Uncasville 2015 Interview – English

Transcribed by Astrid Tellez

Hey we’re Paramore, and this is our longest running fan site ever in the history of sites. It’s called ParamoreFans.com. Enjoy.

Who are your ideal tour-mates, living or dead?
Hayley: Mmm…
Taylor: Bands?
H: (chuckles) Just people? Just people that we bring on tour… I would always say, I would always probably tend to say people that we’ve already toured with because we’ve made memories with them, and it’s, like, more fun even the second and third time around. Like even when we toured with You Me At Six, we’ve known them for so long that it’s kind of just easy to talk to them and hang out and sometimes that’s more important than any other part of the tour, but umm, Twenty One Pilots were amazing. Those guys are, like, really amazing people.
T: Mewithoutyou.
H: Mewithoutyou. We might answer Mewithoutyou for every answer…
T: Yeah, get ready.
PF: Even if it doesn’t make any sense.
H: (chuckles) Right.

What is your favorite word?
Everyone: Mmmmm…
Jeremy: (laughs) Moist, right?
(Everyone laughs)
H: That’s the opposite.
J: That’s, like, the least favorite word.
T: You know there’s a lot of words?
H: So many words.
PF: And in different languages too!
T: I don’t even have a favorite word.
H: I’m really putting some thought into this.
T: I can tell.
H: I really think (chuckles) I really think… I think I’ve already answered this one way before but that just means that I still like it. Umm… “scenario,” I think is a cool word. You can use it in a couple different ways. It’s got a lot of vowels in it. I like it.
J: It would be good on Words With Friends too.
H: “Scen-ai-rio,” “scen-ah-rio”… yeah, Words With Friends. It would kill it.
J: You would get a lot of points.

What has been your favorite moment of tour over the past 11 years?
H: Oh man!
J: These are difficult questions!
H: They are!! Well, it’s hard too to just blurt out an answer to them too cause there is, as far as 11 years go, it’s hard to pick a favorite thing.
J: I mean it’s so hard to think about, like, of one favorite moment. I mean cause I feel like I don’t know if I just categorize things different, but, like, when we go to different countries or different like… there is times when the show is really special or when… that’s the memory that I remember. Or when we’re all hanging out in, like, a room where the walls are two funny colors, and we… I mean, like, you know it’s really hard cause it’s like you are just, like, living on the road, and it would be like saying, “what is your favorite thing that happened in your house in the last 11 years?” You know? So although we are in a new city all the time, and there is new things that are happening, you know… even exciting things like winning awards and shows and playing to new fans and playing to old fans, there’s so many cool things that it is really, like, impossible to pinpoint one thing in particular. It’s just so exciting, all of it, you know?
T: We are crushing these questions.
H: Dangit!

Are Taylor and Jeremy having a beard competition?
(Jeremy laughs)
T: No
J: No
PF: Now they are!
J: Actually mine, my beard trimmer just screwed up, haha! It actually stopped mid-trim last time, so that’s what I’m working with.
H: It is weird that you guys started the album cycle with beards, and you are ending the album cycle with just as big of beards.
J: Yeah.
T: It’s pretty cool.
H: Potentially larger!
T: They are definitely both larger. Mine is larger.
J: Mine is mainly laziness though.
T: I feel like going till the end of the tour, and then it’s probably time to say goodbye
H: Yeah.
T: Yeah, probably not my best look but… it’s fun.
H: I like it! Beards, I think, look cool
J: It’s just more intimate for this tour
H: It’s a more intimate look
T: It’s for the intimate evening.
(Everyone laughs)

If we came to your house for dinner, what would you make us?
H: (looking down) God, here we go. The guys are gonna start making fun of me sayin; I never cook for them.
T: Now you just did it for us.
PF: The other part of the question is: who is the best cook?
H: It is me, but I’ve never been able to prove it to the guys!!
J:  Soooo it’s not you then?
H: Dangit! Jeremy is great at grilling, (turns to Taylor) I’ve had some stuff you’ve cooked.
T: You want to name it?
H: Umm, I’ve had some veggies you’ve made.
T: I made spaghetti squash that one time. That was tight.
J: I’ve had popcorn that you made. He makes good popcorn.
T: I microwave stuff so well.
H: Taylor, you kind of, well, I guess I might’ve already known, but you sort of taught me about steaming the whole artichoke and all that stuff and taught me how to make spicy mayo, so… I don’t even like mayo. Until spicy mayo
T: You’re welcome.
J: I’m the best on the grill, Taylor is the best in the microwave, (turns to Hayley) and you’re the best…
H: Stovetop. I like stovetop chicken.
J: Stovetop, like “healthy” vibes.
T: You definitely don’t want to come to my house for dinner.
H: Taylor’s pantry is just popcorn.
T: I don’t have anything in my pantry. It’s the most bachelor thing ever. It’s just condiments. That’s all that’s in my refrigerator.
H: There’s never food there.
PF: Well, you know what I’ve always wanted to do is make a microwave cookbook, so I can give that idea to you.
H: Ohhh, that would sell at Urban Outfitters!
J: I got something for that. If you reheat breaded things like pizza, you’re supposed to put a cup that’s got a little bit of water in it and that makes it not get, like, doughy. (snaps his finger) Put that in there. Quote me on that…
H: Really? Put that in the front, “tips… good to know tips.”
J: … well don’t quote me cause I got to quote somebody else off the Internet. I don’t know who to quote.

What is your favorite misheard Paramore lyric??
H: I was thinking about that the other day. I cant remember right now, but there’s some really bad ones. There’s some bad ones, and you know what’s sad is that, like, when I read them wrong, I get this, like, wave of frustration and I just want to, like, fix it, but you can’t edit those websites, you know? Ah, it’s terrible. It’s kind of like when you go to a Wikipedia page, and you just see all these things that you know someone was, like, at 4 in the morning, just making stuff up on your Wikipedia page, but I don’t even know how to fix those things.
T: What do you say in “Misguided Ghosts”? Umm, something about… oh man. What is the second verse? Do you remember?
(Jeremy laughs)
H: I never remember the lyrics to that song! “Now I’m told that this is life, but pain is just a simple compromise, so we can get what we want out of it.”
T: Next line…
H: “Would someone care to classify”?
T: Oh yeah, I always thought that that was “someone carried a classified,” which I knew it was wrong, but I always pictured a guy holding, like, a newspaper like a classified section.
(Everyone laughs)
H: Stop!
T: So I’ve got one. I hear it every night, and I can never figure out what you are saying. I don’t know.
H: My favorite misheard lyric that isn’t a Paramore lyric is when Taylor thought this one Alanis Morissette song was… ugh wait hold on.
J: I know what it was…
H: What was it?
T: “Who would have thought gypsy girl”
H: (Hayley sings it) “Who would’ve thought gypsy girl!!”
T: Yeah, I’ve never been good with lyrics.
H: How does that even work?
T: I don’t know.
H: I can’t unhear it.
T: I was just thinking about gypsy girls.

What is you favorite summertime jam?
J: Every summertime needs a new jam.
H: I think so too.
J: That’s why summer mixes are so good cause you can go back and remember what the jam was that summer.
H: Yeah, although Will Smith “Summertime.”
J: Yeah I mean see? That’s one.
H: That’s one.
J: Nelly had one. I mean there’s a bunch of people that had one throughout the years. What do you think about this summer?
H: Man, I was proud because I felt like “Ain’t It Fun” did pretty good last summer, but then you cant really say your own song, and that was also a year ago, and this is 2015, so we have to come up with a different one. Maybe we’ll write a new one this summer (laughs).
PF: That’s your task for the next few months.
H: Great! That’s not gonna be stressful (in a sarcastic way).
T: Crushed that question.
H: (to their head of security) Medhi, don’t make fun of us!

If you could go back in time 10 years, what advice would you give yourself?
H: Gosh, that’s something that I think, at every age I’m going to think back to a younger version of myself and be like, “you were fine. What are you freaking out about?” 10 years ago though, I mean, I was 15. We were about to really start touring, we had already done a few shows out of the state, and we… I think started making the record, and I was just, like… I think during that time that we were making the first record, I can actually say that was a point in my life that I really was present and I really was so excited, you know? But I do think as a young teenager, I did a really bad job of kind of taking my own advice. I let some people kind of, like, determine things about myself that I think maybe now, looking back, I would’ve done differently. (embarrassedly to Jeremy and Taylor) What about you?
T: You’ve got it.
H: I hate when I answer long answers.
T: I’m so proud of you.
H: Thank you.
J: I’d tell myself to go ahead and invent a few of the inventions that I tried to invent that came out. I’d give myself a heads up! I’d be like, “look, your ideas are great, man. Just go with it!”
H: He has come up with so many things that ended up coming out.
J: Yeah, Shark Tank. All over it.
J: You’d tell yourself, “keep going!” and I’d be like, “Shark Tank, man! It’s not even out yet, but you can have stuff on there!”
T & J: We crushed it!