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  5. sheanbear

    What Are You Listening To? - Part 13

    Thinking "Bout You - Dua Lipa
  6. Salinas

    What Are You Listening To? - Part 13

    Humble & Kind - Tim McGraw
  7. It's really interesting to see new members joining and the whole band becoming something more than it was before. When it goes right, that is. But it's a risk.
  8. Chriss

    The New kid

    Welcome, Gerardo! Sorry this place isn't anywhere near as active as it used to be, but hopefully you can learn some new info about the band. Have fun at your first Paramore concert this summer! The male to female ratio is pretty equal at Paramore shows these days, so it's all good. Sometimes solo concerts are more fun. I've been to a few over the years.
  9. @benn_hunter @YourMusicWhore finally someone who is woke

  10. RT @franco_esca: ¿No le dolerá la espalda a #CristianoRonaldo por cargar a su selección?

  11. Whit’s he doing there?! Maniac!

  12. one person followed me and one person unfollowed me // automatically checked by https://t.co/5A0fCJ14g9

  13. pessoas que visitaram meu perfil e grupos que sigo no Twitter https://t.co/YjD0yGzaJf

  14. This is absolutely heartbreaking to watch https://t.co/UsgLzDnJmI

  15. @colinmeloy https://t.co/7fJ9mX0Eux

  16. @yelyahwilliams You know it! Flying solo in Syracuse this Sunday until my sister-in-law can get out of work. Come h… https://t.co/dNL3LS5XVv

  17. I love being a part of such a special day for my… https://t.co/PIGXRrM0WR

  18. So i started browsing on my ig feed and saw some peeps posting posing inside the national musuem...uhm yun ba tlga pinunta mo dun?ehehe okay

  19. We hide our emotions Under the surface and try to pretend But it feels like there's oceans Between you and me ❤️

  20. RT @miketendo64: Hey all! We want to be the first to announce that we'll be giving away a free physical copy of #SuperSmashBrosUltimate whe…

  21. Yasssss. Fine start!

  22. A picnic dinner with wine for our last night before the kids come home from camp! https://t.co/E2aGOQwXPC https://t.co/kCXfps4Ij4

  23. Gimme Gimme Gimme is such an underrated sitcom. 90s ridiculousness at it's best.

  24. @froiendaya Haha i know right. Sorry!✌

  25. @luscasdpnt amei a direção mais ambient/drone

  26. RT @celesviera: No caigo ver en todos los canales el título “DIPUTADOS APROBARON LA LEGALIZACIÓN DEL ABORTO” se veía tan lejos, tan imposib…

  27. RT @sinnamoanrolls: [ Giveaway Pulsa 25k ] Syarat: 1. RT tweet ini 2. Tunggu pengumumannya jam 23.30 WIB nanti Dah gt doank gampang kan?…

  28. The forecast for Saturday... RIP me and my skin https://t.co/trbcZrTB1L

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