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haha oh dear

i finished the whole thing in about an hour


took me about an hour and a half

it was hard trying to remember some stuff without the book with me

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oh yeaaah! happy birthday Taylor <33333333 i can't believe he's only 2 months and a week older than me xD :hyper:

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Seemingly not a good match, but the JoBros seem to think they'd mesh well with the Twilight clan.

They have been vying for a spot on the New Moon soundtrack, and now inside sources of Summit and

Chris Weitz's camp are reporting that the brothers have auditioned for roles in the Movie. After Joe was

denied the role of Edward, it seemed that he would not be going back into the vampire world, but he has

now given the role of Marcus a try, along with Kevin hoping to land Aro and Nick,Caius. Although they have

auditioned for these roles, to give them a more youthful feel and appeal, they are apparently willing to accept

almost any role as they are hoping to branch out from the strictly "tween" audience they now cater to.

not cool, not cool at all



though on a good note i pre-ordered this today!

for once it pays to live in canada...



Available at HMV stores in Canada, this exclusive 2-DVD version of the film includes a BONUS 3rd DISC containing 45 minutes of exclusive content and features:

• A 22 minute Conversation with Stephenie Meyer

• The Evolution of Bella’s Lullaby (5 min.)

• Becoming Edward: Rob Pattinson’s Journey (5 min.)

• Becoming Bella: Kristen Stewart’s Journey (5min.)

• Catherine Hardwicke’s Vampire Kiss Montage (2 min.)

• Catherine Hardwicke’s “Bella’s Lullaby Remix” Music Video (3 min.)

• Robert Pattinson Piano Montage (3 min.)



the last one is what sold me, lol

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rob piano montage O_O

that better be on youtube when it comes out


if its not (which i'm sure it would be...) i'll figure out how to rip it for you guys

because i'm awesome that way

and i'm sure it'll be melt worthy

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