Bands To Watch: Altered Sky


When it comes to bands with female vocalists, America have graced us with Paramore, Australia has graced us with Tonight Alive and now the UK, which has lacked in that genre, has answered back with their very own in Altered Sky who are ready to take the world by storm.

Altered  Sky

Below is their recently released new video for ‘I Know You Know’ and shows off Scotland at its best with the beautiful background/scenery included. The performance of the band in the video is worth noting  as well as the brilliant sound of the song.

Altered Sky hail from Scotland and are a 5 piece rock band who are already making a name for themselves around the UK. Having already completed one UK tour and having an impressive support slot for MxPx coming up, this is a band who are ready to capture people’s ears wherever they may travel.

Altered Sky consists of singer Ana, drummer Amy and guitarists Neil, Richard and Ross. All of whom are in their 20’s and they are all very talented musicians.

Their first single ‘Apple Tree’ is a catchy yet, in my opinion, still to be discovered song. It has the potential of being their encore song and I certainly haven’t heard a bad word about it yet. The song is about how a person wants someone they can’t have, and now the person they long for has found someone else, something which we can all relate to. The lyrics are a perfect description of finding yourself in that position and from start to finish it is a hugely enjoyable song.

Check out ‘Apple Tree’ below.

Altered Sky have recently launched their first EP titled ‘In This World’ which includes 5 tracks and can be found on iTunes. From start to finish this EP impresses with a mixture of powerful and catchy to the slow and beautiful.


It begins with ‘Say It Again’ which you’ll find yourself singing along to in no time. This sounds like a great crowd pleaser during live shows.

The following song is their next single ‘I Know You Know’ which we provided you the recently released video for above. Between the guitar bridges and Ana’s vocals, you’ll find this song being stuck in your head long after listening. Again, ‘Beauty is the Beast’ is another one that will capture your ears. This EP honestly doesn’t contain any weak songs at all and it is completely worth the money used to purchase so I definitely recommend it!

‘Shining White Star’ completely slows things down and it is a beautiful melodic song. Ana’s vocals come out really strongly in this one and shows off her talent at its best. The difference between this one and the songs before it just shows how diverse Altered Sky can be with their songs yet still remain impressive.

The EP finished off with ‘This World’ which is cranked right back up after the amazing ‘Shining White Star’ and is a perfect ending to this truly awesome EP. This band is a small fish in a large pond and is on the brink of huge success. If they continue to produce music as good as what’s on this EP then there is no doubt they are ones to watch and that is why we’ve placed them on here.

I’ve caught them live a couple of times now and their stage presence has all the marks of a band on the rise. The energy produced on stage is what you’d expect from a band filling large venues while still being able to keep a brilliantly sounding performance. If you can, be sure to see this band while they’re still playing small venues because before long they’ll be on the up and appearing on stages of a larger scale.

Over the coming months we’ll keep you updated on Altered Sky’s progress and bring you some videos (including an interview!) so you can get to know just who exactly Altered Sky are. Later this year they’ll be doing a full UK tour so keep an eye out to see if they come to a town/city near you. Below you’ll find links to all their official sites and where you can buy ‘In This World’ which is a definite recommendation.

Facebook –

Twitter –!/AlteredSky

YouTube –

Tumblr –

‘In This World’ on iTunes –

They’ll be announcing a UK tour soon planned for later this year so keep check to catch them at a live show near you!