Location: Richmond, VA
Hobbies: Reading, music, more reading, more music, suffering through Mets baseball and Redskins football.
One item you could never live without: The Blackberry that’s permanently attached to my hand.
Top 5 bands: Paramore, R.E.M., Jimmy Eat World, The Format and The Get Up Kids.
Top 5 movies: Almost Famous, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, Ghost World, Can’t Hardly Wait and The Natural.
Top 5 Paramore songs: Miracle, Hallelujah, Franklin, Looking Up and All I Wanted.

Location: New Jersey
Hobbies: Music, Doctor Who, Xbox 360
One item you could never live without: My laptop.
Top 5 bands: Paramore, Tonight Alive, Jimmy Eat World, The Cure, No Doubt
Top 5 movies: Jurassic Park, Mean Girls, Shaun of the Dead, Josie and the Pussycats, and Star Wars.
Top 5 Paramore songs: Misery Business, Careful, Looking Up, Franklin, and Hello Cold World

Location: Motherwell, Bonny Scotland
Hobbies: Football, socialising with friends, listening to music, going to gigs.
One item you could never live without: My laptop.
Top 5 bands: Paramore, Simple Plan, Hey Monday, Enter Shikari and Relient K.
Top 5 movies: Shaun Of The Dead, Back To The Future, Final Destination, Toy Story and Football Factory.
Top 5 Paramore songs: My Heart, Brighter, Hallelujah, Thats What You Get and Pressure.

Location: New Jersey
Hobbies: Music, NY Knicks, Cheerleading, Social Media
One item you could never live without: iPhone
Top 5 bands: Paramore, Twenty One Pilots, The Used, We Are The In Crowd, Yellowcard
Top 5 movies: Practical Magic, The Phantom Of The Opera, The Wizard Of Oz, Mean Girls, The Hunger Games
Top 5 Paramore songs: Looking Up, Emergency, Last Hope, Turn It Off, Escape Route

Location: Connecticut, USA
Hobbies: Basketball, video games, anything computer-related, creating art, and playing guitar.
One item you could never live without: iPod
Top 5 bands: Paramore (shocker), Paper Route, Green Day, My Chemical Romance, and Sum 41.
Top 5 movies: Inception, The Dark Knight, Watchmen, A Beautiful Mind, and The Nightmare Before Christmas
Top 5 Paramore songs: All I Wanted, We Are Broken, Oh Star, Misguided Ghosts, and Turn It Off (these change daily lol)