This part of the media page is basically what the title says.
Sometimes when when you download a video you only hear the sound or sometimes even just the image.
This is not a problem with the video(99% of the time) but something that your computer is missing to reproduce
the desired video. Remeber that you can always email us to

The Basics.
First and most importantly I will give a really small tutorial on how to download videos and audios from our media page.
Just in case youre having problems with that ;)

First RIGHT click on the link.

Select "save target as" and save.

NOTE: Firefox users will see a "Save link as"

Troubleshooting video and audio.

In our media page you will find different kinds of video formats and sometimes good old "trusty"
Windows Media Player(WMP) wont be able to open corectly. Having your WMP up to date could be enough,
but if not ill give you a few suggestion that will not only help you with our videos but with all videos and audios in general.

If you are having problems seeing the image of a video or you cant hear any audio its very possible that your computer
doesnt have necesarry CODECS to reproduce the video.
My first suggestion would be getting a codec pack, this installs many useful codecs to your system and allows better
handling of audio and videos.

-A very useful codec pack is the K-lite Codec pack (Windows Only).
This pack will allow you to reproduce about 98% of all available formats. I have been using this one for a long long
time and I have never experience any problems with it. Its very small(8 Mbs) so you wont have any problems with space.
You can download it HERE.

-Sometimes its good to have a backup so I will also recommend this other program.
Its called VLC Player (Windows & Mac). Its a very powerful video software capable of reproducing almost any sort of
available format, one of the best features its that is available for both Macs and Windows operating systems.
I also have this one installed in my computer and I have never experienced any problems with it.
Again its a very small file (9 Mbs). You can download it from HERE.

-Mac Users might also try the Windows Media Player componets for Mac.
This will help for the many .WMV(windows media video) videos that we have on the media page.
This small software(4mbs) will allow the Quicktime Player to reproduce .WMV formats without any problems.
Download HERE.

Troubleshooting .MOV

I decided to add a very small section for .MOV because most players (WMP, VLC Player) cant reproduce
them by themselves.
-.MOV is the trademark video format from Apple. Mac users obviously wont have any problems
opening them, so if you are a Mac user you can skip this =P.

-Windows users have two options, download the QuickTime Player or in case you dont like quicktime you could
download the QuickTime Alternative. This last one adds the .mov codecs to the K-like codec pack discussed above, allowing
your computer to reproduce .MOV formats without installing any apple software.


This is the end for the help page. If I think of anything else i will update this page.
Remember that if you need more help you can always email us.