Raleigh 2006 Interview

ParamoreFans.com Interview with Paramore
Raleigh, NC
June 27, 2006
Interview by Brent

Before I launch into the interview, I definitely want to thank Hayley, Josh, Zac, Jeremy and Hunter (and Ajax too) for taking the time to talk to us…they spent a ton of time with us and were incredibly friendly and enthusiastic and funny and just great. I also want to thank Mark and Melanie and Kate for all their help in getting this set up…it wouldn’t have happened without them taking time out of their day to pay attention to a request from our site and working really hard to work us into an insanely busy schedule and we really, really appreciate that.

Also, I will apologize in advance for anything I typed up wrong or misheard on the recording or attributed to the wrong person. It’s easy to tell Hayley’s voice apart (obviously), but sometimes it’s hard to tell the guys’ voices apart on my not perfect recording…and Zac was kind of in the back of the room, so his voice is the hardest to hear at times, which is a shame because he was very funny…so apologies to him if I missed anything he said…

And with that…here’s the interview…

PF.com: So I’m one of the moderators at Paramorefans.com and Melanie was nice enough to set up the interview for us so I’ve got a bunch of questions all the people on the boards have for you guys…

Paramore: Cool…

PF.com: So, some of them are kind of random…some of them are actually serious…so I’ll just get through as many as I can… So, the very first question is the people at Rainbowfans.com want to know when the first Rainbow album is going to be released.

Paramore (laughter)

Zac: Whaaat?

Josh: There’s a Rainbowfans.com?

PF.com: No, I just made that up. (more laughter) But someone really did ask when the first Rainbow album was going to be released.

Josh: The first Rainbow album is coming out in 2073. It’s called “Inspect My Gadget.”

(laughter from everyone in the room)

Zac: We’re writing some new songs…it’s going to be the bomb dude…

PF.com: Ok, so here’s some official Warped Tour questions…where’d everyone get the stylin’ new clothes?

Hunter: Thrift stores, London, Japan…

Josh: Just, yeah, that’s where we got it…L.A.

Jeremy: I think we all wanted to start looking better, but it took us awhile before we all started actually wanting to do it.

Josh: We’ve been buying nice, well nicer clothes for a long time and just trying to step it up … like just a step up from t-shirts and jeans, you know…

PF.com: Yeah, I first saw you guys last summer on the Shira Girl stage and it’s definitely a different look from then. What’s up with the red carnations? Is that from the Emergency video?

Josh and Hayley: It is.

Hayley: You’ll see.

Josh: It’s our “thang.”

PF.com: So what can you tell us about the Emergency video?

Hayley: Well, we don’t really want to tell much at all.

Hunter: It’s awesome.

Josh: It’s definitely a music video.

Hayley: It’s very much about imagery and it’s abstract. It’s not really something you can watch and just get. I think it will leave people guessing.

Hunter: And it’s totally different from Pressure.

Hayley: Definitely.

Hunter: Pressure’s like this happy “I spilled the milkshake” video.


Josh: Yeah, sorry about that.

Hunter: But Emergency we feel really good about…we feel really proud about it.

PF.com: When’s it coming out?

Hayley: We hope right after we get off Warped Tour because we’re going to have some off time and we want to have something to fill the gap before the headlining tour. Plus, the headlining tour is sort of going to be based around Emergency and that single so we want to give people an idea of what they’re coming to see…

PF.com: So the theme of the headlining tour is going to be based around the Emergency video?

Josh: Yeah.

Zac: Sort of.

Hayley: Basically…we don’t really know everything yet, but we’ll see what happens…

Zac: It’s going to be tight … that’s all we can say…

PF.com: So you guys are doing meet and greets on the headlining tour, right? How are those going to work? Some people were curious about those…

Hayley: We kind of were too, because we’ve never done it before and I know a lot of people are kind of unhappy about it and don’t really know what to think because we’ve been such an accessible band. We don’t want to lose anyone because of the meet and greet thing, but it’s definitely something that will give us a chance to be away from the entire crowd and something more intimate and we can just hang out without it being “ok yeah, I’ll sign this, I’ll sign this”, you know?

Hunter: Which is what it turns into because we’re out there for like two hours and it’s sign, sign, picture, picture and that’s it…

Zac: And not talking to anyone or getting their name…

PF.com: Yeah, it’s definitely changed a lot since I first saw you guys…ok, so what was it like getting to play on the main stage? You played on the main stage in Nashville and in Orlando, right?

Josh: Yeah, it was amazing. The sound is amazing…the kids are awesome. I think there are a lot of kids on Warped Tour that haven’t heard of us so the reaction wasn’t like everybody going crazy like they would be for Underoath or NOFX or whatever. A lot of them just sat there and watched and, you know, I think they were interested though, so it looked really cool.

Jeremy: It helps being on the main stage because people who don’t know who all these bands are … they just kind of figure go to the main stage for the best music, so I think that’s why there’s more crowds there usually…

PF.com: They’re wrong. The small stages have all the best bands…except for Underoath…


PF.com: Ok, so what’s the best thing about being in a tour bus rather than the van?

Zac: What’s the best thing? I can sleep!

Everyone: Sleep. That’s it…

PF.com: I hear the bus has 12 beds … is that true?

Hayley: It does…yeah … we have a lot of people on our bus so it’s a good thing.

Zac: It’s a party bus with popcorn…

Jeremy: And we don’t have to stop to pee…

Hayley: And our bus has been leaking…our bus has been like … we’ve had so much rain, some of our bunks have gotten wet…my bunk hasn’t gotten wet yet, but Josh and Zac’s I think has and they’ve had to move around…

Jeremy: If we were in a van and it started leaking, you can’t just go … ok, I’ll go sleep on the couch waaaay up front.


Hunter: It’s been nice.

Josh: Yeah, it’s amazing…for writing purposes, for rest and just to get away from the heat and the rain and the weather…

Hunter: Well, the rain sort of…


Zac: It’s still raining inside our bus, but it’s cool.

PF.com: So what CDs or songs are currently in rotation on the tour bus?

Everyone: Underoath!

Hayley: Oh, oh … I bought something! I bought the Refused DVD…and it is awesome! It’s so good…

Josh: Yeah, it’s really cool…

Hayley: What an amazing story … you know, it’s really not anything that completely phenomenal…

Hunter: It’s like everything that every band goes through, so it’s not out of the ordinary, but they make it look so artistic and so deep … it’s awesome…

(agreement from the other band members)

Zac: And we’ve been listening to Mute Math a lot…awesome band.

Hunter: As Cities Burn. I think right now that’s it. As Cities Burn, Underoath, Mute Math and Refused.

PF.com: Ok, I have an EP question…so why is the new version of Emergency called the “Crab Mix”?

Hayley: Oh (laughs) … you want to go over that? (asking Josh)

Zac: It says that?

Hunter: Yeah.

(Zac laughs)

Josh: The guy that produced it … his name is Pete but everybody calls him The Crab because he moves like a crab whenever he plays ping pong so everybody calls him The Crab…

Zac: And he talks like this (makes noises that I cannot possibly type up)

Josh: That has nothing to do with a crab.

Zac: But he moves around like one and he talks like you would think a crab would talk if he had a voice…

PF.com: Ok, so these are questions about upcoming plans and stuff like that…so will Hallelujah ever be officially released?

Hayley: Yes. It will.

Josh: Next album.

PF.com: Are you going to play it on the headlining tour?

Hayley: We…

Josh: Nah…

Hayley: You know what? Yeah…no…

PF.com: I think you should definitely play it at the Maryland show on the headlining tour.

Josh: We might just pull it out of our butts every once in awhile…

Zac: Where are we playing in Maryland?

PF.com: Recher Theatre

Hunter: Even if we would, we’re not going to tell you right now…

Zac: Is it a cool place?

PF.com: Yeah, it’s a pretty cool place. You guys played there before actually…you played there…god, nobody was there (laughter)…you played there with Wakefield and Bedlight for Blueeyes didn’t show up and My American Heart came running in the door like five minutes before their set…

Zac: Oh, that place was cool…

Hayley: That place was nice , dude…they have good food there.

PF.com: They do have good food there. And you guys played the whole album because you had more time, so it was very cool.

Hayley: Yes…

Zac: We played Franklin?

PF.com and Hayley: Yeah.

Zac: Told you dude…

Josh: Oh…

Zac: That’s awesome.

PF.com: Other than Rewind and, I guess, Temporary (which is what we call it on the boards anyway)…

Hayley: Yeah…

PF.com: Have you written any other new songs?

Josh: Yeah.

Hayley: Oh yes. Good ones too.

PF.com: How many?

Josh: Well, we’ve got quite a few…

PF.com: Do you write a lot while you’re on the road?

Josh: Yeah.

Jeremy: Especially now on the bus.

Josh: Now that we have a bus, we can whip out the old acoustic guitar…

Hayley: Yeah…

Josh: But we’ve got some new stuff cooking…you guys just wait.

Hayley: It’s awesome. I’m really excited about where our band’s going…I think we’ve grown a lot just touring for a solid year … you can’t imagine how much growth there is, musically and personally … it’s awesome. So, I’m really excited for you guys to hear what we come up with.

PF.com: And when’s the new album coming out? Are you going to record some of the new album between the time you have off between Warped and the headlining tour?

Josh: No…that’s more writing and practicing…and then we’re looking at recording at the end of the year. And then beginning of next year sometime, depending on our schedule and everything…

PF.com: So you went to the UK and Japan … every single person on the board from a foreign country wants to know if you’re coming to their country, so I told them I’d just ask if you have any other overseas touring plans, in general?

Hayley: We actually got asked … we had to turn Germany … we got asked to go to Germany with Hawthorne Heights…

Zac: Which would have been awesome…

Hayley: But we had to turn it down because we had Warped Tour and just other plans that we had to get done, but eventually yeah…right now as far as money goes and other plans, it’s just hard…

Hunter: We talked about Australia right, too?

Josh: Yeah…

Zac: I wish.

PF.com: That’s like a 25 hour flight, right?

Josh: Yeah…I think definitely with the next album, we’ll definitely be going to…

PF.com: You guys will be playing arenas and doing the world tour…


Hunter: Oh yeah…

Josh: Maybe…you never know…

Hunter: One day…hopefully…

Josh: We will.

PF.com: What was the coolest part about the UK or Japan?

Hayley: Oh…the clothes.


Hunter: For Hayley…

Zac (I think … hard to tell here): Dude, no, Japan was probably the places where you go and sit under the table…

Josh: The restaurants…

Hunter: Different cultures and their lifestyles, different foods and restaurants and all that stuff was awesome.

PF.com: Ok, now I have a bunch of just random, kind of silly questions … feel free to refuse to answer any of them if you want…

Hayley: (laughing) Ok…

PF.com: Let’s see…what’s the coolest gift you’ve ever gotten from a fan?

Zac: Ooooooooooooooooooooooooooh!

Hayley: Oh my gosh…a trampoline!

Hunter: Oh yeah…that’s it.

PF.com: You got a trampoline…so Ajax can jump over people?

Zac: The Human Bakery…I’ve got this one…The Human Bakery in San Diego pulled up and they got me some stuff for my birthday. They got me this 25 pound lollipop that was like this big, they got us all the Mighty Ducks seasons…

Hunter: Seasons?

Hayley: (laughing) All the Mighty Ducks movies.

Zac: Shush. Anyway and then we got like these Rainbow hats that were hilarious and…what else did we get? They got us like a mini trampoline, they got like all this stuff, just like random stuff but it was like the coolest thing … it was like Christmas presents.

Hunter: All of us, we got slip-ons…from Kevin and Char.

Hayley: Kevin and Char…

Jeremy points to his shoes.

Josh: Zac got like a remote controlled helicopter that’s pretty cool…

Hunter: Warped Tour…the presents…that’s not really fans though, so I guess that doesn’t count.

Josh: Yeah, Warped Tour gave us a PS2, but they’re not fans, so…

PF.com: That’s pretty cool.

Hayley: Yeah…

Hunter: Water guns and helicopters and candy and PlayStation 2…yeah, it’s been nice.

PF.com: What’s the funniest or most embarrassing thing you’ve ever had happen while performing onstage?

Hunter: I’ll take this one.


Hunter: A couple days ago in Tampa, we played on the Hurley Stage and…I run up…I run around a lot on stage and on the drum monitor…drum riser and the monitors and stuff…and I ran up on the monitor and it just kind of rolled off the stage. And so, I went down with it…but I landed on my feet, so it wasn’t as bad as it sounds…

PF.com: Did you keep playing the whole time?

Hayley: Yeah!

Hunter: I kept playing, but I was just…I was in between the barrier and the stage in the grass playing and I had to stop and I had to jump back onstage and it was scary and awkward and embarrassing. I completely fell off the stage.

Jeremy: It was like a 4½ foot stage…

Hayley: I’ve never heard of that.

Hunter: Yeah…I’m ok though, for all you wondering … I’m ok, I’m in good health.

PF.com: Ok…this question is for Hayley … it came from some of the girls on the boards … so, do you have any advice for girls starting out in the music business, particularly since it tends to be so male dominated?

Hayley: I would say don’t focus on that because our band is never…I mean, we’re obviously a female fronted band, but we’ve never focused on that … we’ve never limited ourselves to that reality, I guess. It’s just like … we’re a rock band and these are my friends and I’m a girl…and yeah, there’s times you do have to tell yourself … Hayley, you’re not a guy, you’re a girl … go, like, put some makeup on or something…

Zac: Go take a shower…

Hayley: Yeah, take a shower (laughs) … yeah, but I would say our band’s just never really thought about that.

Josh: Even though it is male dominated, there are bands like No Doubt that are bigger than any band here and they’re female fronted, so…

PF.com: So, on the subject of taking showers, who’s the smelliest band on Warped Tour?

Everyone: HUNTER!

PF.com: Ok, so Hunter’s the smelliest person in the band…

Hunter: Dude … he didn’t even say in OUR band, he said band on Warped Tour!

Everyone: Oh…Underoath…

Zac: Seriously dude, they smell…

Josh: Also, I think Valiant Thorr smells…

Hayley: Valiant Thorr…yeah…

Josh: I think they’re pretty dirty…they look dirty, but that could be their look, I don’t know…

Hayley: Dude, those guys are bad-a’s, man… (at least, I think that’s what she said)

Hunter: They have the sickiest, most manliest beards and I’m so jealous. I’m not afraid nor ashamed to say that … I want their beards.

Hayley: They have some sick chest hair too.

Hunter: They’re just manly men.

Zac: They’re so rock star, they took a photo shoot with their cut-off jean jackets and jeans in front of semis.

Hayley: They’re cool.

Hunter: They rock. They’re definitely awesome.

PF.com: Ok…what’s the worst movie you’ve ever seen?

Josh: Oh gosh…

Hunter: Jarhead.

Jeremy: Ok, I got one. It’s called Hangman’s Curse and it ends up being about spiders.

Hayley: Aww man…

Jeremy: It is awful. Awful!

Zac: No, hold up … me and Jeremy and Josh, before we went to Japan turned on the tv and…what is it…Child’s Play or whatever with Chucky…

Ajax: Aww, no … those are classics though.

PF.com: They’re kind of classic in a really cheesy way.

Zac: With the little doll that runs around and goes (makes noise) … it’s retarded, flipping people off … it’s the stupidest thing I’ve ever seen.

Hayley: Yeah, that’s like me cussing or something.

Jeremy: Watch Hangman’s Curse.

PF.com: Is it so bad it’s good?

Jeremy: It is so bad, it’s hysterical. Like we were sitting there going … are you kidding? It’s like, about … there’s like a noose everywhere and you think it’s like all this stuff and it ends up being about spiders. It’s so stupid. There’s like thousands of them.

Hayley: Josh! What’s that movie that you and me saw? Where the guy just kind of flew up in the air and was like “nooooooooooooo!”

Josh: Oh gosh, ummm…

Hayley: What was that called?

Hunter: I don’t know.

Hayley: It was about aliens…uhhh, I don’t know.

Hunter: Jarhead, because it was such a big movie and it was so promoted, so it was going to be like just an amazing movie and I think … obviously there are worse movies out there, but the fact that it was like the brand new movie and that it was supposed to be this amazing war movie and it was absolutely terrible.

Hayley: (laughs)

Hunter: And it makes me so mad. I hated it.

PF.com: So that one’s NOT worth seeing.

Hunter: No. They don’t even shoot their…don’t go see it. Listen to me. Don’t go see it. You’ll be so disappointed.


PF.com: Do you guys have any pre-show rituals?

Hayley: Yep.

Josh: Yeah, well what we do is we turn out all the lights…


Josh: Dude, I’m telling him our rituals. We light some candles, we…

Hayley: Sacrifices…

Josh: We cross our legs like this…

PF.com: Of course.

Josh: And we look up and we go “unh unh unh inga inga unh unh”


Josh: And that’s just one of them.

Zac: That’s one of the ten…

Hayley: No, but seriously…seriously though, we do. We sort of all get together, we make sure we have enough time to talk about the show and talk about what we’re going to play, we pray about the show, we talk about, you know, we really want to just impact those kids so we talk about the best ways to do it.

Hunter: Yeah … we try to get focused.

Jeremy: Stretch and encourage each other if it’s not the biggest crowd in the world…

Everyone: Yeah…

Josh: Not that we deserve the biggest crowd, but when you go from like playing in the UK to 20,000 people and you come back to Warped Tour at like a bad day and you’re playing for like 15…

Hayley: Yeah…

PF.com: That’s a big difference…

Josh: We haven’t had a bad day

Zac?: It’s been awesome.

Josh: It’s been anywhere from like 300 to 700 to 1500 on the main stage.

Hunter: Yeah, we just … we get each other excited because maybe you’ll be tired or not want to play but you know that you’ve still got to go out and put on a show. I usually have a Monster before and uh…

Zac: One time…

Josh: Once you get out there, it’s like…

Zac: He found some Monsters in the van one time and he thought he would get all pumped so he drank like two and he puked all over the side of the van…we were rolling.

Hunter: Me and Zac started and I still, I just love Monster energy drinks … so me and Zac bought a pack of them and left them in the van and it got hot and then cold and so they just went bad and I didn’t think about it because they were cold and I drank them and I got sick.

PF.com: What do you miss most about home?

Josh: Shoot…

Hayley: A lot.

Zac: Family.

Hayley: I miss their family’s food (points to Josh and Zac)

Hunter: We can’t say Ajax because he’s here.

Josh: Dude, I miss…I know it sounds weird but I live in this neighborhood that’s beautiful … it’s not expensive or anything but it’s just really pretty and there’s hills around and you can ride your bike down the street and there’s a Walgreens and a grocery store and it’s just so cool…

Zac: And all these people outside eating barbeque saying “what’s up y’all?” (I think this is what he said…)

Josh: The feeling of being home is just…

Hunter: Home and everything that comes with it … friends, family and then your comforts like your favorite restaurant or your favorite…

Zac: Ohhh…taking a dump…I’m not even lying! ‘Cause your butt like forms to it!

Hayley: Shoot…


Hayley: I feel like though…I know this is going to sound really cheesy but I feel like home is sort of become like a feeling for us because…gosh, this is just going to get worse and worse…but the song Franklin is sort of about that because we can’t really go home and feel like we used to. It’s always like we’re going home, like running away. So, I think home has definitely become a feeling and that feeling is kind of what we all miss.

Josh: Yeah…it’s pretty hard.

Hunter: It’s hard to go home again…

Josh (or maybe Zac … I can’t tell): and get back in the swing of things…

Hunter: and not be in another city…and another city and the next city on the tour.

PF.com: If you had a dance-off on stage, and the crowd had to judge, who would win?

Zac (or maybe Ajax or Hunter…I’m really not sure…): Zac, dawg!

Jeremy: I like Joshua, because he pulls out some funky moves.

Hayley: Dude, Josh can shake it.

Josh: Ok, honestly, if you want…ok…probably…but you got Hunter…

Hunter: Dude, I suck.

Josh: Ok, let’s talk about … hands down … as far as like actual dancing and being good at it, Hayley would win because she took dance lessons and she’s good.

Hunter (I think): But Zac’s got moves though!

PF.com: What kind of dance lessons?

Hayley: Straight up hip hop, baby.

Josh: Hip hop.

PF.com: Nice!

Josh: She can do the moonwalk and all that.

Hunter: Zac’s got the little walk thing that he does.

Josh: But that’s about it … that’s all he does.

Hunter: But still, it impressed me.

Josh starts to imitate Zac’s dance moves.

Hayley: Hunter (laughs)

Hunter: What? I’m serious.

Zac: Hunter’s dance though, dude, kills me.

Hunter: I can’t dance. Don’t ask me to dance.

Jeremy: We will whoop any band in fruity dancing.

Hayley: Dude … me and Jeremy used to be…we were not white. We were black.

Jeremy: We were gooood.

Hunter: I can’t dance. I will not dance.

Hayley: And it was HOT.

Hunter: I hate dancing. Do not associate me with dancing ever.

Josh: Hunter’s amazing at dancing. You need to make a DVD of it.

Zac: Hunter can dance to some Shenandoah. Country dance baby!

Hayley: Alright (laughs)

PF.com: If you were stranded on a desert island and could have only one album, what would it be?

Jeremy: Underoath … Define the Great Line

Hayley: Umm, mine would be…

Zac: Sigur Ros.

Hayley: Which one?

Zac: The untitled one.

Hayley: The untitled album. What about you? (asks Josh)

Josh: Probably Death Cab For Cutie … Transatlanticism

Hayley: Mine would be…I would say The Cure.

Josh: Which one? Greatest Hits?

Hayley: Greatest Hits. Yeah.

Josh: There you go. That way you get all the good ones.

Zac: Hunter … what about you?

Hunter: Oh…

Jeremy: Johnny Cash Greatest Hits

Hayley: Oh…yeah.

Jeremy: That is so good.

Hunter: Let’s see…

Zac: Beloved?

Hunter: Dude, that’s one of them for sure.

Hayley: You can only have one.

Hunter: I know…I’m thinking … why you guys got to rush me?

Zac: Put it on the flip side, dude.

PF.com: You can have two if you want. You can burn an 80 minute CD if you want to do that.

Hunter: Yeah … that’s it. I’d probably have a mixed CD.

Jeremy: I’d just take my iPod.

PF.com: That’s cheating.

Zac: Cheating (laughs)

Hunter: Right now…

Josh: We have five minutes buddy. (Melanie had come in a couple of minutes before and told us we had five minutes or so left…)

Hunter: This could change, but right now, I’d say Beloved … Death to Traitors. That’s right now.

PF.com: Ok … this is another silly question. Do you guys have any celebrity crushes?

Hayley: Uh uh.

Josh (I think): Jeremy does.

Hayley: Jeremy has tons. He thinks they’re going to marry him.

Jeremy: Yeah, I have two of them. Hey girls … I love you and ok…it’s, first one…

Josh: I think I remember … Brittany?

Jeremy: Brittany Daniels and she has to have her hair like she had it in Joe Dirt.


Jeremy (picks up the microphone): I love you baby.

Jeremy: Second one … she’s a backup … is Charlize Theron.

Zac: I’d probably have to say Halle Berry.

Hayley: I think that kid that was in, ummm…

Josh: Oh, Hostage? That little kid that was like in the house? And then he was in Firewall?

Hayley: I was like “oh, he’s so cute!” Uhhh, yeah, there’s this little boy that is just so cute and I just want him to be my little brother.

Ajax: Simon Birch!

Hayley: That’s about as close to a crush…


Hayley: Simon Birch…my celebrity crush (laughs). I don’t think there are any hot actors. I’m sorry…or singers.

Hunter: If I was in a movie, Hayley would pick me.

Hayley: Uhhhhhhh…no I wouldn’t. That is a lie from the pits of hell.

Zac: That’s nasty dude!


Jeremy: Hunter’s a good dancer.

PF.com: Ok … since we’re running out of time … this is kind of a random question … is there one question you’ve always wanted to be asked in an interview and never been asked by anyone that you want to answer? It could be anything…

Josh: I always wanted to be asked “how I got to look so good?”


Josh: I’m serious! I just want girls to be like “Josh, how did you end up looking so good?” and I can be like “it’s from my mama and my daddy.”

PF.com: You should come over to the message boards and read the entire thread devoted to you.

Josh: I’ve got like 70,000 hits on it.


Zac: I want them to ask me like “so, do you guys want me to take you to dinner?” And I’ll be like “yeah … go have some barbeque!” (This is as close as I could get to what he actually said…I can’t hear it that well – sorry Zac if I screwed it up!)

Hayley: What? (laughs)

Hunter: Right…anyway…

Josh: Anyway…

Hayley: I’ve always wanted to be asked if I was like…a vampire…or if I was like pregnant with three babies that were vampires?

Hunter: We’re on the same boat…

Jeremy: Nice. Pirate vampires.

Hayley: No, but I read something…one time I went to it and I read something like that and I was like “whoa, that is messed up!” But I thought that was pretty funny…until I just said it and then it wasn’t.


Hunter: Hayley, I’m in line with you.

Hayley: We’re on the boat…and we’re going the wrong way.

PF.com: Anything else?

Zac: Thank you to paramorefans…

Hunter: Ok, I’ve got one. This would be awesome…one day, hopefully, somebody will ask me in an interview “so, what was it like selling out your first arena?”

Hayley: Ohhhh…

PF.com: That’s a good one.

Hunter: That’d be a good question to get asked.

Josh: Or what was it like writing the song Happy Birthday?

Hunter: Why you got to keep bringing that up?

Josh: Well, Hunter, you wrote it.

Jeremy: Hunter wrote Happy Birthday.

PF.com: Did he?

Hayley: Yep.

Hunter: Ok, don’t you think that’d be awesome to be able to say? It’s like the most famous song.

PF.com: You’d probably be getting songwriting royalties for the rest of your life … any time anyone sings it at a birthday party, you could send them the bill.

Jeremy: Man, you would get gipped so much.

Hunter: That or this (starts humming “Here Comes the Bride”)

Josh: I wrote the National Anthem, so that’s nice…

Hunter: Dude, that’s a good one…whatever, we’re getting off topic.

PF.com: That’s all I’ve got guys … thank you.

Hayley: Thank you!

Hunter: Paramore loves you.

PF.com: Thanks so much.

Hayley (picks up microphone): We love you guys!

Jeremy (picks up microphone): Keep putting up sweet pictures!

Hayley: Thanks so much for everything you guys do.