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  2. RT @PUSHA_T: First episode of KingPush Radio @beats1official @applemusic Listen at 1PM EST/10AM PST https://t.co/RbLKsBMmEQ https://t.co/mi…

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  4. RT @paramorefans: What are ya gonna do when the world don’t Orbit around you? Ain’t it fun? Ain’t it fun? @pizza_poison is fan number two.…

  5. RT @rocket1124: nashville got one in zero years https://t.co/yolOYcSmlA

  6. Para mi siguen siendo las mismas ridículas que se hacían el delineado en espiral

  7. Cara de "Te voy a matar Guille"

  8. Ang hirap pala pag walang visor ung helmet na pinasuot sayo ng habal habal tpos mahaba ung pilikmata mo. Mas singkit ka pa sa chinese hahaha

  9. RT @bts_bighit: “We’re back on Spotify’s Today’s Top Hits!!" @Spotify https://t.co/GkhTnfWGx1

  10. RT @bts_bighit: “We’re back on Spotify’s Today’s Top Hits!!" @Spotify https://t.co/GkhTnfWGx1

  11. Me: “I should really switch over to dairy free ice cream and yogurt because lactose intolerance.” Also me: Gets a y… https://t.co/HoLdJwkH0S

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  13. RT @PUSHA_T: Artist: PUSHA-T Album Title: DAYTONA Release Date: 5/25

  14. pessoas que visitaram meu perfil e grupos que sigo no Twitter https://t.co/9Hcdd9zc70

  15. Eu mesma. https://t.co/V9RyXG0tVQ

  16. Can I b someone’s plus 1 for @CHVRCHES in London on Friday

  17. @utadahikaru Or you could speak your lyrics. ‘You’re giving me....too many things, lately’ would be pretty damn hilarious

  18. Hermione Granger isny scared of you https://t.co/Q4FEMImYwr

  19. RT @thisbandfucks: yes, @paramore does indeed fuck. paramore is one of the most steadily influential bands that exists. on top of having in…

  20. @ChelleMase Ok but that is most definitely an episode of Courage the Cowardly Dog.

  21. Trying to find a perfect music to hear after all the shit ive been thru hahaha seriously. Yung fun.

  22. RT @CecilHurt: Well, this wasn’t Harry’s fifth wedding in nine years. https://t.co/rUiOB2AYCa

  23. RT @paramore: practice pup https://t.co/nqP5Vn4i4H

  24. They must be blind. https://t.co/JCzj2s22ry

  25. RT @AmericanIdol: Say hello to your American Idol: @MaddiePoppe!! #AmericanIdol https://t.co/aMiSi6PfJ7

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