Hayley In Zedd Documentary

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Zedd recently released Moment of Clarity, which documents his hugely successful debut album. You can catch an interview and some behind-the-scenes footage featuring Hayley and “Stay The Night” around the 8:45 mark. We highly recommend checking out the whole documentary as well, and you can watch it below…

“Ain’t It Fun” in Pop Danthology 2014

Pop DanthologyEvery year since 2010, Daniel Kim has released a mashup of the year’s biggest songs, and they’re always INCREDIBLE. This year is no exception, and we were beyond stoked to see “Ain’t It Fun” included in there! We’re not gonna tell you when because you really just need to check this one out from start to finish. Enjoy ‘Pop Danthology 2014’!

Hayley on Christmas Songs

Screen Shot 2014-12-20 at 1.43.37 AMAP checked in with some of the music industry’s top ladies at the Billboard Women In Music Awards last week and asked them about their favorite (and least favorite) Christmas songs. Check out answers from Hayley, Aretha Franklin, Colbie Caillat and more below!

‘Women In Music’ on their favorite Christmas songs…

‘Women In Music’ on the most grating Christmas songs…

Happy Birthday, Taylor!

Happy Birthday to our favorite curly-haired guitar player pretty much EVER (so sorry, Kirk Hammett – you’re awesome too)! We met you when you were 17. Now you’re 25, and we feel a little old… but that’s okay! It’s been so much fun seeing you grow and excel as an artist over the years, and we’re super stoked to see what 2015 brings. Have an amazing birthday, Taylor!!

Paramore on Billboard’s Year End Charts

Billboard YIM

Billboard just released their 2014 Year End charts, and Paramore are on a TON of them. You can check out all of the charts here or view all of their chart spots below. Congratulations Jeremy, Hayley, and Taylor!! This is well-deserved!

Paramore on Billboard’s 2014 Year End Charts:
#70 Top Artists
#47 Hot 100 Songs “Ain’t It Fun”
#47 Hot 100 Artists
#135 Top Billboard 200 Albums
#31 Radio Songs
#53 Digital Songs
#23 Pop Songs “Ain’t It Fun”
#24 Adult Contemporary Songs “Ain’t It Fun”
#11 Adult Pop Songs “Ain’t It Fun”
#7 Top Rock Artists
#7 Hot Rock Songs “Ain’t It Fun”
#7 Hot Rock Songs Artists
#8 Rock Digital Songs “Ain’t It Fun”
#8 Rock Digital Songs Artists
#17 Rock Streaming Songs “Ain’t It Fun”
#26 Top Rock Albums “Paramore”
#23 Top Rock Albums Artists
#9 Hot Dance Electronic Songs “Stay The Night”
#21 Hayley Williams
#10 Dance / Electronic Digital Songs “Stay The Night”
#18 Dance / Electronic Streaming Songs “Stay The Night”
#3 Dance / Mix Show Airplay Songs
#95 Canadian Hot 100 “Ain’t It Fun”

Hayley Wins Billboard Trailblazer Award


Today marked the first ever Billboard Women In Music Awards, and the inaugural recipient of the Trailblazer of the Year award was none other than Miss Hayley Williams! Check out her acceptance speech below and click here for the accompanying article.

Congratulations, Hayley! There’s no one more deserving of this honor than you. Here’s to many more years of trailblazing! (The Billboard kind… not that other one you talked about on Twitter. :P)

Hayley to Receive 1st Ever Billboard Trailblazer Award

Billboard announced this morning that Hayley will be receiving the first ever Trailblazer Award at this year’s Women in Music Awards. This award “honors a standout female artist who breaks from convention to make a unique mark in music and pave the way for other talent,” according to Colin Stutz, who penned the announcement via this article. This is a huge honor, and Hayley seems just as excited as we are:

“I can remember a time when I would’ve been made fun of for doing things differently. Now I’m getting an award for it? This is too much. I’m so excited!” says Williams. “There are women in this industry who totally bulldozed walls down for the likes of me to come along and do what I believe in. I want to be that for even one girl in the future. I can’t wait for the event next month and to high-five some of my sisters in music.”

Congratulations to Hayley on this achievement! She has definitely left a mark on the industry and has influenced so many artists and musicians. Paramore as a whole has accomplished so much in music the past decade and we’re proud to be their fans!

The entire announcement is available under the page cut.
Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images for iHeartMedia. Was included in original article by Colin Stutz.

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