why im making this totorial =P

eehh i know its not the best but i pulled it off in like 10 minutes.


1st thing. Rooms.

As you know this chat have several rooms. The 1st one is the Lounge,m thats where youre supposed to have the normal conversations. Then we have the Parabot room, thats the room you need to acess to talk to our friend Parabot =P. Then we have PF vip, and staff room, both with password, soo dont worry about thoseXD.


To change room, click on the arrows(marked by the circle). The square represents your current room



ok so this is one of the most important things


Here u can find most of the features. Ill explain them.




Uses to change your current status. Here, Away, BRB,and busy are the options



This is used to change the font color




saves the curernt conversation to your computer




Ill explain all buttons here.

The question mark opens a help page(not that good)

Smiley opens the current smilies available

the B and I well pretty much self explanatory, bold and italic letters.




a really important button. When you press it it opens a window with new options. These options allow you to tweak the chat the way you like it.





The theme tag allows you to pick a different theme for the chat. Changes the whole look of the chat,. its a really nice option. My personal favorite is theaquamarine Theme

As you can see theres 2 scroll options; the left one(where it says aquamarine) is the mnain one to change, it changes the whole look. The 2nd one changes just how the buttons in the chat look(the macintosh one)



The sound tag allows you to indrease the volume of the chat, or mute some of the sounds such as entering the room, the sounds for replying, etc.


The text tag allows you to change the text, pretty self explanatory.





This part shows the available rooms. It also shows the ammount and what member is in which room.




When u click on a member you get several interesting options.



The 1st option well allows you to havea provate converssation with the member.


The invite option allows you to send an invitation to a member for him/her to join a particular room. This might be more useful when i add new rooms, once we have alot of people using the chat.


Share file will allow you to send pictures, .zip. rar. and such to that particular member. just like msn/aim


Ignore works as a "block". You will not see the messages from that member.


Ban is just available to mods and admins >;D


Profile will open a new window, it will load the FORUM profile of that member. at the moment this function has a small bug. When u click the profile button a new window will load, but the profle wont load until u click REFRESH.

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what is the PF V.I.P. room? who can go there? :???:


Yeah, who can go there?

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Alright so I need to ask what I am doing wrong. Every time I click on the chat link at the top of the page this is what I always get. It always says done at the bottom of the page.




Can someone help me out here? I'd love to check out the chat.

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Someone should fix this. It'd be awesome to hop in the chat.

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no one ever goes in the chat anymore.




what happend to diego? i thought he was back but now hes like gone

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I think the chat would be a great thing to start using again. That way we could have long chats in there instead of in threads. I'll ask about it.


Also, every time I see the word "chat," my mind flips into French mode, and I read it as "cat." lol

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