Warped Tour 2011 Interview

PF.com Interview with Hayley, Jeremy, and Taylor
July 14, 2011 in Scranton, PA
Interviewed by Chriss and Brent for ParamoreFans.com

The biggest thanks in the whole world goes to Brent, Mark, and Lauren for setting up this interview for me. If it weren’t for them, Scranton Warped Tour 2011 still would’ve been awesome, but not nearly to the degree that it turned out to be. Also so much love and thanks to Hayley, Taylor, and Jeremy for being the amazing people they are. They are some of the friendliest, funniest, and most genuine people I’ve ever met, and it was great just hanging out and talking to them.

Four years ago, I headed to Scranton Warped Tour to see this little band called Paramore that I had just gotten into. I watched from far away cause I was afraid to be in the pit, and I waited in line for an hour to say hi to them from the other side of a signing table. Fast forward to Scranton Warped Tour 2011, and I’m watching their set from backstage and conversing with them on their bus. I can’t even describe it, but I’m sure you can imagine how ridiculously stoked I was (and still am right now). If I went back to 2007 and told younger me this happened, I’d never believe me. 😛

Alright, enough of the sappy stuff… on to the interview! I collected questions from the PF community on our boards and our Facebook page. I couldn’t ask everyone’s question, but I hope you all enjoy it regardless.