London 2007 Interview Interview with Hayley, Josh, Jeremy, and Zac
September 6, 2007 in London
Interviewed by Jess and Hayley for
Download the audio HERE. Does the constant press ever get a little too much?

Hayley: Hmmm
Josh: Constant press…
Hayley: It depends on what kind it is because this… we did another Paramorefans and I couldn’t talk in it cause I was on voice rest but like, this kind of stuff is cool I feel like when we get to… like have time to hang with you guys and like… with the fans that are just fans or whatever it’s really cool because obviously we don’t have that chance all the time now, but like..
Josh: It wears you down like alot of it, it’s like one thing after the next, I think I can’t remember exactly what I started to talk about?
Hayley: No (laughs)
Josh: (laughs) Exactly I was like… “the constant press whoaa”
Hayley: (laughs)
Josh: Yeah, it wears you down cause like theres alot of it now, and its just like..
Jeremy: But its different though this is fun, I feel like the other stuff, its like they dont care about what you’re saying at all cause they come in and they’ll ask like “ok so you’re Jason? You’re Bobby?” They dont know anything! so it’s like..
Hayley: (laughs)
Jeremy: They really dont care y’know?
Zac: Can I be hunter? When you’re on your bus going from venue to venue, what do you guys do to kill time?

Hayley: Me and Jeremy stay up till 4 in the morning watching Walk the Line…
Jeremy: Watching movies… especially over here they have like… on the busses in the UK they have like a bunch of DVDs but they’ll also have like this like memory card thing that just has tons of movies on
Zac: Dude Steve said we have that in America..
Jeremy: I don’t think we do though
Zac: I don’t know
Jeremy: We need to invest in one cause that thing is sweet.
Hayley: Yeah we watch movies, we sometimes… sometimes we have internet but it hardly ever picks up, so we do that. Whats your favourite songs you’ve all recorded?

Zac: My favourite.. To record was probably Misery Business, it was alot of fun like, I couldn’t think of anything cool so I was just like “AHH!” I was like get it out of your system! try to not do something stupid.. They were like “Play something cool… Zac do something cool” like yknow? Like gosh I can’t think of anything. So I just sat there and was like “I’m guna do something cool this time” and then I played some stuff that wasn’t cool. Then I got it!
Hayley: (laughs)
Josh: Yeah Misery Business was probably my favourite too, its just fun to play.
Hayley: Dude…
Zac: (points at Hayley) Misery Business?
Hayley: No! Actually my favourite song to sing and record was Stop This Song, there’s so many vocal tracks in the bridge (laughs) and I was hanging out with John, is the guy in the studio that I did my vocals with, for the most part and he was like “Are we done? Do you wanna add anything else?” and I’d be like “Yeah!” and we ended up adding like (laughing) 70 vocal tracks. Just cause I was having so much fun with it, so…
Josh: Its actually all me..
Hayley: Yeah it was actually all Josh (laughs) Do you think you’ll ever play that live?

Josh: Oh yes
Hayley: Yeah we want to, we just gotta figure out…
Josh: First we got to play the songs that are actually, every song on the record y’know?
Hayley: Yeah…
Josh: Cause they’ll be like.. “Where did that song come from?” but we definately will, we love that song.
Hayley: Dude I hope so, I want to figure out a way to play that song where, like I’m not entirely apposed to using… like some tracks depending on what it would be, but I don’t wanna sing to like a bunch of background vocals. I wanna fingure out a way where we can play the song like y’know where everything’s there but its not like… fake. Why don’t you get the guys to sing it?

Hayley: Yeah! (laughs)
(Jeremy sings) What do you say if a fan comes up and they’re like “DO YOU REMEMBER ME?” and you just… don’t.

Hayley: (laughs)
Josh: Uhh we’re like “Uhh yeah… its hard to… kinda…” We remember faces, like every face. But we don’t… names kinda.
Zac: What kinda.. what are you talking about like? If its someone like… If a fan just like runs up and starts screaming would you remember them?

Zac: Like if its the guy with the chicken? Yeah we’ll remember him. Do you remember our names?

Hayley: No, I forgot… (laughs)
Josh: Brent and Ashley…?

Zac: No but like, people that we’ve met like once like (girl voice) “UMM I ADDED YOU ON MYSPACE… DO YOU KNOW ME?”
(Hayley laughs real loud)
Josh: It’s really hard
Zac: I’m like “No” and theyre like “What?” Does it bug you/freak you out that some fans know so much about you?

Hayley: Ummm
Zac: They’re actually kinda cool cause I’m like “Oh I didn’t even know that about myself!” (laughter)
Hayley: It depends, like…
Josh: Sometimes they know a little too much.
Hayley: Yeah like I totally, I deleted my Myspace kinda cause like I felt like I was being watched all the time. It’s not even that it matters but it, like some days I guess I’ll just be abit freaked out about it. Even though they can’t get into it, it’s private. But then like, this one time I posted pictures up and like… Everyone stole them?

Hayley: Yeah! I was like… Dude some kid is a serious hacker, and I just… yeah… its a little weird. Is it different cause you guys are bigger? And now everyones talking about your personal life instead of the music and stuff?

Hayley: Yeah, I think UK… its worse here (laughter) sorry.
Josh: They’re like a little more…
Zac: intense..
Josh: Yeah its like…
Hayley: Almost like fanatical.
Josh: Yeah a little more fanatical than the States.
Zac: Like this (does weird noise)
Hayley: (laughs) They’re actually pirates
Zac: Jeremy…
Jeremy: Carribean.. [ca-ra-bee-an]
Zac: Carribean? [car-rib-ean]
Hayley: Tamatoes.. Tomartoes (laughs)
Zac: Bannanas, bananos
Josh: grapes, graps
Hayley: This is too fun So you’ve known eachother a while… do you ever fight?

Hayley: Yeah..
Josh: Yeah we fight..

Who’s the worst?

Josh: Who’s the worst at fighting?
Hayley: I think it depends on the situation
Jeremy: Yeah it depends on the situation
Hayley: I mean we all butt heads
Zac: We don’t fight that much
Hayley: Yeah we really don’t…
Josh: It’s not like…
Hayley: Especially this year… we havent faught at all.
Josh: Its more like just fustration, its more like venting to each other its not really like, we’ve never like… fist faught.
Zac: They all secretly hate me… but…
Hayley: (laughs) Poor Zac Tell us something about each member that we don’t know…

Hayley: Ok
Zac: (looking at the sheet of questions) I saw that on there, I was gonna say why don’t you do that one…
Jeremy: Something about us that no one knows..
Josh: No one knows I got a haircut
Hayley: Yeah you’re the talk of the town right now…
Zac: Umm, I… am… actually a part.. of…
Josh: No…
Zac: I don’t know where this is going.
Hayley: Hmmm something that you guys don’t know about one of us… You might know everything! Let’s see… Jeremy rides BMX and is amazing at it.
Jeremy: I ride BMX
Hayley: I think some people know but not everyone.
Hayley: Jeremy’s really good he fixed my bike on Warped Tour.
Josh: I draw… cartoons and make fun of them.
Jeremy: He draws everyone of us, its unbelievable.
Zac: I like making stupid videos on my computer and I like making electronic music sometimes.
Hayley: Yeah, he’s good dude he can freaking write good songs. Do you remember that one song!? Ok when we lived in our apartment in Orlando like forever ago…
Jeremy: Oh my god
Zac: Dude how did you find that?
Hayley: YOU HAVE IT?
Jeremy: Dude look how stupid he makes us all look, I love it!
(laughter) – [Josh had found one of the drawings he did of the band, and it was hilarious]
Hayley: Thats amazing. When we first moved to Orlando to record the record thats when we got our mac computer and Zac had Garage Band or whatever and he made his first song and we put it on really loud and it was so much fun, he makes good music. I don’t have any piercings, I saw somone asking about that. Like in Manchester you had all these stars down your arm and everyone thought you had got a tattoo.

Hayley: Are you serious? I don’t!
Zac: That is like a big thing over here like stars isn’t it?
Hayley: My friend Ellen just wrote them on me, and was like “Here you got a tattoo now” she also wrote “monthebiffy” and I had “NFG” on my fingers so that night I was all tattooed up.
Zac: You guys seen the new New Found Glory video? That was so much fun.
(laughter) Dude they’re so funny. If you could relive any day what would it be and why?

Zac: Probably golf carts… you weren’t a part of that
Hayley: I know I went to bed
Zac: We went to that same hotel again on Warped Tour and it was fun, that was seriously one of the funnest things.
Hayley: I really liked fishing with Kevin dude.
Jeremy: Yeah
Hayley: In Tampa…
Jeremy: Yeah that was a pretty good day, we went fishing with Kevin on Warped Tour.
Zac: (laughs) Dude remember that time slipping down the slides? We had so much fun!
Jeremy: We stayed at this hotel and like, they had water slides, there was this one girl, this like latino girl and her like friend worked there or something. I don’t know but she was soooo good, she was so fast.
Zac: We got so angry.
Jeremy: (laughing) She was always trying to race us and she was like (makes fast noise?) she was soo fast.
Josh: You mentioned she was latino..
Jeremy: I went back to the hotel and grabbed tons of like… lotion and like shampoo, so we would be slippery (laughter)
Jeremy: It was so funny cause we like went down and cause we used shampoo we were all bubbling up, then I was trying to figure out why it was all bubbling. I don’t know. You have to deal with alot of cricistism but not only from critics but from long term fans, how does it feel when they call you ‘sell outs’ and stuff?

Josh: It upsets us sometimes cause we… don’t feel like we are selling out and we feel like they want to just keep us in a box. There are some bands that say no to MTV and no to alot of big things, but our band is selective about those things, but like we also need to be sucessful y’know? Thats the only way we can continue on.
Hayley: It’s just fun too
Josh: It’s not about like, we’ll never sell out. Selling out to me is more like having people write songs for you, basically do everything for you, you just.. you know what I’m saying?
Hayley: Anything that makes them just… yknow… Turn into Divas?

Hayley: Yeah! (laughs) We just like… all the stuff we’ve done with MTV, even radio everythings been… has happened really organically…. and MTV has shown us so much support and the reason we’re on TRL is cause you guys like voted for us. It’s all been so much fun, all the skits we did for MTV, we had a blast doing that. Did you see any of them on TV?

Everyone: Yeah
Jeremy: It was so funny
Hayley: It was so crazy man,
Jeremy: They were so funny
Hayley: We went to our hotel one day to hang out, and I… I was flicking through channels and I stopped on MTV and like it went to a break when I did it and I looked at this band and was like who is that? It was us!
Jeremy: Yeah like when you see your band on MTV, its like you’re approving something online and I’m like “oh yeah whatever” but then it’s like on TV and its like you hear your song and you won’t even think about it, until you’re like… thats on TV… that’s crazy.
Zac: Then youre like.. holy crap its on TV!
Jeremy: It was really weird they had them on a couple of condom commercials… we were like…
Josh: That sort of stuff we don’t like that but we didn’t even know it was happening.
Everyne: Yeah..

So are you guys actually going to the VMA’s?

Hayley: No we were going to, there was talk about doing the pre-show and all that stuff but, I think it turns out one of the chicks from… its meant to be a big suprise I don’t know if I should say this or not…
Josh: Don’t…
Hayley: the PCD
Zac: Dolls…
Hayley: Anyway they’re doing something we are just going to.. peace out (laughs)
Jeremy: We are going to go home and try and get a break
Josh: Yeah
Jeremy: See it sucks cause I understand how some people can think we are selling out like fans.. that have been there since the begining, because y’know like now we don’t have as much time to get out and do stuff because of press and then at the same time, It really sucks cause we would love nothing more than to go out there and do that but there’s a lot of people that end up ruining it, its kind of weird. Like some of the places we played, some of the people are trying to break into the like… thing and trying to rush.
Hayley: What are you talking about? We’re on VMA’s…
Jeremy: Ohh Yeah! I forgot we moved onto the VMA’s
Jeremy: I’m sorry I was on the question before
(Jeremy’s phone rings)
Jeremy: Sorry this never even rings so thats kind of weird.
Hayley: (laughs) Sorry. So whats your favourite video games other than Guitar Hero?

Zac: Probably Wii Tennis…
Hayley: Yeah… Who’s the best?

Hayley: I’m not.
Zac: Probably me, Josh and Jeremy.
Jeremy: I think Josh is the best, me and him play and he always beats me.
Josh: I always win. Hayley what do you play?

Hayley: I like playing Castlevania on Nintendo DS (laughs) and I storm the castle and I freakin save the princess! Or maybe I am the princess, I don’t know I just like Castlevania and I like Brain Age too. What’s your reasons behind being officially a 4 piece band?

Josh: We felt like once Hunter left, we really didn’t want to go ahead and add another member and that person not working out and have either a 5th member leaving or having to let one go, our frendship is so close, we knew it would be hard for whoever came in to be on the same page… but Taylor has been perfect, he fits the role perfectly. The reason he isn’t included in everything right now… we feel like I don’t know… he feels like he needs to catch up on things. We have been doing this almost 3 and a half years and he yknow he wasn’t ther for any of it, he is still getting the feel of it. Just to be safe… We knew fans would become attached to who ever came out with us but if he was apart of our band they would be attached even more… then if he didn’t wanna do it they would be like ‘why couldn’t they hold onto…’
Hayley: But like slowly I think he will become more involved like already he was in a photoshoot we did on Warped tour with Ryan Russell, I think… he’s so great like we’ve known him forever and he fits perfectly. Describe your fans in 3 words…

Josh: Our fans? Cool, I thought you said our band…
Hayley: Passionate, passionate for sure gotta be the first word
Josh: Yeah passionate
Zac: Cute…
Hayley: Yeah we’ve got cute fans
Josh: They really are like… how would you say it… whats the word like genuninely nice people.
Zac: Quality people… is that what you’re saying?
Josh: Yeah that’s 2 words…
Zac: They’re quality (claps)
Hayley: Ace right? Is that what you guys say? If you were in manchester you might say mint… or safe… I don’t know
Zac: If you were in Cali you might say hella..
Hayley: (laughs) If you gave birth to a baby vampire with frogs legs… would you keep it or put it up for adoption?

Hayley: Is this about the whole Aiden thing? WiL and Hayley had a kid thing… (laughs)
Zac: I wouldn’t put it up for adoption, no I’d keep it A baby vampire?

Hayley: I would dude, I love vampires, have you seen Underworld? I would name it… well if it was a boy I would name it Viktor after frickin head honcho Underworld… and if it was a girl, whats the girl’s name? Anyone remember the chicks name?
Josh: Hot stuff…
Hayley: Maybe I would name it something like Sunny.
Zac: I would probably name mine like Pimmy or something…
Hayley: Pimmy (laughs) Zac is attached to the name Pimmy
Zac: I lost my dog What’s the craziest thing a fan has done to get your attention?

Hayley: Well I’d say it happened the other night Was it that sign? The pregnant one…

Hayley: Oh that pregnant sign no that was funny
Josh: In Manchester the kids were like… trying to get through our bus windows
Hayley: The guy broke Jeremys suitcase (laughs)
Jeremy: Yeah like my brand new suitcase… broke it while we were trying to go in. Then when we were driving one guy was like… rip the door open and was trying to jump in
Josh: Ronnie had to like kick him out
Jeremy: Yeah, we tried to close it
Hayley: It wasn’t very safe, it was kinda scary…but he got our attention

(we got told we had 3 minutes left) Shall we wrap it up there then?

Hayley: Ahh man, dude lets just do another 30 minutes interview with you guys (laughs) [to josh] Do you like screaming in My heart? Do you think you’ll do it in any more songs?

Josh: Yeah I like screaming in My Heart, it sort of hurts my throat sometimes. It hurts sometimes but i got used to it when we were playing it every night. I don’t feel like we are a screaming band, but that song kind of called for it…
Zac: Called for some sweet yells
Josh: Yeah… I don’t know Can any of the other guys scream?

Zac: I think Jeremy
Josh: No Hayley can you growl?

Hayley: (shreiks)
(laughter) One last quick one… people are asking about a full Canadian tour, South American tour, full Asian tour… Ireland…

Josh: Oh my god… Do you think it will ever happen?

Josh: I want to go to Ireland really bad, I don’t know why… but we’ve never been there and we have been over here so many times.
Hayley: Italy too, I’d like to go there
Jeremy: Spain
Hayley: Dude Antarctica
Josh: People want us to go to Mexico too…
Hayley: Yeah we definately, I hope that next year we get to do some of that stuff cause I feel like. I mean one of our first myspace messages we ever got on our myspace when we put it up was from a kid in Brasil. So I know there’s kids who want us to like come over there its just a matter of time.
Josh: before we all run out…
Hayley: Yeah you know I like to resite lyrics in conversation (laughs)