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  5. caman

    What Are You Listening To? - Part 13

    Never Alone - Wildwood Kin
  6. First visit here for what seems like forever, coinciding with the 14th anniversary of the debut album All We Know Is Falling. Question 1: where have those years gone? Question 2: what are your favourite memories of the record which set everything in motion? Question 3: is there anybody out there I would remember (probably from the PFC era)?
  7. kecmie

    Esra's Graphics

    Hi there all, 10 years later I'm just back here, wow. Just want to let you know, when I was 16 and making stuffs in Photoshop for this topic; now I'm a 26 years old Visual Communication Designer lol. How many of us are still here and want some sig and avatars of Paramore? xo
  8. {Alice Cullen}

    What Are You Listening To? - Part 13

    Sunny Disposition - Avenged Sevenfold
  9. AaronHollister

    Getting the paramore sound on guitar

    Has anyone been able to find out which is the best product among those listed here? https://bestmusicalinstruments.website/best-delay-pedal/
  10. Hi guys, we are a Paramore Tribute band from the Netherlands. check us out at Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Paramostmusic We play a Tribute May 4 2019 in Dordrecht! If you can, please come and check us out. This is the event: https://www.facebook.com/events/333287580661230/ Hope to see one of you guys. Cheers!
  11. IMPORTANT!! Hi, I need help. I want to stay anonymous online and I need to change my display name here to a more generic one, could you please help me out. Pretty please? Also, it'd be better if this account of mine gets deleted altogether. I'd appreciate the help.
  12. BlaineMot

    Brand New Eyes tour

    Are there any live performances even on the horizon at this point? Or is the band on the down low right now?
  13. sheanbear

    What Are You Listening To? - Part 13

    Thinking "Bout You - Dua Lipa
  14. Salinas

    What Are You Listening To? - Part 13

    Humble & Kind - Tim McGraw
  15. It's really interesting to see new members joining and the whole band becoming something more than it was before. When it goes right, that is. But it's a risk.
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