Amsterdam 2007 Interview

This interview took place on August 30th, 2007 in Paramore’s dressing room of the Melkweg Venue in Amsterdam, Holland. Paramore was interviewed by Melanie Caitlin.

Before I go on with the interview I want to thank Brent and Mark for setting this up for me and trusting me with this interview. Thank you to Randy for getting me the two tickets even though I did not need them. Thank you to Will Barrett for helping me get to the interview location and for going through all the trouble to get me on ‘the list’.

Most of all thank you to Hayley Williams, Josh Farro, Zac Farro, Jeremy Davis and Taylor York – Paramore – for taking time off their busy schedule to do this and to make me feel like one of them instead of just another person. This interview is something that cannot be taken from me, something I will hold on to and remember for the rest of my life. It doesn’t happen every day that someone gets to interview their heroes, the people you look up to so much, so thanks to everyone who had anything to do with this.

(As a thank you for being Paramore and letting me do the interview I bought all the members gifts. Before I got to the interview, I ran into Jeremy and Zac and gave my gifts to them then. I got Jeremy Jelly Beans with a ‘gangstah’ bear that says ‘yo’. He seemed to really like it. I bought Zac a heart shaped RAINBOW! lollipop. Which he broke 5 minutes after he got it. ‘Zac you just broke my heart man!’ At least it was an excuse for him to eat it right away, haha.)

Hayley wasn’t allowed to talk because she was sick, but couldn’t help jumping in from time to time.

Mel: Hey guys!

Paramore: Hey!

Mel: Okay, before we start I have gifts for everyone and since I already gave Jeremy and Zac theirs I’m giving the rest theirs now.

Paramore: Ohhhh!

Jeremy: He broke your heart!

Mel: Yeah you broke my heart man!

Zac: But it’s not like totally, like broken.

Mel: Oh it’s not in pieces?

Jeremy: He ate it.

Mel: Okay.

*Gets bag*

This ones Josh’s.

And this is Hayley’s.

And here’s Taylor’s one!

*gives everyone their gifts*

Josh: Thank you!

Mel: Yeah, it’s supposed to be a RAINBOW! lollipop.


Hayley: [whispers] Thank you so much.

Taylor: Thank you! *puts the heart shaped lollipop on his hat*

Josh & Jeremy: What’s that?

Mel: It’s supposed to be like a keychain I think and a surprise egg. It’s spongebob!

*Hayley adjusts it to her jeans, then realises she can take the cowboy hat off of spongebob and there’s sweets inside*

Jeremy: Is it like sour?

Hayley: Yes.

Jeremy: Or sweet? ..sour?

Hayley *laughs* [whispers] sour.

Mel: Okay! Well, basically I just wrote down a few questions in case I forget anything. But um, my friend has this question he’s been wanting to ask for like ages. He’s like dying to know if you like cheese?

Jeremy & Josh: Yes!

Jeremy: We like cheese..

Mel: Do you? Because he’s like a cheese fanatic.

Jeremy: Haha, really?

Mel: Yeah, I don’t know!

Jeremy: Mac & cheese!

Mel: So, what’s your favourite cheese?

Jeremy: Mac & cheese.

Josh: Mozzarella.

Mel: I just know that one, haha! That’s like on the pizza.

Jeremy & Josh: Yeah!

Mel: What’s your favourite pizza then?

Josh: Cheese..

Jeremy & Josh: Cheese pizza.

Mel: Cheese, just cheese?

Jeremy: Yeah.

Mel: I like the little Hawaiian things with the..

Josh: Pineapple.

Mel: Pineapple. That’s like ‘ohhh’.

Hayley: *Pulls a 😮 face*

Josh: You like that? Hayley likes pineapple pizza.

Hayley: [whispers] yes!

Mel: That’s like yum.

Hayley: *nodds*

Mel: Yeah okay, so I was looking through the CD booklet and there’s only lyrics to four songs.

Josh: Yeah..

Mel: What’s that all about?

Josh: Yeah, we couldn’t fit all the songs in there because of all the credits on the back of it.

Mel: Ah, there’s too much credit on it.

Josh: Yeah like all the, you know, all that stuff so all of our thank you’s took up too much room so we just picked, we each picked our favourite song.

Mel: Okay, so it’s not like the four singles?


Josh: No, it’s just what we wanted.

Jeremy: Haha.

Mel: What about the, I heard something about a DVD. Last time a person asked you were like “we don’t film as much”. So is that something you’re planning to do now?

Josh: Uh..

Mel: You know, because with RIOT! things are getting busier and bigger.

Jeremy & Josh: Yeah.

Jeremy: Yeah definitely, we are starting.

Josh: Yeah, we’re starting to brainstorm about one. But we still need to, we want to get some more footage, you know.

Mel: Like backstage?

Josh: Yeah, like we’re on tour..

Jeremy: We keep filming and stuff like that so, I guess whenever we have enough footage and stuff like that hopefully that’s something.

Mel: Yeah, because there’s lots of random footage of you guys and I’m like why isn’t that on a DVD you know – that would be so cool.

Jeremy & Josh: Yeah!

Jeremy: Yeah, we can’t figure that out either.

Mel: Yeah so, what about the countries? Is there a difference between, or even a difference between the cities?

Josh: In the…?

Mel: Yeah, lots of people say that European fans are more out there.

Josh: Uh huh, yeah. European fans are a little more… say a little more outgoing, I guess.

Jeremy: I think they have a little more appreciation for music.

Zac: Than who? Than Americans?

Jeremy: Yeah.

Mel: I’ve never been to America, so I can’t really say..

Jeremy: I feel like Americans, they just go to shows because it’s something to do. And like, they’ll like the band and stuff like that but I feel like it’s more like they have something to go to. But here in Europe, I feel like music is appreciated in general more.

Mel: Yeah, because people like fly over to different countries to see people. Like my friend Chris, you know him.

Jeremy: Yeah, yeah!

Mel: Like he flew over to see you guys. Again.

Jeremy: Exactly.

Mel: That’s..

Jeremy: It’s cool.

Mel: What about, I’m going from one question to the other, but what about RAINBOW! ?


Mel: Are you guys coming up with any.. I was trying to reach the page..

Zac: Haha.

Mel: No seriously, this morning I was trying to reach your page and it wouldn’t work! The songs wouldn’t play.

Josh: Really? I don’t know. I think we’re done with RAINBOW!.

Mel: *shocked face* Nooo. I bought like RAINBOW! lollipops because I like RAINBOW! so much.


Zac: That was kinda like..

Mel: I’m here to support RAINBOW!


Zac: Haha, that was kinda like a joke. But I think people think it’s funny.

Mel: People are gonna be so disappointed. What about ?!

Hayley: *laughs*

Zac: What?!

Jeremy: Yeah..

Zac: OH!

Mel: You can’t quit now!

Zac: Oh no..

Jeremy: That’s the side project that will never end. It’s gonna get bigger and bigger.

Mel: Yeah because people keep asking you guys to cover songs. Like the pussycat dolls!

Zac: EEK!


Zac: Oh wow. I don’t even know the other songs, that would be kinda weird. I’d do it though. I’d do it in a heartbeat.

Mel: Or Nsync! For Hayley!

Hayley: *nodds* YES!

Zac: Dude..

Mel: Wouldn’t that be like the coolest thing?

Hayley: [whispers] yes definitely.

Zac: Dude if we had like a lot of time off we could make some really cool songs.

Mel: You should do a DVD about that.


Zac: On RAINBOW!..

Mel: It’ll sell!

Zac: Yeah, we’ll sell?

Mel: Haha, yeah it would be so cool.

*more laughter*

Mel: There should be like a whole merchandise thing. Like shirts and stuff, don’t you think?

*even more laughter*

Zac: I don’t think Josh likes it that much..

Josh: Haha, yeah like uh..

Mel: What about the merchandise for Paramore. Do you guys design that yourselves?

Because I’m wearing a T-shirt right now.

*shows tee* The.. the umbrella one.

All: Yeahhh!

Josh: No like we, we have designers come up with our designs and have them send them in to us and we approve them or disapprove so like.

Mel: Yeah, so you don’t sit down and draw yourself?

Josh: Well, sometimes we’ll have an idea and show the designers.

Jeremy: If we made shirts they would be really funny and unprofessional.

Josh: Haha, yeah..

Jeremy: If we have ideas we tell the designers though.

Mel: What about your favourite stores? Where do you like to go?

Josh: Topman!

Mel: I like London so much.

Zac: Yeah! H&M. I like H&M a lot. I like Diesel a lot.. Like dude, even though I can’t really afford it.


Zac: It’s really cool.

Mel: Are they different from American stores? Do you even have H&M?

Zac, Josh, Jeremy: Yes.

Josh: Not like Topman, but the clothes don’t fit as well.

Jeremy: Yeah, there’s not, especially for guys, there’s not much like options for clothes. Like, you’ll go in stores and instead of having like a bunch of different kinds of pants you’ll have like 2 kinds of pants. And the legs are like this. *shows* Like hoolahoops.

Mel: And it always looks the same in every store!

Jeremy: Exactly, exactly!

Mel: Because even, like when I’ll go shopping with my dad he’ll go “Mel! This sucks.”


Mel: But it is true though, because the girls area is always like this big. And then the boys area is that small!

Zac, Josh, Jeremy: Yeah!

Mel: [to Zac] So like, your favourite brand is Diesel?

Zac: Yeah probably, or.. that’s just for pants. For shirts and stuff probably Topman.

Josh: I like G-star jeans too.

Mel: G-star.. isn’t that Dutch? *thumbs up*


Josh: Yeah, I think it’s Dutch!

Jeremy: Yeah it is!

Mel: What about Amsterdam, have you been like out? Like walking around..

Zac: We got to walk around a little bit yesterday. Just went around some stores and we ate at a pizza place.

Mel: That’s cool! Have you seen like any crazy people.. Because people always come up to me when they’re not from here and they go “There’s a person with purple hair right there!” and they’re all shocked. Have you seen any craziness?

Jeremy: We saw a bunch of people yesterday. We saw a bike rack!

Mel: You don’t have that in America?

Jeremy: No, no, no we do! But not like not near as many as here. Like in America you hardly see anyone on bikes.

Mel: Ah. *silence* Oh yeah. I wanted to ask Hayley a question but she’s like can’t talk haha!

Hayley: [whispers] I’m sooo sorry!

Mel: That’s okay! Okay so, what about. Last time you were here you were supporting a band and now you’re playing your own show and it’s nearly sold out!

Josh: Is tonight sold out?

Mel: Yeah, people are like selling tickets on Ebay.

Jeremy: That’s so cool!

Zac: What?! That’s crazy.

Josh: It feels good, I mean I didn’t know it was sold out.

Mel: People haven’t been able to get tickets for like 5 days now.

Jeremy: Wow, that’s awesome.

Josh: It’s cool to be in another country and sell out shows.

Jeremy: Yeah, it feels weird.

Mel: Don’t you just wish sometimes you could go back to your old life before the band?

Jeremy: Um..

Mel: When things get like really busy?

Josh: Sometimes..

Jeremy: Yeah.. Yeah we’re really blessed and we have like an awesome job and like..

Mel: But you need a place to sit back and relax..

Jeremy: Exactly.

Josh: There are times when we want to go home.

Mel: Yeah.. So you don’t have that sort of place when you’re on the road then? Just a place to sit back and relax?

Josh: We have the bus and it gets pretty cramped in there..

Jeremy: Yeah.

Josh: With 10 people on there.

Mel: Yeah it’s like everyone in one place. So there’s not like a place where you can just go and close the door and have a little space.

Jeremy: There’s not.. That sucks. We wish there was a place we could go for a little while and close the door.

Zac: We have dressing rooms like this. It’s kind of nice.

Jeremy: Yeah these are.. Whenever we have a nice dressing room like this and like food and internet and stuff. You can feel a little bit closer to home and be able to like contact with fans.

Mel: Do you like bring stuff from home? Like pictures or you know, anything to feel at home?

Jeremy: Well um.

Zac: YEAH! Jeremy brings his blanket.

Jeremy: I bring my blanket from home.

Mel: That’s cool.

Jeremy: Yeah, I love my blanket.

Mel: Okay last question! I want you to pick one word to describe yourself and tell me why.

Josh: Alright.

Mel: We’ll start with Josh.

Zac: I’m not good at this.

Josh: Um..

Mel: Just one word.

Josh: One word, um, can’t think of the word but I think a lot. My mind’s always going..

Zac: A thinker.

Josh: A thinker.

Mel: Okay.

Jeremy: A thinker? Oh I thought we were talking about the band. Are we talking about the band?

Zac & Josh: No.

Mel: No, just a word to describe yourself.

Jeremy: In one word?

Mel: Yeah, and tell me why!

Jeremy: Hungry! Hungry, because I always eat.


Jeremy: And if I don’t like eat then I’m like, I get kind of grumpy.

Mel: Okay, okay that’s fair enough.

Zac: What about me?

Josh: What about you?

Zac: What I am.. Probably annoying at times.. Loud, I’m loud.

Jeremy: Loud would be a really good word.

Mel: Because?

Zac: Because *raises voice* I DO THIS! a lot.

Mel: You raise your voice a lot!

Zac: Yeah!

Josh: And when he’s not doing that he’s playing drums. *plays drums on the table* Like that you know.

Mel: Can someone make up a word for Hayley?

Josh: Hayley..

*Hayley is trying really hard to say something without talking*

Josh: Hayley is pretty.. pretty outgoing. Pretty joyful most of the time.

Jeremy: Yeah she’s a joyful person. She’s very good at like hiding, if she’s like missing home or doesn’t feel well she’s very good at not showing it. Which I think is important.

Hayley: [whispers] sometimes!

Josh: Sometimes, for the most part she’s good.

Hayley: *making faces*

Mel: She’s like “okay man..”


Mel: Well thanks!

Zac: Yeah..

Jeremy: Isn’t it your birthday today?

Mel: It is in two days!

Jeremy: It is in two days?

Mel: Yeah.

Zac: That’s awesome!

Josh: How old are you getting?

Mel: 17.

Jeremy: Alright!

Josh: That’s awesome!

Mel: It sounds old to me, haha.

Josh: I’m going to be 20, that’s something!

Mel: That is old! Okay well, thank you so much for doing this.

Zac: Yeah.

All: No problem, thank you!