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Daydreaming clip

Here is a preview of Daydreaming which was handed out on a USB stick to all the lucky fans who attended the listening parties in Australia. Hayley later confirmed that it was their intentions to hand this out to be leaked.

Review of “Paramore” listening party in Australia

Paramore fan Caitlin Chaden was one of the lucky few who attended the listening party for Paramore’s soon-to-be released self-titled album. She decided to write a review of it and fill us in on what was heard, her reaction and details of each song.


Tonight I was lucky enough to be one of about 20 people to hear 5 brand new songs from Paramore’s unreleased album! It was all very official and we weren’t allowed cameras or phones and they had to use a metal detector type thing on us before we went in! We went into the studio and sat down and waited for Hayley, Taylor and Jeremy to come in. Finally they came in and sat down and just talked a little bit about how nervous they were to be showing us the songs but how stoked they were as well. Then they left to sit next door and we got to listen to the songs. We heard “Fast In My Car”, “Still Into You”, “Last Hope”, “Ain’t it Fun” and “Part II”. I will try my best to remember details about the songs but as you can imagine it went by so quickly and 5 songs is a lot of stuff to remember!

‘Fast In My Car’ – Was quite ‘poppy’ and upbeat. A really fun song that kinda sounded like friends jamming out together.

“Still Into You” – A love type song. Really fun and sweet! Lyrics ‘I should be over the butterflies but I’m still into you’ (THESE LYRICS ARE NOT 100% CORRECT BUT THEY ARE VAGUELY WHAT I REMEMBER HEARING)

“Last Hope” – I don’t really remember a lot about this song which sucks because I know that I really loved it! I have a feeling that this one had an amazing start to it. I really nice guitar riff and a slow start before picking up to a faster pace.

“Ain’t it Fun” – Was wonderful. This is the song that the gospel choir were used on. Hayley had some amazing vocal runs/solos towards the end. The choir made it awesome. It fit so perfectly.

“Part II” – There have been rumours about the fact that this song was a follow on from Let The Flames Begin off of RIOT! and they were TRUE! It is in fact a part two of LTFB and starts off with the lyrics “what a shame we all became such fragile broken things” other lyrics included something about a “spark’ and if you recall from LTFB there were lyrics “a memory remains just a tiny spark”. You can definitely hear links between the two.. both lyrically and musically but it is a whole new song. Towards the end there’s an instrumental and it leads into the ‘Monster’ outro they’ve been playing at shows over the past year. As soon as I heard the drums start I knew it was coming and I got so excited! I sang along because I LOVE that outro and it just fit in so perfectly with the rest of the song.

I think that “Part II” would have to be my favourite. Followed closely by “Still Into You” then “Last Hope”, “Ain’t it Fun” and “Fast in My Car”. They are so close together though it’s almost impossible for me to list them in order of my favourite. All I know is that they all sounded amazing. They had a different vibe and tone to them but they just felt so right. This version of Paramore is right. It’s meant to be. Not that the other version wasn’t good…but it’s nice to see that Hayley, Taylor and Jeremy have completely found who they are as Paramore. Tonight I finally got to meet my favourite band and hug them and ask them questions. It was all so lovely. They are my favourite band for a reason and that reason was proven tonight. Paramore is and always will be my favourite band.

You can see the original post on her Tumblr here and you can find Caitlin on Twitter here