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  2. Happy Brithday!!
  3. The Hangover.
  4. Dear window fitters next door, Fuck off now, kay? Steph. P.S Quit drilling into my wall.
  5. I love this so much, it's almost illegal.
  6. You gotta listen super carefully, and she says "Can you hear me? Is somebody there?"
  7. Right, I don't know if this has been posted, but has anyone else ever wondered what Sierra says towards the end of Up There? Around 3:35? BECAUSE I DO NOW. It's pretty amazing, I've always wondered what she says. P.S Listen around 0:50 and turn the sound up if you're confused.
  8. This. And It's SO funny.
  9. ^ YES! Exactly why I didn't want bob to support. I was joking around with everyone saying how I'd hate it if Hayley started singing airplanes. Now she probably will.
  10. fun aren't bad! I'm super excited for them! But B.O.B? FUUUUUUUUUU-
  11. Happy Birthday Marijanne! Have a good one!!
  12. I reckon fun. will definitely be supporting now! Now they're on FBR! They usually bring the new bands on tour.
  13. Whoo! I love fun. So now they're on FBR too! That's five of my favourite band on the same label! Crazy!
  14. The song and video are awesome! I hope Hayley sees it soon!