San Antonio 2006 Interview with Hayley, Josh, Jeremy, Zac and Hunter
September 17, 2006 in San Antonio, TX
Interviewed by Ashley Brown for

I just wanna thank the band, Ronnie and Mark for letting me do this, it was seriously so much fun. Thanks so much to Josh, Hayley, Hunter, Zac and Jeremy for taking the time… and for sharing grapes with me haha. 🙂

Josh: Hello. You’re sexy. You’re a sexy little mic.

Ash: Ok, we’re going to start with a VERY important question. Who’s bringing sexy back? Justin Timberlake or Paramore?

Jeremy: Paramore

Hunter: Definitely Paramore.

Ash: Definitely?

Josh: Wait what member of Paramore?

Hayley: No, which one Justin or Paramore.

Jeremy: Justin just wishes he was bringin sexy back. He’s like one of those fakers.

Hunter: No, he’s pretty sexy.

Hayley: No we shouldn’t get into that

Josh: Dude, Justin’s sexy, but there’s FOUR sexy guys here.

Hayley: OOOOOHHHHHHHHHHH. Now that was a good one.

Jeremy: Yeah, what you gonna do about that?

Zac: I straighten my hair, you know!

Hayley: Yeah, Justin had to buzz his to get it straight.

Ash: so, obviously you guys

Hayley: Yeah I think its pretty obvious

Hunter: Yeah well you guys knew that answer.

Zac: Actually, I kind of like him a lot.

Hayley: I think Lance Bass is bringin sexy back right now.

Zac: No, he’s getting sexy in his back (laughter)

Hayley: Lance Bass, alright no more of this Josh: Alright….

Ash: Alright, next.. how’s your voice?

Hayley: It’s so much better, thank you.

Ash: Did you get the stuff?

Hayley: I did! Dude, I loved it. We actually, um my mom came in town to hang out in San Francisco, and we had an off day so we got a hotel and we watched The Breakfast Club, it was awesome. Thank you guys.

Zac: I have a cold and I didn’t get nothing that’s messed up!

Ash: Do you guys want to get sick so we can send you stuff too?

Josh: Yeah dude.. (fake coughing)

Hayley: We’ll just keep eating spinach and get e-coli.

Ash: Email us whenever you’re sick. We’ll send you crap.

Jeremy: Totally, that’s awesome. I’ll be like “I’mmmm sicccckk cough cough”, type it in.

Ash: Are you guys planning any more singles off of All We Know is Falling?

Hayley: I don’t know, you know we’re trying to write after we get done with this tour and we really want to record soon, probably before the years up, but if takes a long time to get the record right, because obviously we don’t want to release anything that’s not the right thing. Especially when it’s a sophomore album, it’s really important. If it takes a while we might do another single, but I doubt it. I would hope that maybe we can get this next record happening.

Ash: So after the UK tour that’s what you guys are doing? You’re not taking time off?

Josh: Yeah we are, but we’re going to have like a month off.

Zac: We better be!

Ash: All of us would love to see you guys put out a DVD. Have you ever thought about it?

Jeremy: We thought about it. We actually started recording. I think we have some good footage I just don’t know where it’s at

Josh: We don’t film enough, we need someone to come out on the road and just…

Ash: Hire someone to do just that.

Zac: AJAX!

Jeremy: Yeah I think they could get a lot of good stuff.

Ash: Yeah, you need Ajax. He owes me a jump over me.

Hayley: Alright!

Josh: If he was here, he’d do it.

Ash: I asked him but it started raining so..

Hayley: Maybe we’ll put out a DVD with the second record. Who knows? We should totally do something like that.

Ash: Definitely. Have you seen the preview for the Every Time I Die’s DVD? It’s amazing.

Hunter: I have it.

Ash: You have the actual DVD?

Hunter: Well yeah the one that came with the album. Yeah, I just haven’t seen it yet.

Ash: The real one comes out on Halloween.

Hayley: That’s awesome.

Josh: That’s a good idea, we do need a DVD. We should do it with the next album. Maybe we should do like the making of the next album?

Hayley: Yeah, and other stuff too. Okay….we’ll do it!

Josh: We’ll surprise you.

Ash: You guys have been on the road a lot, who’s your favorite band to tour with?

Hayley: Umm This Providence.

Zac: Either Simple Plan, This Providence, or Acceptance.

Josh: I think This Providence though. They’re like our GOOD friends. We love every band, especially on this tour.

Zac: Aiden was fun to tour with.

Hayley: Aiden was yeah!

Josh: I think we’re closest with This Providence.

Ash: When you guys wear the same outfits each night, do you have like multiple outfits?

Josh: No, We’re not AFI.

Hayley: Yeah they smell SO bad.

Josh & Zac: We just washed them.

Hayley: I haven’t washed mine… in a while.

Ash: Ahhh that’s so gross.

Zac: Jeremy smelled like a human dumpster.

Jeremy: Mine smelled awful, I would put it on every night and it was like I was pulling on a cardboard outfit.

Josh: Yeah because there’s like salt and sweat.

Jeremy: It’s all hardened.

Josh: There’s like white stains all over it. It’s disgusting.

Ash: Maybe you should start buying like ten outfits.

Zac: I have 2 shirts!

Josh: I tried but the shirt I wear, like I went to get it but they don’t make them by the same brand anymore. So it doesn’t fit as skin tight as I want it to.

Zac: Skin tight!

Ash: What’s been the weirdest fan experience on this tour?

Zac: The weirdest!

Hayley: The weirdest fan experience?

Ash: Yeah have you guys been like chased in a mall or anything?

Zac: There was that one when we were on tour with the Rocket Summer…

Josh: No, on this tour.

Ash: Any tour, it doesn’t matter I guess.

Josh: Oh, any tour.

Zac: Ok so we were on tour with The Rocket Summer and there was this place with all like all seats. It was in… Portland or something, it was like raining and we got sushi. And there was like uh we were just like, “alright well” I remember it being weird because there was like a little bit of room for the fans…

Hayley: What???

Josh: What are you talking about?

Hayley: No you’re just talking about the crowd, how awkward it was?

Zac: Yeah like some people like sat down and you were like “stand up”..

Josh: Zac, she’s talking about like someone like coming up to us

Ash: Like chasing you or something

Zac: Oooh like, I thought like when we were playing

Josh: Yesterday, I was walking with Hayley and Ronnie and we were all walking somewhere and this fan was behind some gate and she was like “Hayley, can I get a picture?” and Ronnie was like “She’s got an appointment” and she goes “Appointment, my ass!”

Hayley: (laughing) That was kind of rude. No but seriously I had an appointment.

Hunter: Oh man, I got a story! The dude in Utah.

Hayley: What? What happened?

Hunter: Like recently, like a couple days ago… your boy (to Hayley) that kept like… There was this guy and he was like, standing down this alley the whole time. And he asked me, he like offered to give me a wad of cash to get him in the show. I was like “Dude, just go get a ticket” and he’s like “Okay” so he had me sign something… And then at the end of the night, he found me and was like “hey, can I come on your bus? I need to talk to Hayley.”

Hayley: Oh yay.

Hunter: I’m like “Nah dude, she’s in bed” or something, you know? He’s all just “well I just… like maybe ummm just wake her up and we could go on a quick… a walk real quick?”

Jeremy: Are you serious?

Ash: Hayley’s like “Yeah, let’s go!”

Hayley: Yeah, alright… (making a scared face)

Hunter: And he’s like “Well I just wrote her this poem and if I could give it to her in person” and I’m like “Dude, I’ll give her the poem” and finally he was just like “Okay well, just tell her I said hey” Ash: Did you read it?

Hayley: Yeeeah. It was yeeah.. it was…

Hunter: Creepy. (laughing) I don’t want him to like hear us tell this.. Whatever I don’t know, it was kinda weird.

Zac: Get away! We’re trying to do our interview Ronnie.

Josh: Also that same night there was this guy, he was totally ghetto, his shirt like came down to his knees, it said “PARAMORE” and it had a guitar. He goes “Hey wassup y’all, I love y’all” like it was so cool.

Hayley: It was awesome!

Jeremy: He was like “Hey look, I rep y’all everyday”

Hayley: I loved it dude, he was so cool.

Josh: Yeah it was cool. I love that stuff.

Zac: Last night, me and Jeremy were out to eat with Shaant from Cute Is What We Aim For and their tech, Adrian. So we were all eating and this lady walks up, and she’s like… old.

Jeremy: She was old.

Zac: She was like “Y’all are in Paramore, aren’t you?” and we’re like “Yeah” and she’s like “Ah shit” and she’s like cussing and all this stuff and then she’s like “Well I’ll have to get you guys to sign this” and she’s like really old looking, right?

Hayley: Oh! You spit on my foot. (she wasn’t wearing shoes and her foot was full of spit, like I saw it fly from Zac’s mouth… it was gross haha, so she wiped it on the couch)

Zac: Sorry sorry. So I started signing it and I was like “I miss my grandma” and she’s like “Actually I’m her mom” and I was like.. wooo.

Jeremy: We were like “oops”

Zac: She was like “I’ll be f-ed if I don’t give it to her”

Jeremy: She kept cussing (laughing) and she left and comes back and she goes “I just want y’all to know I bought your CDs so… yeaaaah”

Zac: Like “I bought your g?amn CD’s”…. I was like “I miss my grandma” and she’s like “I’m her mom” haha it was funny.

Hayley: That is funny.

Josh: Well, that’s about 17 fan stories for ya.

Hayley: Yeah, there you go.

Ash: Um what’s usually easier, writing the lyrics or the instruments?

Josh: Music, I think is a lot easier.

Hayley: Yeah. Umm I’m havin a hard time right now. I wrote a Livejournal entry about it.

Hunter: Requesting the fans to send you lyrics.

Hayley: Yeah I’m like “guys, please send me lyrics!” ummm no but, just because I feel kind of… Josh is writing this amazing music, like I love it. But then personally when I go to write lyrics, I just feel a bit uninspired right now. I’m really excited to get home though, cause I think once I get there and like have time just to chill out and not stress about “okay well we gotta do this and then this and then this”. I think then I’ll be a little bit more inspired to write.

Ash: Cool. So do you guys just write it? Just you two or does everybody help?

Josh and Hayley: Yeah

Hayley: Yeah, it’s been that way for the most part but I think like umm this upcoming record is gonna have just a lot of, we’re just gonna experiment with different ways of doing everything.

Josh: It just depends on like how it all comes out, we’re just gonna let it..

Hayley: Just let it happen.

Zac: I do everything, I write all the stuff.

Hayley: Hah what?

Zac: I actually do, I just don’t want my name to be shown.

Ash: Are you guys gonna sing more on the next CD? Like the guys or just Hayley?

Hayley: Maybe, we’ll see.

Hunter: Well if they gon’ be big, I’m definitely gon’ be singing.

Hayley: Oh my god.

Zac: Hunter, sing this note… aaaaaaaawww ooooowwww.

Hayley: Hunter’s a big tone deaf when it comes to singing.

Josh: He’s not tone deaf, he just sings loooow.

Hunter: I’m a country singer, you know.

Josh: I think Zac’s got a pretty… pretty good voice.

Zac: Aaaaaaaaaaaaaah ooooooooooh

Josh: His voice is still kinda crackin though.

Zac: No it’s not!

Ash: In a couple years.

Josh: I think like on the record, like as far as background vocals, we might.. yeah I’ll do some but I feel that if Hayley does them, it’ll cut through more. Like if you listen to All-American Rejects’ record, Tyson does his own background and it just really… Hayley’s voice just cuts through a lot more. But I’ll do some, I’m not gonna be like… have one song that’s just me.

Hayley: It’s just… I think it’s fun to do my own background melodies and harmonies and stuff like that. Umm that’s something that I really miss on the first record, you know, I didn’t. We did it so fast that I didn’t have a lot of time to live with it and come up with really cool counter melodies and stuff like I’m used to really doing. Yeah, this record, I think you’re gonna see a lot of different stuff from us cause we have a lot of time to kind of let the songs breathe, you know?

Ash: Are you guys gonna do any collaborations with other bands?

Hayley: I don’t know, probably not for the record.

Josh: Yeah, nooo. If we were gonna do anybody, we would want them to be like someone really respectable and probably like way out of our league.

Hunter: Like Coldplay, U2…

Josh: No yeah… we talked about like how awesome it would be if Bono sang on our record but there’s no way he would. I think our next record is gonna be just us, we want it to be just our band.

Hayley: Yeah.

Josh: It seems like everybody these days is doing like “oh have them sing on our record” you know?

Zac: Unless we get Bono!

Hayley: Well you know, I think we’re still trying to get Paramore out there.

Josh: Yeah, exactly.

Hayley: And umm, I love it when like huge bands and like stars do stuff together, I think that’s cool. But like, until we get there, I just think it would kind of be pointless.

Zac: Like Nelly and uhh Tim McGraw.

Josh: Yeah.

Hayley: You mean.. Timbaland?

Josh: No no, Nelly and Tim-

Hayley: Oh Nelly… Furtado, I mean, real Nelly, not Nelly Furtado.

Josh: Yeah, Nelly and Tim McGraw.

Hayley: Yeah I love that.

Zac: Cause it’s all in my heeead (singing)

Josh: I think about it over and over agaaain (singing)

Hayley: Alright alright

Zac: Word!

Ash: How do you guys feel about the leaked songs like “Breathe” and “Stay Away”?

Hayley: Uhh it kinda sucks.

Josh: Yeah, it does suck.

Hayley: Especially because a lot of stuff that we did back in the day was when I first started writing and I just feel like we don’t want people to think that’s who Paramore is… we always wanna grow and grow and grow and we don’t wanna keep growing and people keep going back to what we were.

Ash: The old songs.

Hayley: Yeah.

Josh: Yeah. Yeah then you get people like “Oh play Breathe, play Hallelujah” and it’s like well we’re trying to focus on our record.

Hayley: We may use those songs.

Zac: And who knows, we may use Breathe or something but it’s not the way we want it right now.

Josh: We’d rather you guys hear it the way..

Ash: A new version.

Josh: Yeah, exactly. Yeah we don’t want people to like, get too attached to it.

Hayley: Or judge it.

Ash: What made you wanna get your lip pierced? (he was playing with it)

Hayley: (To me, I have mine pierced) You.. you, were his inspiration.

Josh: I just, I don’t know, we were bored.

Ash: That’s always good. (laughing)

Josh: Ronnie and I were like “man let’s do something, let’s pierce our lips”

Hayley: Ronnie’s our sound dude

Zac: He was so scared.

Hayley: and best friend, he was scared to death.

Ash: He did too?

Josh: Yeah he did.

Ash: Is it still sore?

Josh: Mine? (pulls on it) A little, like barely. It swelled up a lot, like really far, I was like (sticks his bottom lip out really far), I felt like Fred from Cute.

Hunter: Oh that’s sooo messed up.

Hayley: That is really-

Josh: It’s alright, it’s alright… it’s an inside joke.

Hunter: You’re so mean.

Josh: It’s awesome! (Jeremy shoved his face in a pillow). Jeremy’s trying not to laugh. Are you crying?

Jeremy: What?

Josh: Jeremy’s crying!!

Hunter: Why aren’t you even talking, Jeremy?

Jeremy: What are you talking about? I’m not laughing.

Zac: You’re the most freaking internet famous in the whole band.

Hayley: Yeeeah right, no I’m just kidding

Zac: He is. You have like a hundred friends or something.

Ash: Who’s your favorite comedian?

Jeremy: Dave Chapelle.

Josh: Is Conan Obrien a comedian?

Hayley: Yes! That’s my favorite!

Hunter: Dane Cook.

Ash: Dane Cook’s awesome!

Jeremy: Y’all remember that one guy that rich guy that umm…

Josh: Ooooh dude, fricken uhhh Jon Lovitz!

Hunter: Jon Lovitz!

Hayley: Jon Lovitz!

Josh: That’s music to my ear hairrrr
(more laughing, clapping and squealing)

Josh: He’s so funny.

Hayley: I like Conan better.

Josh: Is Jim Carrey a comedian?

Jeremy: No, he’s an actor.

Josh: Well he’s pretty funny.

Zac: Dude, I like the Blue Collar TV guys.

Hayley: Yeah they’re crazies.

Josh: Those guys are freakin hilar-

Zac: Hilarious.

Josh, Zac and Hunter (in unison): Jeff Foxworthy.

Zac: I think the Cable Guy Larry Cable Guy

Josh: “Larry Cable Guuuuy”
(making fun of how Zac said it)

Hunter: “Cable Guy Larrrry” (also making fun of Zac) Get er done!

Ash: If you could be on any non musical reality TV show, what would you choose?

Hayley: Not Laguna Beach.

Zac: I was just gonna say that.

Hunter: That redneck show.. Raising Roofs… something what’s it called?

Hayley: Dude! What about fricken ummm, ahhh what’s his name… uh dangit, big clock around his…

Ash: Flava Flaaav

Hayley: Ya Flava Of Love, I wanna be on that

Zac: Dude, I probably wanna be on TLC, makin houses.

Josh: What?

Hayley: You… Learning Channel?

Jeremy: You wanna be on the Learning Channel making houses?

Josh: That’s not a reality show

Zac: Oprah! Is that a – No, that’s not… that’s a talk show. I don’t watch much TV if you can’t tell.

Hunter: (imitating Zac) Sesame Street!

Josh: I’d be on Contender.

Hunter: Oooh that’s a good one. Right on, right on.

Josh: Cause I’m so strong.

Zac: I’d be on a celebrity lose weight show.

Hayley: Ahahah

Zac: That’d be amazing.

Hunter: “Celebrity Lose Weight” is that what it’s called?

Hayley: Celebrity Fit Club!

Zac: Zac, your challenge is to lose 10 pounds, you gained 10 pounds Zac.

Hayley: Zac, you weight 5 thousand pounds today.
(Josh and Hunter kept going back and forth saying “Celebrity Lose Weight” and making fun of Zac.)

Zac: I told you I don’t watch TV!

Hayley: Sorry! Your guys’ questions always do this… like we, it starts conversations and we just start talking about it.

Hunter: We all have ADD.

Hayley: Yeah.. sorry. But it’s cause they’re good questions. If they were just like “ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm” I don’t know, I don’t wanna insult anyone. Okay..

Ash: Who’s like… bed and stuff is the messiest?

Jeremy and Josh: Hers!
(and both point to Hayley)

Hayley: Jeremy.

Zac: Jeremy sleeps with like tons of candy and stuff.

Josh: No hers, holy crap, like I went up to her bed to get some medicine cause like I have sort of a cold and whatever, and I’m looking under her mattress and stuff. There’s tissues, like used tissues, money… there’s money everywhere

Hunter: Dang!

Zac: Ima get some cash.

Hayley: Woo
(laughing and doing the like… hand thing for money)

Josh: There’s books…

Hunter: How do you sleep with that stuff?

Hayley: A camera, a hoodie, a journal-

Josh: Yeah, there’s clothes… it’s ridiculous.

Hayley: Phone charger, bottles of water…

Hunter: Well then, your (to Jeremy) junk bunk is ridiculous… your junk bunk is like alive. It like, reaches out at you when you walk past.

Hayley: (laughing) waaaawhawhawaaaa (which, I think, is how she makes a monster noise haha)

Hunter: Josh can’t even put his stuff in there, he has to use the back lounge.

Josh: Well I could share with Zac, I just don’t wanna bend down that far to get my stuff.
(laughing) Jeremy: It’s not that bad.

Hunter: You need to fix it. Right now, go.

Hayley: Alright…

Ash: Have you ever hit anyone with your bass?

Hayley: Yes, me, countless times.

Josh: Ripped her hair out.

Jeremy: There was this one time, with Simple Plan…

Hayley: In Texas actually

Jeremy: Yeah

Zac: Was that you who hit my…cymbals?

Jeremy: Hold on, no, I did the spin thing and then I came around in the back of her hair and I was like “Oh it’s caught” and I went to go like reach for it and she goes (throws his head down) and like ripped it out like “AH!” (high pictched)

Josh: Did it hurt?

Hayley: Yeah, but it-

Jeremy: Hair was like hanging off my bass

Hayley: And then I threw it in the crowd and people were like (high pitched little puppy kind of noises and grabbing at the air) it was so great

Josh: Some of em backed away

Hayley: Some did…

Josh: That was in Texas, that was uhh…

Hayley: In Houston

Zac: Simple Plan, I remember was it you that hit my cymbals…? It was Jason, he’d always be like… throw his guitar at my cymbals and I’d be like (sarcastically) “Thanks dude!”

Josh: No he’d go over an be like (makes crashing noice) and like hit his head and stuff, yeah Jason was real cool.

Zac: and be like “Thanks”

Josh: okay uhh next…

Zac: We love you Jason, miss you!

Josh: AAAHH (buzzer noise)

Josh: Sorry for all you Myspace Jason lovers

Zac : (laughing) ahhh we’re so mean, we talk about Fred…

Josh: Dude, Fred’s our homeboy (to Zac)… (to me) what you got to understand is like on this tour everyone makes fun of each other

Zac: Dude, Fred’s our homeboy

Josh: We make fun of Shaant all the time, we flip our hair

Hayley: Yeah I like, I pass my mic back and fourth to make fun of him.

Zac: Me and Shaant are like best friends (throwing his hair in has face and pushing it across like Shaant)

Josh: Yeah I’m friends with Shaant too (doing the hair thing) you know

Zac: We go eat Starbucks everyday… eat, drink Starbucks.

Hayley: That kid is awesome. Okay sorry!

Zac: Next question

Hunter: We did it again

Ash: Who’s your favorite staff member? (laughing)

Hayley: Yoooou.

Josh: Yoou Ashley.

Hayley: Actually I have to give like, props to Brent for freaking taking all the heat on every site we have.

Josh: Yeah we really, Brent’s the man.

Zac: Brent’s tight.

Josh: He’s just like… he’s just always like… cool.

Zac: I felt bad, cause we were just all riding around on scooters he was just standing there the other day.

Hunter: How many is there? I know you..

Ash: How about Steph? You remember Steph? From California?

Hunter: San Diego? Stephanie? Ah I gotta give it to my girl Steph.

Hayley: Yeah Stephanie!

Ash: Yeah. That’s who I thought you were gonna say.

Zac: She’s cool, she talks to me online a lot.

Josh: I need to find out who all the staff is and see a picture of them cause I don’t like know who does what.

Zac: I was on there for like an hour last night and it’s confusing. Josh: You’re the only one I know from ParamoreFans-

Josh and Ash: And Brent.

Ash: Brent said to say hi by the way.

Hayley: Cool.

Josh: Awesome.

Zac: I didn’t know he was like married and had kids.

Ash: He said “say hi from the old guy”

Hunter and Zac: How old? (or something like that)

Ash: He’s like 29.

Hayley: Dude, seriously though, people are mean to him. Like they are rude.

Ash: I know, well he sticks up for you all the time. Hayley: I know! I just wanna go in there and be like “Shut up! That’s Brent!”

Josh: I don’t even got online very much.

Zac: I read on last night.

Hayley: Oh gosh, don’t that thing is..

Zac:, I’ve never been… and I looked last night, there’s so much trash talk.

Josh: About us?

Ash: Yeah, people there-

Hayley: It’s evil. They hate our band but they like my boobs and that’s about it.

Josh: What do they talk about?

Hayley: And I don’t even have that much.

Ash: They just talk about Hayley mostly.

Josh: Really? Has there been recent posts at all?

Hayley: Yeah. Well I don’t read it anymore, I just know, I mean, it doesn’t change.

Josh: Cute gets bashed.

Hayley: Well that’s cause Shaant like retaliated or something.

Ash: No, Fred did.

Zac: No Fred, Fred talked crap about them and about him leaving.

Ash: Yeah, something about money a while back.

Zac: Fred, or something about Fred…

Hunter: Zac, shhhhh calm down buddy, you’re ’bout to have a stroke.

Zac: What are you talking about? I’m just talkin!

Ash: How do you choose what to sing during Here We Go Again,the little break down?

Hayley: Um, well I’ve been doing At The Drive-In for like a year and I was actually just thinkin about that like last night when I was trying to go to sleep, I don’t know.

Ash: Will do “this is the last night in my body” really quick tonight?

Hayley: Oh yeah, I’ll do that.


Hayley: Yeah TREOS I’ll do that tonight

Ash: Awesome.

Zac: this is the last night in my body yeeeeeah (singing it really high pitched)

Jeremy: You used to do it by whenever we were in a certain band’s hometown.

Hayley: Yeah, sometimes you do it by that or you do it by who you’re touring with

Josh: You did The Rocket Summer

Hayley: Yeah, Rocket Summer.

Ash: What part did you do for that?

Hayley: I did- when we were in ummmm some random little town with Rocket Summer and I did uhhhh oh gosh, I think Brat Pack. I can’t remember what I sang.

Josh: Oh (singing and snapping his fingers) I, I am not into the idea of being without you.

Hayley: That’s right, that’s right.

Zac: You sang This Providence once.

Hayley: Yeah, it just depends. But At The Drive-In’s always you know.

Josh: Give me some peeenapple! (their friend brought over a fruit tray)

Hunter: It’s always a surprise for us, we don’t know what’s coming. She does it and it’s like “oh I like that song”

Zac: Gotta try a little bit of everything, you know what I’m sayin.

Hayley: You want some fruit?

Ash: Sure.

Jeremy: No, you can’t have any! I’m just kidding.

Zac: That was the one I was gonna get! (that I took the grape he wanted haha)

Josh: I wanna just rip that off. (I’m not sure what he was talking about, the top of the tray or something)

Hayley: (to me) I’m actually just gonna come sit over here by you. (to Josh) Scoot over!

Josh: Nooo.

Ash: (to Hayley) You’re answering them all anyway, they don’t pay attention.

Hayley: I know

Ash: Umm I don’t know, what do you wanna answer?

Hayley: Anything. (I handed her and Josh the sheet of questions) Oh!

Ash: Everyone just posted random stuff.

Hayley: This is so cool.

Josh: I like that one. (takes the mic from me) Mmmk, I’m gonna ask… is it cool if I ask the questions?

Ash: Sure.

Josh: Which ones haven’t you?

Hayley: You don’t remember?

Ash: I haven’t marked em off.

Zac: Did you just skip around?

Ash: Yeah.

Zac: Well we already know the questions she already asked so-

Josh: Ok, if you guys were not in a band and were trying to decide what your college major would be, which would you choose and why?

Hayley: I know!

Jeremy: Or Zac, high school…

Josh: Zac would choose middle school.

Hayley: I would, umm, I’m still thinking about doing it but it depends on how much time we have but I want to go to Cosmetalogy school and I also want to take a photography class.

Josh: I would probably just major in something that just has to do with music, probably music business… then I’d rule the world…

Ash: You could produce for U2 and stuff. Get em to sing for you.

Josh: Yeah.

Zac: Cooking school.

Jeremy: I would want to go to cooking school.

Zac: That’s what I just said!

Ash: You just want to play with knives!

Hunter: I would probably want to go into audio engineering.

Zac: (to Jeremy) You already sold knives!

Josh: What was the last movie you saw and what did you think?

Hayley: V for Vendetta. Amazzzzzzzzzing!

Zac: No, freaking Illusionist!

Hayley: No, that was the last movie we saw.

Zac: I didn’t get the ending.

Josh: We saw V for Vendetta.

Hayley: So gooooood. Probably one of my favorites and The Illusionist.

Zac: There’s these gnarly like WAH WAH (have an imaginary sword fight)

Hayley: Dude, the freaking… Ok they could’ve just made it into a normal knife action fight scene, but they had this effect thing going where you could see the blade like how it moved after it moved and when he slit his throat the blood would go “fluuuuuuuu” like that…

Hunter: They slowed it down, it was like Matrix style.

Zac: You want me to tell you how it ends? Have you seen it?

Josh: Alright, ready?

Hunter: He was like a ninja with a knife and like “Waaaaa”

Josh: Hunter, have you gotten any better at dancing since the last interview with Brent?

Hunter: That’s messed up!

Josh: No he hasn’t. He hasn’t gotten any better.

Hunter: I don’t dance. I’m the worst dancer ever.

Josh: Hayley, what’s your favorite song to play on Guitar Hero? Mine is totally “Bark at the Moon” or else “No One Knows”.

Hayley: “Story of My Love”. I forgot who the band is.

Ash: I don’t know

. Josh: Mine’s “Even Rats” by uhh

Hayley: By The Slip. “Even Rats duh duh duh duh duh” (singing)

Jeremy: Mine’s Texas Flood.

Ash: That one’s so fun.

Zac: Mine (making guitar noises to Thunder Kisses ’65)

Hunter: Mine’s I suck really bad at that game.

Hayley: 1965 (telling Zac the name of the song)

Ash: Who’s the best at it?

Hayley: Probably Josh or Jeremy. Man, I used to be but now I just… I don’t know.

Ash: I heard it was you, what happened?

Hunter: Slacker.

Hayley: I don’t play that much anymore.

Josh: Hayley, How do you…oh sorry you already asked that

Hayley: Hey I like this! The ending of “My Heart” is perhaps the most powerful part of the show with the crowd singing along on the “whoa’s” and the build-up at the ending. Is that your favorite song to play each night? Yes.

Zac/Jeremy/Josh: Yes!

Hunter: I hate that song!

Josh: That’s our favorite

Jeremy: By far!

Josh: That’s why we put it at the end so everybody could be like “Whoa that’s awesome HEY!”
(really funny enthusiastic voice)

Hayley: Oh my gosh…(giggles)

Ash: That’s what we all say.

Hayley: Haha, thanks. I love that.

Josh: Where’d the piano intro before Emergency come from?

Josh: Hunter wrote it

Hayley: I wrote it.

Hunter: Hunter wrote it.

Hayley: You did not, you can’t even play.

Jeremy: It’s a scary movie, it came from a scary movie.

Josh: Hayley wrote it.

Hayley: I wanted to write something kind of creepy, as weird as that sounds, I just wanted it to be dark and creepy sounding. So I just started writing.

Jeremy: what?

Zac: (Laughter)

Hayley: Oops sorry. (she moved and kind of sat on the mic)

Zac: Man I miss Ajax!

Josh: If you had to pick one of today’s topics, for example global warming, politics, obesity, depression, etc., to write an album about or be an advocate for, which would it be and why?

Hayley: Depression.

Hunter: Depression, it’s the easiest.

Zac: Obesity. (laughing) You’re fat da da dana You’re fat

Josh: Lose weight da da dana na na

Zac: Work out!

Hayley: No depression, in all seriousness-

Josh: Shhhh!

Hayley: Depression because if you-

Hunter: Cause emo is sooo in right now

Hayley: (laughing) No. Cause if you- I think everyone at some point deals with some level of it and it’s something that’s pretty serious too. It may not always sound very serious, but like- If you know the story about the cause about To Write Love On Her Arms, that’s like the root of the whole problem. And depression can lead to a lot of really terrible things, even death and that’s something that I think, it’s important to address.

Josh: Umm global warming would be fun… (singing and dancing) it’s gettin hot

Jeremy: So hot in here

Zac: Goin to a pool, gotta wait for the winter cause now it’s hot (singing)

Hunter: Just took of my shirt… cause it’s hot… (singing)

Zac: Goin insideeee (singing)

Josh: Alright, alright guys.

Zac: We’re so stupid! Oh man, I love it.

Josh: How has your musical style changed, if at all, in the songs you’ve written for the new album compared to those on All We Know Is Falling?

Hunter: Um fricken awesome.

Hayley: Can I answer? And then tell them about you?

Zac: What was the question?

Josh: Uhhh sure. Hayley: Don’t worry about it. I think that Josh, I mean he’s the one that obviously writes most of the music for us and I think he’s-

Josh: I write everything.

Hayley: (laughs) As simple as this may sound, I just think he’s learned a lot more about his instrument.

Ash: He’s puffing out his chest (laughing)

Hunter: I taught him how to play guitar.

Hayley: His instrument and the style he’s into and that he wants to play… umm man, the stuff that he’s been writing lately has just been a lot more memorable I think. And I already think that we have some memorable riffs on this record that’s already out. But gosh, some of the new stuff I just like I, like you can’t get out of your head and it’s just so aggressive and it’s so like, you just feel it you know. I love that. I think it’s gonna have like a lot of really raw emotion in it, there’s not gonna be any sugarcoating anything. I think that’s something that I’ve always kinda done as far as I’ve been concerned, you know I maybe get embarassed about the way I feel about certain things but… even with just the music, you can hear that this record’s gonna be just a lot more personal and just raw and real. I can’t wait.

Ash: Neither can we.

Hayley: It’s gonna be awesome.

Ash: But take your time too.

Hayley: Yeah.

Josh: Who has the worst habits out of everyone in the band?

Zac: Jeremy.

Jeremy: Wait, how’s that? What’s my habit?

Hunter: Zac picks his nose a lot.

Zac: Yeah, but I wake up and get to practice!

Jeremy: I wake up and get to practice too.

Zac: Yeaaah right!

Jeremy: (to me) Hey, no no no, these 2 right here (pointing at Zac and Hunter) are never loading out or cleaning or-

Zac: Jeremy, do not give me that crap!

Josh: Hey wait wait wait, this isn’t about who doesn’t do stuff, this is about like habits-

Zac: Habits, like Jeremy’s bad habits of sleeping in and that.

Jeremy: Hayley’s bad habit is losing clothes and stuff. Losing stuff everywhere.

Hayley: I lose things and I bite my nails.

Josh: Yeah, Hayley’s probably the worst, yeah.

Hayley: Shut up! I am not the worst!

Josh: Yeah, you are.
(laughing and pushing her)

Hayley: I’m not even gonna fight this.

Josh: Does anyone have any random nicknames? Zac has “Zatchell Wayne”.

Ash: How’d you get that?

Jeremy: Hunter has “Franklin”.

Josh: (laughing) We call Hunter “Franklin”.

Hayley: Ajax just started calling Zac “Zatchell”

Josh: We call Hunter “Franklin” (laughing) cause he walks like a turtle.

Hayley: He goes so slow.

Josh: Like Franklin the turtle.

Zac: I forgot all about that.

Hunter: I forgot about that too.

Josh: That is so freaking funny.

Zac: Oh my gosh, we’re so retarded. Ok no, Ajax didn’t make that up. Big D made that up.

Hayley: Oh Big D, one of our other friends back home.

ZaC: Our friend, my friend Big D.

Hunter: “Our friend, oh wait… my friend”
(making fun of Zac)

Josh: “My BEST friend, Big D”
(also making fun of Zac)

Zac: Whatever, that’s beside the point, he can be your best friend, whatever… with all y’all

Hunter: I’m just joking with ya

Hayley: (to me) What is this?

Zac: He just one day called me Zatchell.

Hayley: Paramore Preschool.

Josh: Whatever cool, does anybody in the band have any special talents besides their musical capabilities?

Hayley: Josh can draw.

Hunter: I got nothin… I can jump rope.

Hayley: Jeremy can draw.

Josh and Hayley: Jeremy can graffiti, it’s really cool.

Hunter: I can do… tons of really cool things.

Hayley: Hunter can sleep.

Josh: Hunter can play Nintendo pretty well.

Hayley: Hunter’s really good at Halo.

Hunter: I used to be good a like… a lot of stuff.

Zac: Being a golddigger.

Jeremy: I can fart on purpose. And make it sound like a duck.

Hayley: Ummm gosh, I feel really useless, I don’t have anything.

Zac: I’m not good at anything.

Josh: Hayley can… sing really well.

Josh: No, Hayley is uhhhh…

Hayley: Help me, Josh!

Zac: I guess I can make people laugh a little bit.

Hayley: Zac’s funny sometimes but-

Josh: Hayley’s… Hayley’s likes, dang, no she’s really good with makeup and stuff.

Hayley: There! I’m good at makeup

Hunter: She’s good at being a gurrrrl

Zac: She makes people laugh too. She’s like (in a crazy voice) “Gosh! Today was so stupid!”

Hayley: Whaaaat??

Hunter: Like (in a crazy voice) “Hey my name is Hayley!” and everyone laughs

Zac: And then she’ll start smiling.

Josh: What?

Zac: I don’t know, it’s just funny.

Hayley: You know what, if I had a good camera, I could probably take good pictures.

Hunter: “If I ever took a picture”
(making fun of Hayley)

Hayley: Shut up! I’m getting one for Christmas and waitin for my birthday.

Hunter: “If I ever took a picture, it’d probably be a pretty good one”
(making fun of Hayley.. everyone laughing)

Josh: I think that’s everyone.

Zac: Wait Jeremy, what are you good at, oh yeah drawing.

Hayley: What are your special talents?

Ash: I have none. (laughing)

Hayley: I bet you do.

Jeremy: Yeah you do, you have… you run a fricken huge fansite.

Ash: Web design, that’s all.

Hayley: Dude that, that’s amazing.

Hunter: Oh I can run from people.

Josh: What was the inspiration for the lantern and the backdrop and the general look of the tour? How about the keyboards, what made you wanna add those (which are awesome by the way)?

Ash: That was Brent’s question.

Hayley: Really? Yeah, it sounds like Brent, doesn’t it?

Josh: Hi Brent, you’re so cute! (into the mic)

Ash: Yeah and he also had the “perhaps” question.

Hunter: Yeah I see that

Hayley: We wanted it to be a different side of us, we wanted this tour to show a darker side as well. Actually we were all sitting in here (the bus) on Warped Tour trying to figure out what we wanted the backdrop to be. We were all talking about how cool it’d be to have like an old house, and then it kinda turned into like a dark house and like dead trees. But we didn’t want the focus to be around dead trees, like a lot of bands do the dead tree or like, not dead whatever. And then did you (to Josh) come up with the lantern, like a person holding a lantern?

Josh: Yeah.

Hayley: And then we decided that I would come out like that.

Ash: Cool. Are you gonna do that for the UK shows too?

Josh: Yeah.

Hayley: I think.

Josh: Well I don’t know if we’re gonna bring our backdrop over there.

Jeremy: We should.

Zac: Should we take it?

Hayley: I’m not sure, obviously we’ll have some of the same show but I feel like we’ve had a lot of time over here to grow in front of people. And people have seen like the raw shows, like us as a really young band, but like the UK especially in magazines over there, they have a certain image of me that I don’t want to necessarily be the only thing they see. Cause they don’t even see pictures of the whole band very often.

Ash: Yeah, just you.

Josh: Never.

Ash: Like the scans we have from Kerrang and stuff, they’re just you.

Hayley: It’s just me and I kinda look like a poptart. (laughing) So um, we kinda wanna show the real side of us and give people the impression that we wanna give them rather than what other people are giving them.

Ash: Do they ask you? Are they just like “Can just Hayley come to this photoshoot?”

Hayley: Well, the thing is, we did a huge photoshoot with them and I guess they just used a lot of pictures of me cause I’ve done a lot of interviews with them. And uh, I think it’s great, like the magazine’s amazing, they have great questions and I’ve done some of the most fun interviews with them. But I really want the kids over there to get, get ummm

Ash: The whole band

Hayley: The whole band, yeah

Josh: I guess they’re just used to Avril Lavigne, they’re not used to like actual bands with girl singers.

Hayley: Sure they are.

Josh: Like who?

Hayley: Dude, it’s gonna be awesome, it’s gonna be a great tour. Zac: No I agree with what she’s saying, any band, the singers always up front and the focus on them.

Ronnie (their manager / sound tech / friend): Hey guys, don’t mean to interupt, but meet and greet’s in 20 minutes. If anyone wants to try and eat before that, we gotta wrap this up.

Josh: I think that’s every question though.

Hayley: We’re almost done.

Ronnie: If you guys are cool and wanna eat after, cause I know I’m probably gonna eat after.

Hayley: I’ll probably just eat after it too.

Zac: I’m gonna go to the pizza place.

Hayley: But yeah, we’re gonna give them something great.

Ash: Are you gonna do the whole, like bring the keyboards and everything?

Hayley: Yeah, I think. I think I’m gonna try and rent one up for over there. The one I’m using is actually This Providence’s keyboard, cause if you notice from the first I was using a Mac, running it through my keyboard to get samples from the computer. But uh, we, now we’re tuning things down a half step and my keyboard didn’t do it so… I had to get This Providence’s keyboard.

Jeremy: Sometimes we were having bad problems with it, it didn’t even work.

Hayley: Yeah, just it was weird. But dude, UK kids, it’s gonna be sweet! We’re gonna have a good time.

Ash: Yep, I think that’s all we’ve got. Do you wanna say anything else?

Hayley: Yeah, hey, let’s say hello. (pulls Josh over to the mic)

Josh: Ah Ah Hey

Hayley: Hey ParamoreFans, thanks for everything that you do for us!

Jeremy: Thank youuuu!

Hayley: It’s been awesome so far and I can’t wait to see all the other crap we get to do together.

Josh: Yes, you’re all sexy people.

Hunter: Oh yes.

Zac: We check you out, baby!

Hayley: Thanks!!