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  2. RT @90sfootball: Who would you pick? Retweet for R9. Favourite for CR7. https://t.co/Npfzjo8xgH

  3. Walang isasagot sa exam bukas. Haha lagot na

  4. https://t.co/m9Thr9VSKu

  5. @taylornation13 Toronto!! I actually live here now, easier than the flight I needed last time from east coast

  6. The #Preds have now scored 374 goals since the trade for Kyle Turris.

  7. Stats for the week have arrived. 1 new follower and NO unfollowers :) via https://t.co/poy4SZbFeB.

  8. RT @DisneyStudios: The trailer for #Incredibles2 is here. See the film in theatres in 3D June 15th, 2018. https://t.co/uvB4NbaNQB

  9. The Song Alphabet part 2

    For A Pessimist I'm Pretty Optimistic - Paramore **Wow! I'm jealous..hehehe All of their songs are my favorites..
  10. Swipe to check out maskcarabeauty’s gorgeous brush collection + other Black Friday deals! TWELVE… https://t.co/CThJ83qzeQ

  11. The Song Alphabet part 2

    Emergency — Paramore (No, it's okay! I had a feeling you didn't, ahah XD And yeah, it's one of my favourite songs, too. I actually have a kandi bracelet that I'm wearing right now, that says "DAYDREAMER", in reference to Daydreaming. Emergency is one of my favourites, as well.)
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  13. RT @ConnorA42: Life comes at you fast, bonus edition... https://t.co/hkUGXTbrKy

  14. What would you buy with a $1000 B&H gift card? Share your pick & enter to win now! https://t.co/UKn3GpcOJ3 #BHWishList

  15. @kristelaaay_ Hahaha anyare

  16. Slept in for work this morning and was an hour late. Good start to the week!

  17. oh my god https://t.co/bAQqUh6eRW

  18. RT @OnTheForecheck: He's only 5'9" but he can literally fly all over the ice. https://t.co/Lli6cHut3Y

  19. perfil visualizado por 8 pessoas https://t.co/9Hcdd9zc70

  20. The Song Alphabet part 2

    Daydreaming - Paramore ----> One of my favorites ( well, i love all of their songs ) **haha! sorry i dont mean it that way
  21. The Song Alphabet part 2

    Crushcrushcrush — Paramore omg that song feels so relatable right now? but it shouldn't, bc we're dating. idk what i'm saying. welp. Oh!! Ahahah, I thought you meant it in the way of how it says, "Reporting…" XD
  22. The Song Alphabet part 2

    Born For This - Paramore Of course not, Why would I do that? ( I'm just curios what the emoji looks like )
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  24. RT @paramore: fake happy around the world. thank you https://t.co/b36v6mxvX4

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